If you have been wondering that Xnspy is the only app to spy on Facebook chat, then you should better read Facebook’s recent statement. The social media giant, which has been in the news headlines for the past many days due to data breach scandal, made another confession. The latest revelation is about Facebook scanning its users’ Messenger conversations. But this doesn’t end here; Facebook also admitted that it not only views all the chats but also the shared media including the pictures, links, and text messages.

Apparently, the reason given by the Facebook is to ensure that people follow the rules but most of the users doubt it considering Facebook’s previous record of manipulating user data.


But who spilled the beans? It was none other than Mark Zuckerberg himself who admitted this during an interview with Vox’s Ezra Klein. Mark was basically talking about an incident surrounding the ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar. Explaining the company’s system, he said that Facebook keeps an eye on whatever’s going on when people try to send sensational messages via its Messenger service. If they find a message inappropriate or against the company rules, Facebook’s system stops the message from going through.

This news is going to add to the growing dissent among the Facebook users regarding its lax privacy standards. People used to believe that Facebook Messenger was a truly private messenger and only an app to spy on Facebook chat like Xnspy could be used for reading someone’s conversations. The company denies that it analyzes the chats to gather data for selling it to the advertisers.

But this may not be enough to stop the users from ditching the social media app. Agreed, that apps like Xnspy can do a lot more than what Facebook is being blamed for. If you have come across a few Xnspy reviews for iPhone, you would know how potent these apps are. They can spy on WhatsApp, Tinder, Instagram and many other famous instant messengers and can save all your conversations. They keep an eye on what you do all day and keep track of all your activities online. They even record your calls and iMessages and feature some surprising functions like ambient recorders. But Facebook is a public platform unlike these apps and people trust them for protecting their privacy.

Indeed, many people would not want to be monitored by these apps. It is worth considering that a lack of oversight on such communication apps can be harmful to the users. Having around two billion users on its platform now, a no oversight strategy would be like a free ticket to the fake news, political propaganda, and other forms of misinformation. And as the news do the rounds in the chat groups, they spread like fire.

Facebook has been already criticized for weak privacy standards which saw some 87 million users’ personal information scooped up without their knowledge by the Cambridge Analytica.

So the question is, should you ditch its Messenger? If you want your conversations to remain private then you can use Signal and Telegram messengers. But even if you want to keep using Facebook Messenger to make new friends, beware that your conversations are being monitored.

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