Managing a brand’s social media profiles is considered to be greatly essential as a skill and for the brand itself. Today, no business or brand can dismiss cultivating a presence on social media. Creating and handling social media presence is both science and art; it requires creativity and innovation, backed by statistics regarding consumer feedback and case studies. Here are some sure fire tips that will help you build and elevate your brand’s social media presence that I’ve learned from my own experiences.

#1 Create an Enthusiastic Strategy

While crafting a strategy, the social media manager should keep the content as enthusiastic and passionate as possible, in order to keep it catchy and interesting for the masses on social media. Avoid being boring or pedantic. Keep it short, and make it engaging for the audience – something they can relate to. Try to keep it more visual using videos, GIFS, and pictures, as they get the best response. Make a calendar for yourself, comprised of all the events, posts, and chats you need to keep up on. This will help to keep all of your social media pages aligned. Get Xfinity Internet. They not only assure a stable internet connection, but the landline will help you to stay in touch even when your mobile has bad reception. The television services will keep you updated, as well. You cannot be a pro in social media unless you are very well aware of the news and happenings around the world.

#2 Respond Politely

If there is any complaint, criticism, or concern from the audience, accept it gracefully. Respond to them in a timely and polite manner. Don’t forget the fact that you are not just managing social media profiles, but you are also representing the brand itself. All the efforts and investments, either online or offline, are predominantly made to make a positive and friendly image of the brand.

#3 Follow the Goals and Objectives

Make sure that everything is moving in the proper direction – that the motivation behind every action meets the aims of the brand. Creating an expert strategy and implementing the most appropriate tools for your social media image isn’t enough if the aims and objectives of the brand are not being followed. Neglecting your brand’s goals may harm the reputation of the brand, and you might end up losing potential leads or loyal followers.

#4 Stay on Top of Your Social Media

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On average, every brand has 4-5 social media pages/profiles across different social networking sites. It can be overwhelming for the manager to give equal attention to all platforms. Therefore, the best solution to keeping up is to make a calendar and follow it fastidiously, without delay. From generating and designing content to posting everything online, everything would be preplanned, and it would definitely make things much more convenient.

#5 Follow Trends

The hashtags on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter represent current trends. They could be based on news, memes, a movement, or something totally random. There are viral videos, pictures, and sometimes simply a buzzword floating around on social media. These things become a sensation on social media. Being a social media manager, you cannot afford to lose track of these things interconnected to your job. Plus, the smartest and most opportunistic manager would somehow take advantage of the situation by going with the flow and making an endorsement of their brand in a wise, creative way that does not offend any individual or organization.

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