Romania is a beautiful country and the people residing in the country are more than just beautiful by heart. Romanians are commonly known for their hospitable and warm-welcoming nature. They also enjoy generously when in the company of their friends or family. These people may just be extra friendly which is why Romania is known as one of the friendliest places on this Earth. Their innate sense of humor is a realization of the fact that they enjoy the company of literally every person who visits them. 

Gifts are grouped among few of those things that cheer up one’s mood and make them feel special. Things that are required to fulfill one’s needs on daily basis are taken care of by the person him/herself. No one needs anyone else to bring them things that they require in their life. But gifts are something different. They are not presented based on need, however, they are presented to convey how much you mean to them and that how much a smile on your face matters to them. One of the exquisite gifts that are usually exchanged in Poland include flowers.

Send Flowers to Romania provide a way to brighten someone’s day or extend sentiments of love, congratulations or condolences. Most people consider flowers one of nature’s many gifts that often provoke emotional responses. They can be soothing or uplifting. Flowers are appropriate for most any situation and do not require you to be intimate with the recipient. Flowers blossom all year round and forever in the hearts of those who receive them. 

In Romania, flowers are gifted mostly because of tradition, to boost one’s morale, and to enhance one’s visual beauty in the surrounding. Lovers and mothers in Romania have come to expect a bouquet as an expression of endearment from their loved ones. Flowers are traditional gifts for funerals and provide comfort to the grieving family. The beauty of nature’s bounty brings comfort and warmth into an environment. Whether Romanians are celebrating an important event or grieving a terrible loss, flowers boost morale and lift the moods of the parties.   

Some of the native flower delivery romania are Crocus banaticus, Acanthus hungaricus and Fuchsia, while some other popular flowers grown on the land are Saponaria Bellifolia, Bearberry (Arctostaphylos uvaursi), Govalciuc, Lilac, Peony, Rose, Marguerite or Daisy, Tulip, Dahlia, Lily, and Mac (Poppy).Sending flowers is an addition to the facilities provided through online shops. Moreover, due to an effective and quick service, flowers can also be send to Romania on the same day of celebration or occasion. Hence the recipient comes to realize how much he/she is important for the sender.

When everything else seems to fail, you can always send flowers. When you’re not quite sure what to send a family member to congratulate her on a promotion, send flowers. When you need to bring a hostess gift, but aren’t sure of the household tastes, stick with flowers no matter how many miles you are away from each other. Waiting too long to shop isn’t an option, so go to an online florist shop and send flowers overnight!

If you are taking care of people with cancer, you have to understand that the battle they are facing can greatly affect them. Their life has been greatly impacted by the condition which can result in stress, anxiety and depression. This is why you need to be extra sensitive in how you communicate with a cancer patient.

Here are some of the questions to never ask a cancer patient.

1. How are you feeling?

This is a typical example that might come as a surprise to a lot of people but the fact of the matter is that it isn’t. Most people tend to ask this question to cancer patients a lot because they assume it will show that they are concerned about the patient and really care but most cancer patients agree that such a question, if asked frequently can get a bit overwhelming and after a while will become annoying. In most cases, someone suffering from cancer might not be feeling so great, so instead of taking away their pain, such a question can act to remind them of what they are going through which won’t really work well with them.

2. Can I do anything to help?

This is another question which you should try to think twice over before asking. The only probable response you are likely to receive from asking such a question is a polite ‘No’. And a no doesn’t necessarily mean that the patient don’t want you to do anything about the situation. It’s most likely that they want you to but are just a bit overwhelmed to think of anything. Besides asking the specific question, you should try to avoid having to put them in situations that will push them to think a lot. If possible, do the thinking and just portray your concern through your actions instead.

3. How serious is the cancer?

I am not going to beat around the bush on this one. You should never ever in your lifetime ask such a question to someone recovering from cancer, it will just trigger a lot of negative emotions in them. If possible, try avoiding any sensitive questions that are related to their diagnosis or current treatment plans. Other questions in this category includes those questions related to their Chemo sessions such as how many chemo sessions they have and if they are getting any radiation and such. They are stressful and should be avoided.

4. Have you ever tried doing [insert advice]?

If you are not an experienced medical professional or in some cases, a cancer survivor yourself, then never offer to give unsolicited advice to a cancer patient. These days, information is basically everywhere and yes, you can Google for some tips on how to deal with cancer but trust me, it won’t be cool to copy those tips and try to advice someone to apply them in their own life. All a cancer patient needs from you is your unconditional support and trust me, it will give them a lot of relief knowing that they will always have it regardless of the situation.

5. What happened for you to get cancer?

The answer to the above question is simple, they don’t know. Ask any cancer patient what they did to get cancer, they most probable reply they will give you is that they don’t really know and that reply is a really honest one. The only thing people know about cancer is what it is and how it affects the body not what causes it. Consider something like lung cancer, the major cause of lung cancer is smoking but did you know that that’s just an assumption? There are other causes of that type of cancer which are not popular. By asking the patient what caused their type of cancer, you would be indirectly assigning blame to them which might cause them to end up feeling guilty over it.

6. Are you scared?

I’ve heard a lot of people ask this question to cancer patients. Well, it’s not such a good idea. Cancer is among one of the most widespread diseases that can be complicated to cure. Chances are when one is affected by it, they are most likely scared most of the times. Dealing with that fear takes a lot of work in itself which is why you should not bring it up by asking them if they are afraid time and again. Just be there to reassure them and let them believe and know that they will get through it. Everything is just a phase in the end.

7. I know how you feel

I know this is not a question but it’s still something that should be avoided. If you haven’t had an experience with cancer before, chances are, you really don’t understand and know how they feel about. Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about then. You should try avoiding to use the word I whenever you are communicating with a cancer patient. It’s not about you.

I know the tone seemed a little bit tough but I figured there was no better way for me to use for you to really get it. Cancer is a sensitive condition and those going through it are warriors in their own right and as such, they should be handled with extreme care.


Quick question: if you’re stranded on a lonely island in the middle of the vast ocean, where there’s not evidence of a single human, would you be happy or miserable?

If you think you would be happy, think about it for a minute. I know how much you’ve suffered at the hands of certain types of people in life, and wish more than anything to get away from them. I totally support you, but isolation is not the answer. It is a bitter alternative that’s never easily digested and can drive you mad.

We’re all born with an inherent urge to communicate. By interacting with others and exchanging our thoughts and feelings, we develop more. We’re social animals, after all.

Right now, we’re standing at the dawn of a major technological revolution. From the horizon, we can witness the emergence of the internet phenomenon, and experience its groundbreaking impact. Not only has it provided better mediums of communication, but has actually made the whole process of communication faster, smoother, and cost-effective. It has converted the world into an interconnected global village, where a region can link with another one located on the opposite pole in a matter of seconds.

Not only this, the internet as a communicative platform has massively altered the language patterns of this new generation as well. Instead of complete words, meaning is transferred in the form of symbols, spaces, and emoji. For example, “I love you” is written as “I <3 u”, or “Be Right Back” as “brb.” Why? Because it’s convenient, cool, and time-saving. But would someone from the 60s be able to interpret these codes? I don’t think so.

On the same note, let’s examine the changes brought by the internet in the following facets of our lives.


Take a trip down memory lane. Recall one of those visits from a well-suited, handy-dandy man, possessing both a wonderful smile and a product in his bag. He’s the salesman, travelling from state to state, knocking on doors, meeting people, and selling goods using his glossy words. Do you recognize him? Yes. But how many on-foot salesmen do you come across now? Almost none. Why? Because marketing strategies have taken a turn towards e-commerce. Businesses have shifted online. The days of the flashy salesmen are over. Now, advertising, client meetings, critical transactions, and employee conferences are conducted over a lightning-paced network connection, like ATT Uverse internet. It’s fast, it’s cheap, and it’s unlimited. Sounds like the perfect combination, doesn’t it? And if that’s not enough, the folks at has made this AT&T guide.


Gone are the days when you had to write long letters and go through the hassle of postage, just to ask after your loved ones who lived far away. The absolute tyranny of wooing someone you like, and finding out their interests and passions through exhaustive means, has come to an end. Why? Internet has changed the whole human relationship scenario with social media and dating apps. Nearly everyone has an online profile, which is a reflection of their personality. Just hit them up, send them a request, and chat with complete convenience. Leaving them likes, hearts, tagging them in memes, and sharing stuff is also a way of communicating with them. You’d be surprised to find your old friends, acquaintances you met years ago, and even your grandparents are all actively interacting on these wonderful platforms.


Ideas are like seeds which sprout only when they are debated and discussed. This is how they branch out, grow upright, and lead to a new generation of knowledge. As we’re all aware, human beings have a thirst for knowledge. Coincidentally, much to our advantage, the internet has made communication of ideas multidimensional by providing multiple channels and modes. If you wish to share your thoughts, expertise, or research with a worldwide audience, write a blog, compose a podcast, or create a vlog. You voice will surely reach out to others online, and will not stay embedded under the current. There are proper forums online where you can ask any question that pops in your mind, and you’ll get the answer you’re looking. If you’re looking for academic advice, you’ll surely find it online, along with lectures, and the latest news. You can also utilize the internet to further your education. With various universities offering courses like a masters in tesol online, you’ll be sure to find a degree program that fits best with your career plans.


After a grueling week, you’re looking for a way to release your pent-up frustration. What do you do? Play ping-pong and be done with it? Perhaps some of you do, but most of us go online to be washed over by waves of pure entertainment. You can watch a movie, an entire season of a great show, and then join forums dedicated to gushing over them. You’ll also find countless websites filled with fan-fiction. You can discuss how a movie should have ended, how it should be ranked amongst others of its genre, what’s coming up, and more. Not only this, you’ll get a chance to play online games, with competitors from around the world. Cool, right?

The internet has brought radical changes in the way we communicate with each other. These changes are more beneficial than detrimental, don’t you think?