NEMT is a form of medical transportation that enables safe and comfortable transfer in non-emergency situations. Remember that NEMT is different from an emergency ambulance service and is appropriate for persons not requiring critical emergency care.

NEMT services are booked in advance and are suitable for medically stable persons who may or may not need the assistance of a qualified medical professional for intra-city, intercity or interstate transportation.

NEMT is useful for people with limited physical mobility due to injury, surgery or a medical condition, and those with sensory disability who require in-transit medical support.  It allows freedom from dependency on others for routine hospital visits, attending personal events and doing other activities for which transport assistance is required.

Here are the most important questions to ask an NEMT provider before you decide to hire them.

Are you a certified and insured NEMT services provider?

It is important to ask your medical transporter if they have the necessary licenses and certifications and also if their services are adequately covered by insurance.

Do you offer bedside-to-bedside patient transport?

Bedside-to-bedside transport ensures that the person being transferred receives uninterrupted medical assistance throughout the process. To make bed-to-bed transfer possible, the transporting team needs to be well-trained in the careful transfer of patient from bed to wheelchair or transfer board, and vice versa. Not all companies are equipped to provide this service, so check beforehand if this is what you need.

Is there adequate space for family members accompanying the person being transferred?

NEMT minivans generally have space to accommodate one caregiver or companion. However, the comfort of travel varies with the type of vehicle. So it’s important to check which vehicle will be used for the transfer. If travelling long distance, you would want to look for a service that operates spacious vehicles with comfortable sitting and sleeping space for the caregiver.

Are your drivers qualified and licensed to drive an ambulance?

Don’t hesitate to ask the NEMT you’ve chosen about how they ensure driving safety of their vehicles. Check if the drivers are trained in first aid and CPR and also how the company ensures the driving crew is following the rules while on duty.

The patient will need oxygen during transit. Do you have the facility?

A good non-emergency medical transfer service has all the required permits and equipment to fulfil your specific needs. Check if the service provider has the resources to customize their offering according to the special needs of your loved one being transported.

For instance, ACC Medlink is an award-winning NEMT provider that offers both road and air transfer of persons in need of in-transit medical care for various reasons.

How much will the transportation cost and what all is included in your quote?

To ensure that you know of all possible costs that you may be billed for, ask for a breakdown of the services included in the final price. The usual inclusions are pick up fee, per mile transfer cost, medical assistance on board, meals and entertainment (in a luxury service), and any additional charges (such as for oxygen).

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