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First things first, as a business owner in search of a global market, you must accept that the relationship between social media, content marketing, and SEO is real. As many call it, social SEO is the backbone of a brand’s online success story.

Social media marketing and search engine optimization are two tightly intertwined methods of online marketing. There are organic and inbound strategies that concentrate on building a brand identity that naturally attracts customers. Unfortunately, the details are often left out when the question of how social media boosts a website’s search engine optimization arises. If truth be told, social media holds tremendous potential and marketers need to embrace it for better reach and engagement.

Fact is, content marketing will help you entertain and inform your audience, and social media can help you promote your brand and create a name for yourself, while SEO will ensure that search engines find you. However, what these three have in common is that they all work towards achieving brand awareness and recognition among the target audience.

Now that online marketing is an industry that is growing steadily, it is no surprise that more business owners are gaining taking an interest in social media marketing, content marketing, and SEO to remain relevant. When you integrate the three, you will surely attract customers and boost your website traffic with more valuable content.

You also have to understand that search engine algorithms keep on changing. For example, at the moment, Google algorithms consider social reputation as a signal in their search rankings. So as the business and website owner, you have to keep yourself updated on the search engine algorithms.

Why is it important for companies to integrate content marketing, social media, and SEO?

  1. Search engines use Instagram to discover new content

The World Wide Web is advancing to new heights by the day. Therefore, search engines like Google gather content pieces during their web pages evaluation and then create indexes. That is what helps us find stuff we are looking for.

The process is extra tiring because of the content that websites are generating every hour. Fortunately, with the help of Instagram, content that has garnered a good following can cut the actual time it would take for Google to find your content.

Factors such as the number of likes you have earned and the number of followers that have reposted your content have a high impact. Therefore, it would be wise for you to use an app that will help you get free Instagram likes.

  1. Social media shares are part of link building

Link building contributes heavily to your ranking on different search engines. In fact, the number of quality backlinks you have acquired has a great impact on your Google ranking, Yahoo ranking or Bing Ranking.

Since search engine optimization requires a lot of hard-work. Most website owners have opted to go the easy way and manipulate the system with black-hat-SEO techniques. It is for this reason that search engines like Google have chosen to look into social shares for signals like Tweets, Instagram likes, and Facebook posts.

Nowadays, your website can get as many backlinks as possible, thanks to the idea of integrating SEO and social media.

  1. Google appreciates your Google+ presence

It goes without saying that Google will love your Google Plus presence. So, take some time each day and sell your brand on Google plus. For example, post something on your brand or business profile, post relevant content on Google+ communities, and by doing so, you will have convinced Google that your website is worth a good ranking on their listing. So if you work with seo brampton as your keyword, keep in mind how to incorporate that into the big G.

Four things you must understand before carrying out SEO on Social Media

  1. Social media links will either make or break your opportunities for a good ranking

Leaving your site’s link on every social post you put out there may contribute towards your Google, Bing or Yahoo ranking. According to SEO experts, social media accounts do play a significant role in boosting a website ranking on different search engines.

  1. Social media profiles have a great impact on search engine results

While social shares are said to have a small impact on your website’s ranking on Google, or Bing or Yahoo, your social profile positively influences the content of your search engine results. Your social profile will be the first thing people see when they search for your brand. It means that searching for a particular keyword will give you results that include the brand’s Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Tumblr accounts.

  1. People are using social media as search engines too

The sooner you accept this, the better it will be for your business (or brand). These days, a majority of internet users do not necessarily have to go to Bing, Yahoo or Google to look up something. They look stuff up on social media channels as well. So, if you are active on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, people might actually learn about you via social search engines. It is guaranteed, especially if you have a habit of leaving fresh and relevant hashtags for every post.

  1. SEO is not as technical as many make it seem

Search engine algorithms keep on changing. Well, with that fact, it is now important for webmasters to know that content is king! Search engines want nothing but the best content that is relevant, entertaining, useful, and attention grabbing.

The kind of content you deliver to your audience is all that matters now. Forget the old keyword technique or where to place your URL, your meta descriptions or your title tags. Search engines are now more interested in how you use your keywords to answer possible questions that your readers might have, and that is all it takes.

As a final point, being active on social media networks now means a brighter tomorrow in your search engine optimization journey. Yes, keep on with your keyword research, marketing your content, and building links, but do not forget that social SEO plays a big part in your overall achievement.

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