Over the past two decades, companies around the world have begun to realize that without an adequate presence on the Web, the chances of business success have declined significantly. Over time, the scope of this web presence has expanded. Social media profiles, optimized sites and mobile responsive websites have become commonplace and, as some would say, necessary to do business in modern times. The app has been one of them for some years now. However, few consider that not only customers have to be offered an app, but also their employees as a replacement for the “intranet”.

How to use mobile applications in business?

Honestly? I could exchange them endlessly. These may be product catalogues or shops that will provide a better user experience than standard responsive or mobile websites.

Applications for product pricing, especially in industries where pricing is ruled by complex relationships and quick access to cost estimates will be very useful for people on the move or away from home and computer reach.

Apps are not only helpful in contact with customers. They can also make internal company communication more productive. A special app, which is made available to the field staff, can serve as a kind of “mini interface to the company headquarters”, with which the field staff can respond quickly and easily to questions directly at the customer’s location, without having to consult the customer: Simply use the app to call up the production plan, for example, and immediately see that there is still capacity available for the customer’s special requirements – at any time and anywhere you have a mobile connection.

The special thing about this is that a company’s own app can be designed in such a way that the company’s own sensitive data and information is still secure. The app can therefore also be used as a communication, order entry and support tool in the company’s own communication. In addition, more and more citizens are more familiar with smartphones and the like than with computers, spreadsheets and the like – this increases the acceptance of the applications through increased usability and their own life experiences, also in the private sphere of the employees.

In particular, those who have the app development handled by themselves – even as commissioned work – can create it according to their own wishes and security ideas. This ensures the independence of the company without having to forego the advantages of modern technology.

When is it worth to decide to develop a mobile application?

The answer is simple. If your customers use mobile technologies and you know that you are using them to provide something useful or something that will make you stand out from the competition.

Mobile technologies are especially recommended when you are able to use the capabilities of devices such as GPS location, camera, notification, voice communication, etc…

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