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This Canon printer can be setup in a way that the printer can use multiple areas to print, It enables google print and Airprint reduces the print cost by 30 % as per the specifications it has. It enables the user to print from the smart device. This Canon printer mx490 setup also has timesaving features. This includes a fully integrated automatic document feeder for about 20 sheets. 

Cartridge at its best: 

The Canon printer further offers long sustaining XL Ink Cartridges suggest you could print longer The Pixma MX 490 offers an additional feature called the Image Garden 7 This arranges your photos and special filters that allow you to print. It also offers you facial acknowledgment. 

Printer and Web Pages: 

This Canon printer mx490 setup prints 7 to 8 web pages at 8.7 INR PPM and It prints graphics 2 to 3 PPM. PPM here stands for page per minute. The pictures are of high quality in nature scans appearances well. Pictures have soft shades and rough appearances too.  

Key Features of the Pixma 490: 

PX XL245 Black ink cartridge and PX XL246 Coloured ink Cartridge. These are the cartridges used and available. Then the photos printed are 4 X 6 Borderless photos printing time is 70 seconds and approximately 4 to 5 pages in one time. It has a total of 1280 nozzles for both color and black ink printing. Picoliter size in color is 2 & 5. The Canon printer mx490 setup offers a print resolution of 4800 X 2800. The black ink resolution is 600 X 600. It comes with 2 kinds of Automatic sheet feeder one with 100 sheets the other with 20 sheets. Letter Legal Envelopes etc are the paper sizes. Glossy paper photo is used for photochromic printing this means printing photos in high quality. 

Printing Modes Offered: 

Airprint mode, Google print, Full HD Movie Print, Quite a mode and wireless printing 10 and borderless printing are the kinds of printing modes and solutions offered by the Pixma MX 490 Canon printer mx490 setup to its users. 

Features of the  Pixma MX 490 Printer:

This Canon printer mx490 setup offers features such as copy features auto document auto expense auto sheet feeder fit to screen auto-copy loader preset copy ratios erase copy and zoom. Scanning features are offered such as auto scan, pdf scan, network scan, scan 9 modes, PDF password security and Push scan and scan to cloud. 

How to Setup Pixma Printer for Windows: 

In order to install the printer please connect the Canon printer mx490 setup and the laptop with a USB cable also ensure the CD drive is in place so that the software can be installed. The USB cable available with the Canon printer mx490 setup should be compatible with your laptop. In case you do not have a CD driver or have misplaced the software CD installation software please download the files from the internet of installation and setup. 

Please note that once all these things are in place you need to run the installation setup program which is already available with you. Please allow the entire process of the installation setup to finish. Please setup the installation locations names and other features which come in use. 

Make sure all options are filled appropriately and correctly. Once all the features are installed please give a test print to ensure all the features are configured correctly and the Canon printer mx490 setup is working appropriately. 

How to setup the canon pixma mx490 printer to 


The procedure of download and installation Please download the file from the appropriate file location. Double click the downloaded file and mount it to the disk image. Please double click the mounted disk image. Please double click the packaged file given the installation setup starts immediately. 

Canon Pixma MX490 Wireless Setup:  

Ensure that the Canon MX Pixma printer is turned on, press and hold the alarm button near the wifi. So that the wifi is turned on, The wifi button must flash a blue light this indicates it is connected to the system. Please load the A4 size of the paper which is a letter-sized image. Please press the WPS button for 2 minutes for the setup to begin. The network information page is setup this needs to be printed. Please install the appropriate software, It is essential to download the software which is necessary for a Canon printer mx490 setup. You can contact the Canon support center for guidance and advice. 

The Canon MX series printers are semi compatible with the printer with windows 10 you can download additional software for the printer to function effectively. The Canon printer mx490 setup utilizes a passphrase this is a combination for alphanumeric letters and numbers along with special symbols. It is a specific network key so that the Canon printer can be connected to a secure wifi connection. 

Canon printer is compatible with the hp laptop you can connect the printer with the computer through wifi or Ethernet cable or wireless methodology. 

Steps to Connect the Canon Printer in a wireless method:  

Open the control panel select Canon printer mx490 setup and devices now click on the add printer to make sure the wifi button of the printer is turned on. Please also select the available network to ensure a smart device or computer and the Canon printer are connected to the same wifi connection. 

There is a small difference between passphrase and password, network passwords do not have any spaces in between the characters but passphrase is a lengthy string and has spaces between the character combinations. 

Steps to connect canon printer with the phone: 

Connect your devices with the network, Go to the app store please download the canon application. Open the application you want to print from. Tap on the image and click on print. This prints the picture or document from your smart device. 


Canon printers mx490 setup have redefined the solution for printing, The range of printing solutions ensure pictures are printed well. Documents and graphics are printed in high quality. If the WPS connection is not setup appropriately it will not connect well. Ensure all drivers are updated for effective and efficient printing whenever required.

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