The technology of remanufactured ink and toner cartridges has advanced so much the last 10 years that today you can buy refilled cartridges and enjoy the same printing quality as the cartridges from the original manufacturer but at a fraction of the cost.

Remanufactured cartridges refer to printer cartridges which have been refilled by the manufacturer. The used cartridges are sent back to the remanufacturing plant where they are refurbished and restocked with new ink. As part of restocking and in order to ensure that only high-quality cartridges are released to the market, the remanufactured cartridges undergo rigorous quality tests.

Remanufactured cartridges are cheaper than original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) ink and their usage results in huge cost savings of between 15% and 50%. This is because the dealers of remanufactured cartridges are not bound by complex resale agreements usually entered into with the original manufacturer and therefore they can easily vary the prices.

Additionally, remanufactured cartridges are usually filled to capacity as opposed to the cartridges from original manufacturer’s which often times are not. This leads to huge savings since you print more copies with the same cartridge, as PCWorld magazine in association with the university research lab of Rochester Institute of Technology proved a few hears ago. Another reason why remanufactured cartridges are cheaper is that their resellers usually offer free shipping and, for online sales, you may sometimes not pay the state sales tax.

Finally, remanufactured cartridge sellers do not sell printers. Companies that sell printers lose money because they sell below cost of production in order to be competitive, and they expect to make up for this loss by selling the ink cartridges very expensively. Since remanufactured ink sellers do not sell printers, they do can afford to sell their ink at very low prices.

The internet is full of literature on the pros and cons of using remanufactured cartridges. Combined with the fact there are numerous sellers dealing in remanufactured cartridges, any negative stories on their usage can complicate the decision-making process for most buyers. How do you differentiate between sellers offering high-quality cartridges and those who are not? For most non-technical buyers this is an uphill task.

Top 3 Re-manufactured Ink Suppliers

Below, we list the top three stores dealing in remanufactured cartridges and enumerate the benefits you get by buying from them.

4inkjets.com: 4inkjets is a discount store which aims to provide individuals and business with alternative printer supplies. They supply refill kits, cartridges, and many other printer supplies for all printer brands in the market.

They supply remanufactured and compatible print cartridges at a much cheaper price as compared to prices offered by office supply stores for name-brand products. 4inkjets offers up to 75% price saving for their remanufactured and compatible cartridges compared to OEM cartridge prices.

If you buy from 4inkjets you stand to enjoy the following benefits;

  • Cheaper cartridges as compared to their competitors
  • 2-year 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • All orders worth over $50 are shipped for free within the USA
  • Same day or 2-day shipping
  • Exclusive offers, discount codes and coupons
  • Accepts all payment methods
  • Excellent phone, email, social media and online troubleshooting support.

InkCartridges.com: InkCartridges is a one-stop-shop for all printer inks. They offer original and compatible cartridges for most of the popular printer brands.

InkCartridges offers huge savings in terms of free shipping to all orders delivered within USA.

If you make orders at InkCartridges you stand to gain the following benefits;

  • Fast, reliable, free shipping with the USA
  • 2 Year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Friendly customer service
  • Phone and email support

123Inkjets: 123Inkjets offers a comprehensive range of inkjet and toner cartridges, ink and toner refills, and a wide selection of other printing supplies.

Shopping at 123Inkjets offers the following benefits;

  • Up to 75% savings for remanufactured and compatible cartridges compared to OEM cartridges prices.
  • All orders over $55 are shipped for free to destinations in the USA
  • Same day shipping
  • Email and phone customer support.
  • Online tracking of order status

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