As per the information regarding the leading and popular Indian celebrities provided by, we’ve analyzed the list of 4 top-notch starts based on their net worth and social media performance. In order to ascertain the most endorsing stars of social media, LexisNexis play a vital role in helping you determine, how well their very own account performs,  the total number of times every celebrity was mentioned, and how well do the celebrities engage with their followers, and so on.

Here are names that were listed at the top of the ‘leading endorsing celebrities of 2018’ catalog.

  1. Salman Khan

Without a doubt, Salman Khan is a renowned name in the Bollywood industry for years. His hard work, amazing performances, and super hit movies have what made him very popular amongst the Indian actors. The previous year proved to be quite good for this spectacular star as he got free from the case of blackbuck hunting that has troubled him for 20 years.

Another big achievement was the release of his blockbuster movie ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ featuring Salman and Katrina Kaif in the leading roles. The movie sets a mark in box office collection with earning over $17.52 million in the very first week of its release. As per the list of Twitter followers, the celebrity has got the 3rd position with around 31 million fan base.

  1. Virat Kohli

When it comes to the best performers of the year, Virat Kohli is never out of the race. This time, he has amazed the cricketers and his fans by scoring double centuries. It is only under the captainship of Virat when the Indian Cricket team succeeded in winning the 2nd highest number of games in 2017.

Furthermore, his wedding ceremony with one of the most famous Bollywood actresses ‘Anushka Sharma’ aided to escalate his social media followers and fame to a great extent.Kohli is the face of some 17 brands, including Audi, MRF, Tissot, Gionee, Puma, Boost, Colgate and Vicks. He has invested in fitness-associated ventures such as the Chisel chain of gyms, tech startup Sports Convo and the Wrogn line of apparel.

  1. Shah Rukh Khan

Even after encountering two major flops in 2017 i.e., Jab Harry Met Sejal and Raees, the fame of king khan weren’t affected at all. Though the movies weren’t a hit, they led to a huge fuss amongst his Indian and well as foreign-based followers. In fact, Raees was marked as one of the most talked-about and mentioned movie of the actor in social media.

As per the sources, king khan had no less than 33.3 million Twitter followers and with that number, he mastered the catalog of the celebrity with most Twitter followers. He also endorses brands like LMLPepsiNokiaHyundaiDish TVD’decorLUX and TAG Heuer. 

  1. Amitabh Bachchan

It isn’t surprising to say that Big B (that’s what he is called in the industry) is one of the oldest yet experienced actor in the film industry. Perhaps, 2017 was a very busy period for this star. He was titled as the Indian Ambassador for GST (Goods and Service Tax) and his released video (approximately 40-minute long) resolved the chaos of several people. Being an active participant of the group, he often uses social media sites to connect with the people and even cooperate with other stars and followers.Brands endorsed by Bachchan include Dabur, Navaratan Oil, Gujarat Tourism, Dairy Milk, etc.

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Makita SH02R1 12V Max CXT Cordless Circular Saw

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Rockwell RK3441K Compact Saw

This saw has the weight of around 5 pounds with the power of around 5amp. It has the RPM of 3500 with the blade size of 4 ½ inches and cutting depth of the 1 11/16 inch. It has been put with the features of the lock off safety with the ergonomic handle, all along with the laser guide technology for precision cutting. It is reasonably priced. It has been all put together with the outer guard to make it keep it as durable and make sure it lasts through the access of the various kinds of jobs. It is also adjusted with the depth indicator level that hence allows you to change the depth of the blade easily.


This saw has the weight of around 5.3 pounds with the power of around 4amp. It has the RPM of 3500 with the blade size of 4 ½ inches and cutting depth of the 1 11/16 inch. It is much easily adjustable with the left-sided form of the designing that provides with a better set of visibility. It is many compacts. It is much lightweight and easy to come about with the maneuver.

Genesis GCS545C Compact Saw

This saw has the weight of around 6 pounds with the power of around 5.8amp. It has the RPM of 3500 with the blade size of 4 ½ inches and cutting depth of the 1 11/16 inch. It is much easy in the adjustment and hence it can be comfortable to be used for a long time period. This access of the lightweight design is easy to use and hence would also control to handle too. Plus you can also adjust with the depth and also the bevel.

So these have been some of the top best compact circulars saw in 2018 to choose the perfect one right now. Choose the one that stood best according to your needs and requirements!

This age in which we are living today is known as “Information Age”. Because all the information is available on the digital media or online.

So if your sensitive and confidential information are also on your devices. Then you must secure it with a high quality and a highly reliable software.

But I am shocked that knowing this still so many people don’t use any kind of software to protect their information and data on their devices.

This is the one scenario where your data might get theft. The other scenario is when you forget the passwords or you lose the passwords of various applications.

Because we use so many applications on our phone. And some really confidential applications are Banking applications, Chatting applications, and Social media applications.

And to remember the passwords for all these applications is a quite tough job. And therefore, password manager applications come into picture.

Password managers are the applications which secure your data on your devices. You just have to remember the password of this application and you will be fine.

I bring it to you a software named “Dashlane” which is one of the best security software available in the market today.

Millions of people use it save their data on their devices.

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Sorry to learn this is for new clients just, existing clients can’t utilize this to expand their memberships.

It’s significant that Dashlane offers a completely practical free form, yet it comes up short on a key element: It doesn’t adjust with different gadgets. I think about that basic, which is the reason I normally prescribe LastPass in the event that you need an absolutely free secret word director that syncs.

Be that as it may, Dashlane is my administrator of decision and has been for various years. It’s annoyingly costly at $40 every year, except this arrangement makes it significantly more acceptable.

As I said before, I can’t envision my processing existence without this program. It consequently fills in passwords and Visa numbers, creates new passwords for new locales and even replaces feeble passwords for my benefit (with my consent, obviously).

The versatile application is similarly as priceless. Try not to believe me: Dashlane is one of CNET’s picks for best secret key chief, and PCMag praised it as an Editors’ Choice.

In the event that you’ve never utilized a secret key chief, there’s certainly somewhat of an expectation to absorb information while you conform to it. Furthermore, on the off chance that you let Dashlane work its wizardry supplanting feeble passwords with solid ones, you may experience transitory hindrances logging once again into portable applications utilizing your new passwords.

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Have you ever faced the problem of mistakenly deleting important information, something which you should not have done. If yes, then you would also be aware that thankfully due to the advancement of technology you now have data recovery software’s that can help you deal you with such a dire situation in hand. Most of the software’s are available in free and paid format and you can choose one according to your preference. To help you in the selection we bring to you top 5 free data recovery software of the year 2018.

1. Recuva– This data recovery software has the ability to handle the restoration of files from various sources like hard drives, DVD or CD, external drive and memory cards. Not only does it provide you with all the necessary information lost but also renames any two files with the same name. Can be used on Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 Vista and all the old versions of Windows.

2. Test Disk– A list of best data recovery software’s is incomplete without mention of Test disk software. The software works on fixing non-booting disks and getting back the lost partitions. Using the Test disk software you can comfortably recover the boot sector that has been tampered with. However, since it is a command line tool it may not support some of the formats available.

3. Minitool Partition recovery– The above mentioned software’s are good for getting back all your files that have been lost. But what happens if the entire partition goes missing. In such a situation the Mini tool partition recovery comes in help. It has an easy wizard-based interface so even people with minimum knowledge on the same can use the software.

4. Puran File recovery– The recovery from this software involves three steps. First is the default scan, second the deep scan and lastly the full scan. You can also use their Find lost files option and even recover files that have been deleted from a partition.

5. Stellar Data recovery– A completely risk-free program it can recover data from memory cards, USB drives, hard disks, and other platforms as well. It is equipped with many additional features which help in file recovery in the quickest time possible. The software is simple to handle and even novices and beginners can work on it with efficiency.

modern minimalist dining room 3108037

If you have been living in the same home for years, it’s time to move on without having to move out. 2018 is here, and so are the hottest interior design trends. You can create a focal point in your room or simply give the walls some serious punch; there are endless ways to create or recreate your dream living space. Here’s the first option to start with.

Stone-washed carpets

Stone-washed carpets can create a beautiful statement and inspire elegant living in any space, big or small. The carpets sit beautifully beneath your furniture and provide a contrasting backdrop to make your room stand out. The best part is stone-washed patterns can camouflage dirt, by virtue of which it looks clean and tidy for a long time. Also, you do not have to worry about the finish being eroded – even if it does, it won’t make any difference to the original pattern anyway.

Small Dining tables to fit any room

A family that eats together stays together. Small dining tables are a perfect fit for a small family. They are lightweight, minimalist and can be stored in the corner when not in use. Small dining tables allow you to sit closer to the person you have your meal with. As it follows, delicious food and endless conversation can go hand in hand.

Farmhouse kitchen island with traditional lights

Farmhouse kitchen island is all the rage in 2018, and you, too, can go with the flow by making little changes to your wooden countertop and suspended luminaires. You can accentuate your kitchen island with weathered countertop and matching cabinets to complete the look. Choosing suitable chairs and upholstery is also important. Also, replace those contemporary lights with traditional suspended diffusers to spruce up the kitchen like a farmhouse.

Coffered ceilings

Coffered ceilings can transform any room into an architectural masterpiece instantly. The recessed patterns catch the attention and elicit compliments galore. You might want to install minimalist light fixtures to accentuate those recessed sections even more. Coffered ceilings may be a big investment, but rest assured that the returns will be even bigger.

Aluminium Doors

Glass doors with aluminium frames are no longer exclusive to shopfronts. They can be a great addition to your home as well. You can use these doors in your kitchen or balcony. They not only blend in with all types of interiors, but they also provide a clear line of sight across either side of the door. The best part is aluminium doors are cheap and require little-to-no maintenance.

Bathrooms with mixed tiles

It’s time to break the monotony in your bathroom. If you are planning to renovate your bathroom this year, using different tiles in different areas can create a unique style statement. Mix and match different colours and patterns to wow yourself every day.

Frameless mirrors

Create a reflection of an elegant home with an array of frameless mirrors. If you are not a fan of art or paintings, frameless mirrors can fill the void on your walls and make an effortless style statement. You can also integrate these frameless mirrors with your vanity unit and in other parts of home in various innovative ways. We leave it to your imagination.

It is imperative to plan out a budget beforehand so that you get off on the right foot and achieve desired results with minimum errors. Good luck for your new interiors.