When you are asking for a web development service, you ought to check a number of things while hiring theme, otherwise there can be serious issues. I have seen people investing minimum amount of money in their websites business and earning more than anyone can expect. 

Recently, I asked all these questions to this reliable company called the codeigniter development company. 

When it is time to make your own website, you have to get thee bets things possible. The main goal of every person who has set his foot in this website content industry, needs to understand the importance of webpage management which is an integral service by any professional software development company. 

The audience who would come to your site, expects a certain kind of sets of facilities for them. These facilities depend upon the niche of your site, you ought to make sure that while you are asking out some web developers, you two had to have a conversation about your plan. 

Like I have mentioned before, that when you are planning to have a website, you must start off with an idea, about how you would you be managing your website. 

In this article, I have mentioned some services which you deserve to get when you are taking help from a web developer. You ought to ask these questions 

What services do they provide?

Different web developers have got various packages. They will not tell you about the services initially, because I have seen many developers, who would like to have clients who do not know about the trending packages. 

This is how they earn more; you have to ask them about the services they will be providing along with designing your web. 

The most common service is the SEO, management. Similarly, social media services and promotions also come in the same web designing. For instance, if you are planning to start a website for selling something, then the developer must also create some social media pages. 

Are edits possible?

Sometimes the designers will develop your website in such a way that, the user will not be able to do any sort of edits. 

Sometimes, the designers say that you will have to learn certain languages for editing, but do not be fooled. As there are many things in a website which can be altered without changing the coding.

Are they offering some content marketing services?

This service will include a profound package. You may need to pay some extra bucks.  This question can entirely change your deal with the service providers. 

I assume a professional web developer, to be aware of this content marketing package. If a web developer is reading this, he must add this package to their list as soon as possible. 

4. What is the expected price? 

You must make sure that the web developers know what their prices are. With out a solid price you can not move forward. 

Thee add-ons can affect the price, but you must get a fixed price. Fixed prices will let you compare the packages and offers by other web developers as well.

5. What will be the duration?

You must ask the developing team about the duration, because when you are into this business, you have to take care of many things. Having a website is the initial step, after that there are a lot of things which need to be managed and controlled.

That is why you need to ask them about the finishing time. lastly, asking about amendments is also really important as you will face certain issues or layouts which you may not approve, that is why a before hand deal about the upcoming issues is important.  

Over the past two decades, companies around the world have begun to realize that without an adequate presence on the Web, the chances of business success have declined significantly. Over time, the scope of this web presence has expanded. Social media profiles, optimized sites and mobile responsive websites have become commonplace and, as some would say, necessary to do business in modern times. The app has been one of them for some years now. However, few consider that not only customers have to be offered an app, but also their employees as a replacement for the “intranet”.

How to use mobile applications in business?

Honestly? I could exchange them endlessly. These may be product catalogues or shops that will provide a better user experience than standard responsive or mobile websites.

Applications for product pricing, especially in industries where pricing is ruled by complex relationships and quick access to cost estimates will be very useful for people on the move or away from home and computer reach.

Apps are not only helpful in contact with customers. They can also make internal company communication more productive. A special app, which is made available to the field staff, can serve as a kind of “mini interface to the company headquarters”, with which the field staff can respond quickly and easily to questions directly at the customer’s location, without having to consult the customer: Simply use the app to call up the production plan, for example, and immediately see that there is still capacity available for the customer’s special requirements – at any time and anywhere you have a mobile connection.

The special thing about this is that a company’s own app can be designed in such a way that the company’s own sensitive data and information is still secure. The app can therefore also be used as a communication, order entry and support tool in the company’s own communication. In addition, more and more citizens are more familiar with smartphones and the like than with computers, spreadsheets and the like – this increases the acceptance of the applications through increased usability and their own life experiences, also in the private sphere of the employees.

In particular, those who have the app development handled by themselves – even as commissioned work – can create it according to their own wishes and security ideas. This ensures the independence of the company without having to forego the advantages of modern technology.

When is it worth to decide to develop a mobile application?

The answer is simple. If your customers use mobile technologies and you know that you are using them to provide something useful or something that will make you stand out from the competition.

Mobile technologies are especially recommended when you are able to use the capabilities of devices such as GPS location, camera, notification, voice communication, etc…

If you are a developer looking to do more with your frontend developments, it’s time you look toward JS frameworks to not only ensure development is quicker and easier, but to also increase application performance. Many developers choose AngularJS, and that’s because of some of the following reasons.

Easy to Get Started

As AngularJS primarily concentrates on working to a high standard with HTML development, it’s much easier to learn than other frameworks out there. You’re not going to be pulling your hair out from start to finish when developing your applications, as there are also many tutorials out there that can help you with everything you need to develop full-scale websites. If you’re looking to get started with a JS framework quickly, you should consider AngularJS for its ease of use. You can have a look at this Angularjs tutorial by clicking on the link to see how easy it is to use before you start implementing it into your own developments.

Excellent Performance

One of the main reasons AngularJS is popular is because it offers the best performing programming standards. This not only means developing scripts is easier, but they are much more secure and provide a cleaner and crisper experience for visitors. Content sanitation and form handling are just some of the best reasons to opt for the AngularJS framework. You’ll find your visitors can promptly get in contact with the web admin and, because the framework is so versatile, there’s plenty you can do to be creative when it comes to offering forms.

The Answer to Cleaner Frontend Development

While many developers still work with HTML/CSS to handle their needs, many others take advantage of AngularJS because it’s so comprehensive. It’s the answer to not only cleaner development, but also cleaner navigational experience for your visitors. It’s a highly professional framework that was developed by Google itself simply for this reason: to ensure cleaner code and UI.

Easy to Implement with Other Languages

If you are looking for a language that’s not only easy to use, to learn, and is high performing, you’ll find that AngularJS has everything you need. However, what makes AngularJS extra special is that it works with the many other languages flawlessly. So, whether you’re a PHP master, a HTML wizard, or already a JS expert, you’ll find that AngularJS is very easy to implement into other environments. It’s also a language that you can rely on when it comes to developing crisp apps that rely on high dependencies and faster page loading times. AngularJS is so easy to work with you could implement it today and have learned it by tomorrow.

AngularJS is a popular development kit quite simply because it’s powerful, versatile, and works to a high standard so that website visitors have a much cleaner navigating experience. If you are serious about developing the best JS apps, choose AngularJS as your base framework and you’ll find the whole development process is much easier and less hassle to contend with.

You might think that because your business is small that you don’t need the help of the experts, but you should make sure that you engage them. When you hire the best web development company in India they can help you with ensuring that your website is fully responsive and can be viewed on various devices. Let them take care of all of the hard work that is involved, including in the designing, creating and even future maintenance for your website.


One of the main reasons that you need to hire the experts is because they have the expertise to ensure that the work is done properly. They would be able to look at your end goal and make sure that your website fits all of your needs, regardless of what that is. They will be able to come up with some design plans that you can look through, which would include the various pages, elements, content and more. Why bother trying to do it all on your own when you can have the experts take care of everything for you?

Functionality of Site

One of the top things that a web development company in India can help you with is to ensure that your website is fully functional. Not only will they make sure that everything is working properly, but they will also ensure that the customers would be able to navigate it easily. When you are looking at the site, then you need to check it out like you are the customer rather than the business owner. Ensure that your site can be easily navigated and that all of the required pages are there and simple to find for the users, which should be something that is talked about at the beginning.

Saves Time, Energy and Money


Another main reason that people hire the experts rather than hiring a new employee is because it saves your business money, energy and time. If you don’t have to hire another employee, then you can save money in regards to the salary, benefits and more. Also, if you are letting the experts take care of the work, then you will be able to do all of your other business related work without having to worry about if you have the time or energy to finish these tasks. Let them take the heavy load while you think about ways to grow your business.

No matter the size of your business, especially if you are a smaller one, then you need to engage the services of the top web development company in India. They will be able to assist you in all areas of the site, including ensuring that the design is completed. They have a great level of expertise and experience that would allow them to finish the work easily and quickly. They can also check to see that the site is fully functional, including with the responsive design and it can save you and your business money, energy and time.

The best online store, ecommerce platform has been trending upwards for the last few years and is utilized by most establishments these days. If you are looking forward creating an effective and secure e-commerce application for your business, then it would be best to employ an experienced and professional ecommerce developer on whom you can rely.

Experienced Ecommerce Hands Are Required

Each and every e-commerce developer can produce an e-commerce application. However, not all e-commerce developers can build productive and secure e-commerce applications to generate lots of sales of e-commerce goods and services. Employing e-commerce developers without experience in this field is quite risky. The reason is that there are high chances that they can only create substandard e-commerce solutions. This is the reason why you should never employ fresh e-commerce developers for your business. Instead, you should hire professional and reliable developers having experience in the ecommerce industry. This is just in case if you want to produce lucrative e-commerce applications for selling goods and services online.

There are quite a lot of ecommerce platforms available in the market these days. Each is different from one and the other. After having picked out an e-commerce platform, you need to look out for a developer having some experience in this platform. However, before employing an e-commerce developer, you need to do thorough research work on the e-commerce developer organizations just to find out whether or not it has a good image for quality. You must also see to it that the e-commerce developer organizations care about project target dates for establishing and maintaining a successful business.

It is of paramount importance to determine quality over quantity of their works. This is vital especially when it comes to examining the project portfolios in order to assist the organizations so well that the firms can achieve their comprehensive stratagem. You will find that quite a number of e-commerce websites are available on the internet nowadays and there is a huge competition in the competitive markets. Each and every client wants to build a profitable and professional looking e-commerce application. This would not be possible without the help of highly experienced, proficient and professional and trustworthy e-commerce developers from companies like Shopify. Having experienced e-commerce developers at hand is invaluable when needed. Supposedly, if your ecommerce store fails, an experienced e-commerce developer will play the role of a superhero by solving the biggest obstacles of your ecommerce store.

Why Should You Not Hire An Inexperienced Ecommerce Developer?

If you do not possess the necessary abilities and knowledge to accomplish particular chores related to technology for the development of embarking on an ecommerce store, the greatest thing you can do is engaging a highly experienced, knowledgeable, proficient, and professional ecommerce developer in your business. This would give you the following ten dividends:

  1. You can get easy to use as well as an appealing e commerce website.
  2. An experienced developer can create a secure e-commerce application. Inexperienced e-commerce developers are likely to produce inferior quality applications.
  3. You can get the e-commerce application which is cost effective.
  4. You can get the e-commerce application on time.
  5. An experienced ecommerce developer will have up to date knowledge of an e-commerce platform. They help you choose the best platform suitable for the needs of your business. An inexperienced ecommerce developer would not be able to do so.
  6. An experience e-commerce developer specialized in the field will ensure that you get a website better than your competitors.
  7. It is better to keep away from an inexperienced ecommerce developer to avoid future consequences.
  8. You can expect that an experienced ecommerce developer will be able to attend and address all your queries in a satisfactory way. Responses from e-commerce developing company are vital. An inexperienced ecommerce developer may not be able to rise up to the occasion.
  9. Frequent communication is absolutely necessary between you and the e-commerce development company for many reasons. The reasons may range from talking about the subject, providing clarifications, resolving your queries, submitting progress reports and for support.
  10. An ecommerce developer company provides several modes of communication links. They are easily available over communication links like telephone, email and live chat. Such infrastructural facility may not be available to an inexperienced ecommerce developer.

Hope this clarifies why hiring an inexperienced ecommerce developer won’t make any sense. You will not get the above-mentioned benefits from an inexperienced ecommerce developer. However, it can be tough searching for the most suitable ecommerce developer for starting an ecommerce store and making it successful.

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The Smart Crawl works well as the great plugin for improving the SEO of the website. It helps in enhancing the SEO of the web page as it works impressively with the CMS platform. Under this, the professionals of the WordPress development company use the best-proven methods for the Search Engine Optimization. It helps the companies in achieving the web traffic and boosting the PageRank. It also supports one-click setup for the domain authority in the Google, social media sharing, content and keyword analyzer in real-time, helps in scanning and reporting.

Moreover, the Smart Crawl helps in following ways to improvise the SEO of the website in the WordPress development.

  • It helps in customizing the title and meta description for every post and the web page.
  • It submits the automatic sitemaps to Bing and Google or any other search engine that accepts the sitemaps.
  • There is an optimizing tool in the Smart Crawl that helps in displaying the contents to varied Search Engines.
  • It supports both on-site and the off-site automatic linking of the keywords.
  • It provides the ‘Moz Integration’ for the Moz-related SEO tools.
  • Automatic update sharing with Search Engines is initiated with Smart Crawl.

Significant Features of the Smart Crawl SEO tool

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Smart Crawl provides the users great settings and tools for working seamlessly on the CMS platform. It helps the companies in getting the bold, clear and the targeted website content at the top of the favorite browsers from Bing, Google, Safari to Firefox. Under WordPress development, there are some of the specialized features involved in the Smart Crawl.

  1. Getting Real-Time Advice for the Contents

The Smart Crawl comes power-packed with the content analyzer that is built on the web page and the post editor. It also provides instant suggestion and the feedback for making improvements in the content. This SEO plugin also helps the companies in easily finding and reading their site.

  1. Provides Multisite SEO Management

The Smart Crawl helps the website owners to control the Search Engine Optimization settings across their individual sites. It also performs the work as a ‘Super Admin’ throughout the website network. It extends support for making huge changes in the Multisite or helps in optimizing each website.

  1. Recognition of the Content on the Social Media

The businesses can take the services from the professionals of the WordPress development company to get their website content recognized on the Social Media Sites along with the Open Graph support. The Social Media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube loves the Open Graph technique for sharing the content, crediting and connecting with a large number of audiences. The website owners can retrieve great benefits from the ‘Open Graph Integration’ of the Smart Crawl.

  1. Extending the SEO Analysis free for the Owner’s Websites

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The Smart Crawl plugin tool will help in scanning your website and assists in finding out the ways for optimization of the content. It will also make your website discoverable by many Search Engines. Now, the website owners or developers can avoid any kind of human mistakes or errors with the use of Smart Crawl. Other areas in which it helps for better SEO include the creation of the links, descriptions, tags, sitemaps, images, page structure and the anchors.

  1. Involving the Proven Methods for Enhancing the Site Ranking

For making improvements in the site ranking on the CMS platform by the website owners the Smart Crawl extends support for many verified methods like:

  • This plugin helps in the page analyzer as it initiates a quick set-up with just one-click scanning, activation and analyzing.
  • Easy redirecting of the traffic from one URL to another URL through 301 redirects.
  • It helps in importing and exporting of contents or links with the settings from the Smart Crawl and helps quickly setting up.
  • This plugin also extends support for the Hub SEO under which the owners get an overview of their sites from only one place that is the ‘Hub’.
  • Other important ways in which the Smart Crawl helps is processing of the RSS Feeds, preventing the duplication of the links, carries out ‘case-sensitive’ matches provides the option of the ‘blog archive meta robots’ and much more.


SEO is not going to be hard again with the inclusion of the Smart Crawl plugin that provides customized pro guides for the developers of the WordPress development Company. Under WordPress development, Smart Crawl helps the professionals in covering up the most important settings and pointers for the SEO of the company’s websites.

Moreover, this automated plugin is going to provide business growth to the online website owners as they can reach the target audiences easily. For making easier moves and working seamlessly for the promotion of the website, the Smart Crawl plugin will help the developers and their clients too.

Author bio:

Harshal Shah has an countless experience as being a CEO of Elsner Technologies PVT. LTD: WordPress Development Company that offers various web development services to the clients across the globe. Mr. Harshal is an huge tech enthusiastic person who has written major & genuine articles as well as blogs on motley topics relevant to various CMS platforms. This can guide the readers to acknowledge new practises about web development and also they can learn new ideas to build & optimize a website online using multiple web development tools & techniques.

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Let’s imagine you decided to build a mobile app. You’ve already chosen a platform, decided what features you will be adding, thought about design and user experience. Did the coding part. But you have to test your app before launching it, right? Or check the existing app to find and fix the bugs? So what will you choose – manual or automated testing?

What’s the difference

Let’s quickly review both testing methods just to make sure we have the same definition in mind. Manual QA testing is when there is a real tester pretending to use an app as the end user would. This kind of testing is time-consuming and cannot reveal all the issues an app might have. While automated QA is a written test script that runs tests numerous times aiming to find as many flows as it’s possible. Automated testing seems to become the new black in software development – there aren’t many companies left who prefer to test manually (and a lot of QA testers want to switch their careers). And here’s why:

  1. Cost saving and time effective

coins 1015125 640

If you wanted to test your app among 1000 users, you’d have to spend a lot of time and money to implement it. A person who would be responsible for testing, would have a limited working schedule and need breaks to keep their mind lucid. Notwithstanding the fact that it would probably cost you as much as an app itself. Automated testing would be much easier to put into action – you would just have to code a test script and could use it numerous times. You do it once and use as many times as you need to.

  1. Automated QA can get anywhere, where manual testing cannot

With the help of QA automation, you will be able to test every feature and path that the end user will ever use and take. Flows and issues are easier to find when you can run hundreds of complicated tests throughout the development process. And you can start debugging as soon as all the problems are revealed.

  1. We are just humans, after all

And we all make mistakes. It’s not just a quote from a song, but a harsh reality. Therefore, manual testing is a more accurate way to check an app’s quality. Can you imagine a programme get sick and therefore lose attention while searching for bugs? Or feel bored and go out for a smoke? That’s the point.

  1. There is always more: knowledge base

Since automated testing is rapidly developing, there are always updates and improvements you can find out about. Developers and QAs love to share their experience on blogs and forums. So you always know about the latest trends and efficient QA automation practices and tools.

  1. Faster development cycles

Time is money, you know it. Everything should be as fast as possible in development, and manual testing is not. So when you go for automated quality testing, you speed up the development process. The development team doesn’t need to wait for a tester to perform all the needed tests – they can do it themselves.

So, automated testing is really important for your business – it is cost and time effective, has more opportunities for test coverage, more reliable than a person, and speeds up a development process. Additionally, a lot of companies use it and share their experiences. Remember, you end product’s performance depends on how well you did a testing part. Automated QA will surely help you to make your app product closer to perfection and satisfy the end user.

A CMS (Content Management System) is an easy-to-use and-edit platform.  Anyone can use CMS to add content or image without any technical expertise.

There are different types of CMSs present in the market now. Currently, WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal are the most popular CMS in the market. However, it depends on your requirements which suits you best.  There are many factors to look when selecting CMS for your website. If you want simple blogging platform, WordPress is the best choice. For a big online project where there will be many contributors, Drupal is the best choice.`

Main factors to consider while choosing CMS can be broken down into following things:

  1. Business Objective
  2. Features

Ongoing Requirements

  1. Future Needs
  2. Support
  3. Cost

CMS has many advantages over HTML:

  • lowers the price of a website
  • it is easy to use for non-technical minded
  • relatively cheap to maintain
  • it improves site maintenance

Choosing a right outsourcing company for website development is important to the success of a business online. Your decision to hire an outsourcing company will only be reaped if you will select right outsourcing partner for your company website.

There are many things to keep in mind while hiring an outsourcing company for CMS. Here are few important things:

Testimonials – Check past clients of CMS Development Company. Ask them about their past client and contact them if possible.

On-Time Delivery –  Ask them about time and budget it will take to complete the final product. A Good Outsourcing Company will break down tasks and give you the exact time.

Development Team – Get more information about development team and quality control team. Ask them how much effort they put into quality control?.

Support – There can be some glitch which you will find post-development. Go with a company which can provide support for at least 2 months after development.

Communication – Check out communication options available to contact the developer. You better decide the time of feedback communication at the start of the project. The company which can communicate at the scheduled time on Skype, email, and call will be the correct choice for you.

Payment – Project should be divided into milestones. All features should be broken down including hours required to complete them. You should pay only after the company completed milestone.

Macrew is a leading CMS Development company. Macrew Team develops your website considering your business goals, users, and search engines. Our professional CMS development team makes sure that your website is attractive and user-friendly. If you are looking for CMS Development Company, or wish to just contact us. It’s Easy To Get In Touch With Us – Anytime Of The Day Or Night.

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Machine learning (ML), the subfield of Artificial Intelligence, will certainly bring massive changes to the world in coming years. As experts believe, the practical utility of ML will soon be available to ordinary users via mobile app – the easiest form of computers available now.

ML is beginning a new age of software development. The developers no longer require doing special programming for their computers, gadgets and other devices aiming to complete several tasks. These devices collect and analyze information that they need to draw appropriate conclusion and learn during program performance, instead.

The technology of machine learning now accumulates the experience from previously completed operations and makes decisions as it happens among human beings. This all will happen through a special algorithm that would reach machines to learn things on their own. The targeted devices will be mobile and, the objective will be achieved by mobile app development.

Initially, machine learning began from computers but as of current trends, it’s shifting more towards mobile platforms via mobile app development. This is why almost all big IT firms have started to promote machine learning mobile app development as the next big thing.

Smartphones come with more than sufficient power which can perform operations as similar as large-size computers do. Here are the confirmations:

  • Google’s language software using the neural network and providing language translations is optimized for smartphones and, it supports devices without the internet connection.
  • Lenovo is working a smartphone technology that would perform several operations without the internet connection. Indoor geo-location and augmented reality are two best examples. This is made possible with the high-speed image processing software along with Google’s software.
  • During the last WWDC 16, Apple presented Siri SDK and, now all developers can incorporate this feature into their apps.

Areas Where Machines Learning Apps can be Implemented

As a multidisciplinary field, machine learning mobile apps can be implemented in areas requiring the intersection of technologies, science and business.

Use of Machine Learning in Robotics

The machine learning capabilities can also aid robotics. We are seeing an emergence of the age in which the robots assist people in doing their works, both at workplace and at home. Also, these can be operated via voice command or remotely or via a few taps on the screens of smartphones. All there required are the machine-learning capabilities for the correct performance, even in unpredictable environment.

The MPL Implementation in Data Mining

Data is the true fuel to smoothly and continuously run the modern day’s business practices. Nothing moves without it. The machine learning capabilities can help a lot in analyzing and finding the interesting connections with the vital set of data.

Machine Learning and Finance

The machine learning capabilities are extensively used in the better prediction of future trends. Customized apps can analyze all sorts of browser related history of previous transactions and social media activities so that credit ratings can be determined. Such system can also provide a result to consider portfolio optimization and send recommendation directly to the smartphones of users.

The Machine Learning Makes e-commerce Simple

Machine learning is providing quite a few opportunities for ecommerce businesses in need of increasing revenue and enhancing customer experience. The globally recognized retail giants like eBay and Amazon have already proved it. However, these are big companies which can afford huge investments to implement ML capabilities at their workplaces, but smartphone mobility provides easiest ways to implement ML via mobile apps.

Here are some examples how enterprises can intelligently use ML capabilities in their mobile app developments.

Searching the Products

The ML based app can provide better product searches in terms of ranking, query-understanding and the questions related to expansions.

Recommendation and Promotions of Products

The ML can help users to get better recommendation for the products they are searching for. Same applied on the product promotion.

Forecasting and analyzing latest trends

E-commerce businesses engaged in fashion industry need information to understand the latest trends in the market. Information of the past season sales and upcoming trends can help them reach more precisely to their customers. Here big data machine learning capabilities aid these businesses to aggregate the trend and sales information from diverse sources and create prediction in real time. The ML can also help fashion businesses to manage better pricing to their products to attract more customers.

Detection and prevention of frauds

E-commerce companies keep facing a variety of challenges but with machine learning capabilities, they can create a defense system by involving continuous monitoring of online activities and creating alarms.