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There is a number of Content Management System and web hosting platforms and Joomla is one of them. The versatility of Joomla and its compatibility with major servers make it a good choice for many. It is also very suitable for business websites in particular which is why some people opt for it to create a website for their business.

The features of the templates and the various functions related to it make it a good choice when you are trying to design a website for your business. However, for a beginner, it is not easy to configure and setup a Joomla site since compared to other CMS Joomla is more advanced and hence a bit more complicated. Without proper guidance, the Joomla website can be difficult to manage.

Joomla based websites

One of the major troubles of Joomla is that it is rather difficult to find the Joomla based websites online. Hence when you are using it for your business needs, your traffic would be little since some prospective clients do not even know of your website.

Here we are going to guide you regarding the various methods which can help you make your Joomla site more search engine friendly and get better exposure with it. There are other options as well, and you can even seek the guidance of the experts for managing your SEO works for the Joomla website.

The Search Engine Optimization management practices can be elementary when you keep in mind certain factors and make sure that your site is following those correctly.

Finding the best server and proper solution would help you smoothly manage your website on Joomla and make the most of the contents that you have and earn a significant profit.

The right type of server

The kind of server can influence the SEO management for your website. If you are not using the correct server, your SEO works would always lag behind, and this is something which can be very frustrating indeed.

If you are using a Mac for your Joomla functional works and have an IIS server which is meant for windows, manually working with the SEO management would prove to be very difficult indeed.

Have the mod_rewrite installed and opt for the Apache server when you have a Joomla website which is very compatible with Joomla. Also, the various Search Engine Optimization components associated with Joomla functions better with apache which is why it is a beneficial choice indeed.

Ensure that SEF URLs and URL rewriting is enabled

If your Joomla! Global configuration is here, look up the option for search engine friendly URLs and use URL rewriting and then opt for the yes option. This would remove all the dynamically generated troubles, and trash from your URL and they would replace it with the alias that is there in the menu list.

The balance of the settings is the key, and you can easily manage the website when you have all these factors under your control.  Since the site is rather difficult to handle, some people try out the onpage SEO guide and then take expert’s help for managing this kind of website.

An expert who has been working with some Content Management System and other related platforms would have the experience to quickly solve any trouble that you are facing with the website. Finding the right solution to your site problems is essential for successfully establishing the site online and getting a dedicated source of traffic there.

Remove the “/images/” from the robot.txt file

A very unusual feature of Joomla is that it automatically creates a robot.txt file which is there right at the time of installation. Joomla has a disallow rule which prevents the indexing of the images there is on your Joomla website, and the search engines are instructed not to search the images and the image folder for your site.

The image can act as a significant lure for the target audience and hence a great Search Engine Optimization tool indeed.

When it is being excluded from indexing, finding your website becomes very difficult indeed, and some people cannot find your site. With correct optimization of the images as well, your content and website would become more visible to clients online.

Jce editor and tags and image dimensions

The Jce editor has features which put together and maintain your website for you.  The features are incredible and smoothly manage the site. It also helps in ensuring that the SEO optimization is rightly done and the interface is excellent as well.

Some people who have a Joomla website rely on this feature and even the professionals recommend this to the clients who are trying to establish a Joomla site.

Using the right tags for your post is elemental to every CMS there is and the image dimension matters as well. When you have the right tags for the post people would be able to locate your website way more quickly.

There are several ways in which you can research about the tags and the keywords relevant to your site and employing those would help with the SEO works as well. On the other hand, mentioning the image dimensions would allow the “space” of the picture to load first, and then the image can follow which would reduce the load time.

When the load time is cut down, the Search Engine Optimization ranking boost becomes easier to achieve.


It can be concluded that while Joomla is a very versatile choice for website designing, it is not very Search Engine Optimization friendly unless you can manually manage the SEO works. This is where you can also think of relying on a professional for help with the work.

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