Point of care medical devices can help reduce patient care costs, provide rapid test results, and improve the overall quality of patient care. They provide new avenues for managing an increasing patient load and can help many facilities manage their resources more effectively. Innovation in the world of point of care devices uses emerging technology to help expand services and meet new challenges.

Expanded Community-Based Services

The ecosystem of the healthcare system is changing rapidly due to an increase in the number of point of care medical devices that are becoming available. Point of care testing helps the medical profession deliver higher-quality care and reduce costs associated with traditional testing methods and unnecessary interventions. These devices give them rapid results, which can be critical in certain situations, such as in the emergency room.

Point of care testing uses wearable devices, at-home testing solutions, and medical devices that allow monitoring and treatment to take place at a location other than a medical facility. The physician can receive data from the device or a rapid test result and be able to deliver advice via phone or messaging rather than needing to see the patient in person. A growing number of these devices will help to improve the reliability and delivery of telehealth services.

Technology and AI-Based Systems

The global pandemic led to the rapid development and deployment of point of care testing to manage community-level decision-making. They allowed people to test at home rather than having to utilize an already-overcrowded medical system. This demonstrated what was possible when it came to managing community health using point of care testing. Now, developers hope to expand the horizon for what is possible with point of care medical devices.

One of the new areas of development is the integration of cameras into these devices. This allows physicians to perform tests on-site, which can help facilitate early diagnoses and more rapid treatment of serious conditions. New developments allow clinicians to analyze samples and obtain imaging without the need to schedule the patient for outside testing. One of the more recent devices is used in urology. It integrates sample analysis and imaging that allows the technician to zoom in on the specimen without resorting to traditional microscopy methods. These technologies are also making their way rapidly into the fields of ophthalmology and dentistry.

AI-based technology is breaking new ground with the ability to gather and analyze data more quickly and reliably. These point of care devices can collect the data and send it anywhere in the world, which allows collaboration on a level never before experienced. These devices can tap into a database and assist in diagnosis that gives more immediate and accurate results than only relying on the knowledge base of the clinician.

They can also quickly scan a patient’s medical record and look for conflicts. A growing number of devices have connectivity built-in, which allows the transmission of data and images over a secure network. It allows greater collaboration among specialists in different locations. This can help avoid drug interactions or unwanted complications from treatment. It is expected that AI will become an increasingly important part of patient care in the future.

Sustainability Challenges

One of the key challenges in the development of point of care devices involves sustainability issues. Many of the current single-use, disposable devices are made from fossil fuels and contribute to the waste management problem. The next step in the development of these products will be to find alternatives to non-renewable resources and the development of biodegradable devices. Thus far, sustainability issues have been excluded from design requirements for these devices, but this is something that could be introduced in the future. Such requirements would make the development of these devices even more challenging.

Future developments in point of care devices are expected to focus on providing more efficient community-based care and the ability to monitor patients remotely. AI will provide the backbone for accurate, quick diagnosis and treatment plan development. As single-use diagnostic devices become more prevalent, preventing harm to the environment will become an important issue in the development of new devices. The best news is that point of care devices have the ability to help meet the growing demands and pressures the current system is under.

Medical casters are specially designed to meet the requirements of the hospital, such as light operation, flexible turning, large elasticity, special ultra-quiet, wear-resistant, anti winding, and chemical corrosion resistance. It is mainly divided into light caster, metal bracket caster, all plastic bracket caster, medical double wheel caster and central control caster. Medical cover laminated brake caster can meet all kinds of medical, environmental requirements.

Nowadays, several materials are commonly used for machining the medical caster wheels.

Polypropylene (PP): This is a synthetic resin material with light thermal plasticity, strong heat resistance, transparency and chemical resistance (especially for the acid environment), and it’s easy to manufacture. It is suitable for the environment of – 15-80 ℃, with strong chemical resistance, but poor wear-resistant, anti-seismic and mute effect. You might need to pay attention that this material is lack of ground protection.

Polyurethane (PU): PU is a kind of elastomer between plastic and rubber. Its excellent comprehensive properties are not possessed by ordinary plastic and rubber. It has excellent performance of oil resistance, wear resistance, radiation resistance, high load, and shock absorption. This type of material is suitable for – 35-80 ℃, with excellent ground protection, quiet performance, shock resistance, wear resistance as well as chemical resistance.

Nylon: It can be divided into three segmented categories.

YUPA is modified nylon. It is formed by combining the raw materials flowing into the metal like a casting. As a highly functional material instead of metal, it can be widely used in all walks of life. As an engineering plastic, it has been highly evaluated. It has better wear resistance than PP, suitable for – 15-80 ℃, with reduced ground protection, mute performance, shockproof performance, medium wear resistance and excellent chemical resistance.

PA is a plastic made of polyamide resin. It has high mechanical strength, good toughness, high tensile and compressive strength, strong absorption capacity for impact and stress operation, and much higher impact strength than general plastics. It is wear-resistant, resistant to alkali and most salt, resistant to weak acid, engine oil, hard hydrocarbon compounds and general solvents, inert to aromatic compounds, but not immune to strong acid and chlorinating agent. It features self-extinguishing, non-toxic, odorless, good weather resistance, inert to biological erosion, good antibacterial and mildew resistance. It is suitable for – 35-80 ℃, with inadequate ground protection, mute performance, shockproof performance, excellent wear resistance and chemical resistance.

PAh is high-temperature resistant nylon. Glass fiber is mainly added in nylon to make it resistant to the maximum temperature of 260 ℃. It is applicable to – 10-260 ℃, with poor ground protection, mute performance, shockproof performance, excellent wear resistance and chemical resistance.

Rubber: it is the last main material. Similarly, it can be divided into four sub materials:

TPR is an artificial rubber, which has the same properties as natural rubber. UV resistance and polychlorinated resistance, quiet operation, no-noise interference. It can achieve a calm effect. The product also has the advantages of non-toxic, pollution-free, and recyclable secondary processing. It is suitable for – 35-80 ℃, with outstanding ground protection, mute performance, shock resistance, rather good wear resistance and chemical resistance.

ER, HR and SR are natural high elastic rubber, soft rubber and hard rubber, respectively. They are used in a variety of industries; the surface hardness is low but full of flexibility. According to the requirements, the buffering place is the most suitable to apply it. It can also walk stably on the uneven road surface. The appearance is mainly black. Recently, other colors (such as gray, brown, etc.) are also used. There is no problem with using them inside and outside the house. It’s suitable for – 48-80 ℃, ground protection, quiet performance, shock resistance, good wear resistance, medium chemical resistance.

SUPO is now mastering the technology of best medical caster manufacturing. Their products are ranging from the metal caster, anti-corrosion caster, precision bearing caster to two grades central lock caster, etc. According to the different materials we have mentioned above, you can choose any swivel medical caster in need in SUPO, based on their unique features.

Are you trying to learn how to get rid of medical debt? If yes, you should click here to learn about some things you can do.

Did you know that 137 Americans struggle with medical debt? If you are part of this statistic and are trying to figure out how to get rid of your own medical debt, we are here to help. We are going to share three tips on how to get rid of medical debt.

Keep reading to learn more and start applying our tips right away.

  1. Medical Bill Advocate

If your bills came from an extended hospital stay or an intensive procedure that you had no choice but to get done you can hire a medical bill advocate to help negotiate the bills for you. Medical bill advocates are experts in medical billing and know how to read health care bills and understand what the common costs are for procedures. 

They can spot any instances where you are overcharged and help you by getting it reduced. Please do your research and ask about their fees upfront. The point is to make sure that the fees they charge will make sense when compared to the money they will save you.

You can also have a debt consolidation program negotiate on your behalf. You can read more here and see which option is best for your circumstances.

  1. Negotiate

If you are tight on cash and do not have the funds to hire an advocate, you can negotiate yourself. If your debts are already with debt collectors there are many that will negotiate because they more than likely bought that debt for pennies on the dollar. If you have the patience and willingness to negotiate with them, it is completely worth a shot. 

You can also negotiate with them to remove it from your credit history. Make sure that whatever you negotiate you get in writing before you give them any money. This will ensure that if there are discrepancies with the credit bureaus in the future you have your proof in writing. 

  1. Payment Plan

There are many medical providers that will work out a payment plan if you can’t afford to pay everything upfront. The best way to get an affordable payment plan is, to be honest with them on what you can afford. Giving yourself a set amount to pay every month or week will make things easier for you and will be better than paying $0 towards your medical debt and letting it sit there until it goes into collections. 

Typically with a payment plan, a doctor won’t charge you any interest or extra fees, but to be safe make sure that you ask about any fees upfront to avoid any surprises. 

Now You Know How to Get Rid of Medical Debt

Now that you know how to get rid of medical debt it is time to get to work. There is no reason to stress out about medical bills for the rest of your life. We understand that sometimes medical debt comes from circumstances that are not under your control and not from irresponsible spending. 

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When people consider medical careers, doctors and nurses are the top positions that come to mind. However, there are a plethora of medical jobs available throughout hospitals, medical centers, doctor’s offices, schools, and more that allow everyone interested in a medical career to find a position that fits their skills, work schedule, and education.

Here are five medical careers that people often don’t consider when looking for a job in the medical field.

Medical Coding Specialist

A medical coding specialist is responsible for making sure that everything in the patient’s file is coded correctly to be processed by their insurance. Every test, procedure, and treatment has a specific code used by insurance companies to determine coverage and billing. Mistakes in the coding can create significant financial problems, so it is a critically important job within the medical field.

Companies like healthinsurance.com provide people quotes on health insurance for varying levels of coverage. While looking for coverage, individuals can learn more about what procedures, tests, and treatments are covered, and at what level they are covered. While medical coding specialists don’t control what is included and what is not, they can ensure that patients are appropriately billed for the services they had performed.


More hospital systems and insurance companies are offering telenursing due to the cost-effectiveness of the approach. These are registered nurses that work phone lines to answer questions. They also provide telediagnosis, teleconsultation, and telemonitoring. They utilize healthcare call center software to manage their phone calls and maintain accurate records of their interactions.

Telenursing delivers healthcare to people in remote and rural areas that may not otherwise have access to the care they need. Whether or not an insurance company offers or covers telenursing will vary, but that information can be determined while obtaining insurance quotes through companies like healthinsurance.com.

Lab Technician

Every time someone gets a medical test done, it has to go to a lab to be processed for accurate results. Lab technicians are the people in the lab that handle each test, ensure all specimens are appropriately labeled and processed, and make sure the files are updated, and the correct physicians get the test results. Lab technicians do not work directly with patients and require a strong science background.


A phlebotomist is the person that draws blood from patients, labels the blood, and ensures it gets to the lab for testing. The phlebotomist is a critically important role within the medical field. In addition to the importance of blood draws for examination and treatment, the phlebotomist plays an essential role in client care.

Many patients are scared of needles, getting blood draws, or the tests that are being conducted with the blood. It is the role of the phlebotomist to calm the patient and make them feel comfortable throughout the process. It is also essential to know how to draw blood from babies, children, adults, the elderly, and those with delicate veins.

Medical Illustrator

If you have an interest in working in the medical field, as well as a passion for drawing and graphic design, you may want to consider becoming a medical illustrator. Medical books, brochures, pamphlets, and an array of other informational resources contain medical illustrations of body parts, body systems, medical procedures, medical tools, viruses, injuries, and more.

Whatever the written content is, some illustrations go with it to provide the visual understanding that most people need. The illustrators of these drawings need to be skilled artists who also have a comprehensive understanding of biology and medicine. They combine art and science in a way that no other profession can.

Some students know it their whole life while others figure it out late in their college careers: “I want to be a doctor.” Although it is better to get the passion sooner than later, do not let that deter you. Many people who have always dreamed of becoming a physician are not necessarily cut out for medicine. The reverse is true, as well. Nevertheless, those intent on going to medical school should devote themselves to three focuses. Make sure you have have a stellar academic record. Ace the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). And life experiences that demonstrate your interest in becoming a physician.

Acing Undergraduate Coursework

You need to excel in both required pre-med classes and electives, so you have a better chance of doing well on the MCAT and getting into medical school. An overall undergraduate GPA for accepted med students usually exceeds 3.5; the science average should be higher. While in undergrad, it is recommended that you take one year of the following courses: college physics, general biology, inorganic chemistry, and organic chemistry (with a focus in biochemistry).

Also, medical colleges like to see two semesters of high-level math, i.e., calculus and above. Moreover, medical schools will look for students who have social sciences, English, foreign languages, and humanities. Thus, you need not be a science major as long as you complete the medical school prerequisites.

Take the MCAT

The MCAT is designed to winnow the considerable field of applicants, so it is purposely made to be complicated. That does not mean it is impossible. Still, since being a doctor is extremely challenging, it is no surprise that this entry test is likewise.

In 2015, the examination was revised, shifting some increased emphasis on psychology, sociology, and biology. This reflects changes in medical knowledge and professional practice over the last twenty years. These important MCAT changes do not spare test-takers of their need for competence in biochemistry or critical analysis, for example. Other revisions include decreasing the frequency of test administrations each year, and all exams are registered for and completed on the computer.

Early registration is advisable and preparation should commence three months ahead at the very least. Study consistently and avail yourself of sample tests, prep materials, and prep classes, as finances will allow. The important MCAT changes present the test in four sections:

  • Biological and Biochemical Foundations of Living Systems
  • Chemical and Physical Foundations of Biological Systems
  • Psychological, Social, and Biological Foundations of Behavior
  • Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills

Activities and Work Experience Strengthen Your Application

Other indicators tell admissions committees whether or not you have the temperament and practical skills to make a good doctor. Taking part in faculty research, for instance, demonstrates literacy, industry,, and a capacity to defend ideas. Networking with and observing physicians in their work shows that patient care will not be an alien world upon entering med school. 

Furthermore, taking advantage of volunteer opportunities gives evidence of consciousness of the larger world and a willingness to improve it. Clinical experience at local hospitals or outpatient facilities help prospective medical students the most recent developments in the field. Plus, do not discount opportunities to teach, coach, or counsel since communication is central to physician practice. Sports and music also pay off.

These three tips will help you on your journey to getting into medical school and one day becoming a doctor.

The advent of the internet has expanded the reach of the medical profession. These days the provision of medical services has overcome physical limitations. But what about the immaterial limitations like language-related barriers?

The medical translation aims to handle such drawbacks. It involves translating various types of documents and materials used for marketing, technical, and clinical aspects of medical matters. It is an essential part of the provision of medical services in the face of globalization.

The right translation helps to avoid some of the complications that arise from the inaccuracy of relevant medical information.

This is why you should take your translation project seriously. Here are some tips that will help you handle any translation project.

 What is the culture of the target audience?

You must understand the target audience of what you are translating. What is the culture of the target audience? This is a very vital piece of information that determines the accuracy of your medical translation project.

Beyond speaking a language, some nuances have to be taken into consideration when translating material for someone from a different linguistic and cultural background.

For instance, Australian English is different from the American or British variant. This means that for you to be effective, you have to use the terms that someone in Australia can relate to.

How Well Do You Know Your Stuff?

You will be at your best when you are dealing with a subject matter that is within your area of expertise. How well have you been able to master the different kinds of tone that are involved in translation? How well can you relay the information in an adequate tone to make it easier for the recipients to relate with the translated information? Answer these questions as honestly as you can. Make amends when necessary, and you are on your way to handling any translation project in the medical field efficiently.

 Who Else Is Involved?

If you are a team, then attention to details and competence are primary requirements for all members. Make it so that native speakers handle major positions if it is impossible to make everyone on the project a native speaker. 

The insights that they will provide will ensure that cultural misunderstanding is avoided because they understand where the target audience is coming from. The opposite case is when non-native speakers handle a translation project.

Get Feedback

Feedback from your client is critical. The reason is that you have to eliminate as many errors as possible by integrating client perspective. Let’s consider medical products, for example. How do you think their brand is perceived if there is some inaccuracy in the information given? Beyond the marketing implication, there is also the legal aspect to be considered.

Translation in the medical field is very technical; that is why it should be handled by seasoned experts who understand its importance and the experience needed for such projects. Avoid life-threatening mistakes. Always engage certified personnel whenever you need to deal with translation projects.

We may occur to medical malpractice anytime in our life. It is sometimes become difficult and almost impossible to understand the basic difference between malpractice and not a medical misconduct. Therefore it is very much important to understand the concept.

Understanding of medical malpractice is also very important in the sense that it can save us from any damage, disease or poor behavior. It can also save us from any harmful injury. If we may occur any type of medical malpractice in our life we should consult Clevelend medical malpractice lawyers for better guidance and legal services.

There are many types of medical malpractice but five most important types are as follows:

Delayed Diagnosis

One of the most common but very important type of medical malpractice is delayed diagnosis. You are suffering from any sort of disease and you checked it at reasonable point of time but the medical staff failed to diagnose the reason. Later on they recognized the disease. It will be known as medical malpractice and it may cause you severe damages regarding health. You can also called it a type of misdiagnosis. In misdiagnosis medical staff also fails to identify the real issue.

Birth Injury

Birth injury is something that is very common example of malpractice. The injury may cause to mother, child or both at the same time. It may happen that during a cesarean or C-section delivery, you may cause a damage to the mother or baby. Just because of your negligence both can occur some harmful disease or even death.

Treatment Failure

It may happen that doctor has grasped the real medical issue in you and he diagnosed the disease at a very right time but he fails to recommend the right and adequate treatment for the disease. Late treatment can also cause the severe attack of the disease or even it can cause any permanent or temporary disability to the patient.

Errors of Surgery

Surgery is a very sensitive way of curing any disease. It always requires patience, great knowledge of all the technicalities and understanding of surgical procedure. Failure to any of the step can cause severe damage to the patient and to medical staff as well. Errors of surgery can include:

  • Doing surgery with wrong procedure
  • Doing surgery that is not required
  • While doing surgery you damaged any organ or tissue of the patient
  • You use instrument for surgery that are not properly synthesized or cleaned
  • Forget any surgical instrument within the body of the patient
  • Fail to provide better care after surgery

Surgical errors are not really common errors but it can have severely damage to the life of patient.

Poorly Designed of an Instrument

Sometimes it may happen that you are using any sort of surgical instrument that is produced without proper check and have poor results. This poorly designed procedure can have severe damages to the skin or organ of the patient. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use instruments that are designed by keeping in mind the safety of the customer.

Micro Coil Winding

If you want to get into the detailed process of how micro coil windings are used in the medical field, then a small introduction would help. 

Micro Coil Winding plays a vital role in the field of medical science. 

Majorly utilized as internal medical implants in the human body, in addition the wireless charging is also available. This gives doctors everywhere a straight line of sight.

Here is an overview of the specifications and criteria that micro coil winding must have to be useful for the Medical Field.

How is Micro Coil Winding Made?

The process may seem natural but it is not as easy as it sounds.

For miniature micro coil winding, coupled with core winding, it amplifies the inductance of the wire. The coils are a layer thickness. There is a little circle needs to fit in the implant, which is only about 0.1 millimetres. 

To fit inside the implant, the shape of the coil must be less than 0.1 millimetres.

In terms of the pathway to the brain, the implant needs is positioned in the canal right behind the wisdom tooth. Apparently, it is also the canal for the path to the nasal sinuses. 

The implant is located inside the skull, also why, the implant has to be the right size that it can be lifted inside the canal. A single layer of the micro-coil winding implant is made to achieve this technique.

Shapes of Micro Coil Winding

Generally, the difference between the micro-coil windings is their shapes. It can be rectangular, elliptical, or circular. 

No matter what the shapes of  micro coil winding are, the internal as well as external dimensions, are crucial. To maintain a precise dimension, depending upon the requirements the width of the thread is reduced.

Therefore, the coils are being manufactured in a predetermined manner depending upon the needs and requirements. 

How Micro Coil Winding is Used Differently in the Medical Field?

When it comes to the usage of micro-coil winding in the medical industry as opposed to the rest of the industries, there is some major difference. 

The most significant difference of micro-coil windings that are used in medical fields and in other industries is its size. 

Just for an example, let’s suppose that we must insert a coil into a vein; the size of the coil must be approximately less than 0.8 millimetres along with its coating. 

The device on which the implant is to be installed must be around 1 millimetre. The micro-coil winding has epoxy casting on it, and the medical apparatus sits on the top of it.

Imagine how something as precise and small like micro coil winding can help medical industries save lives. This is the best possible use of technology in the medical field.

It is true that if you have medical debts it will not add up to the outstanding debt because it will not accrue interest. However, there are some people who still opt to pay off their medical debts using their credit cards for several reasons. There are even some people who use their credit card knowing the fact well that they will not be able to repay this high interest carrying debt easily and within the interest free time limit, if any.

This is a costly mistake that people make as they end up finding it hard to meet their credit card bills. Once they fail, the credit card issuing company starts adding all sorts of fees and penalties along with the customary interest which by itself is very high.

Therefore, it is unwise to use your credit card to pay off your medical debts as you will change the interest free debt into an interest bearing debt in the process. Unless you have all the corners covered and have enough confidence in you and resources to pay off your credit card balance by the end of the billing cycle this is one approach you should categorically and strictly avoid.

People with medical debts also make another common mistake which is to inform their medical provider when they expect a problem in paying the bill. As a result, when they fail to pay their medical bills, the health care provider is likely to turn your account to a collection agency. This is when the problem starts.

This collection agency will make your life miserable in many ways such as:

  • They will make frequent calls, mails and visits to your home and/or workplace
  • They will meet your friends and family
  • They may not accept your request to negotiate with you to lower the payment and
  • They may even seek a judgment if you stop making payments.

However, if you unfortunately face such a situation and want to get rid of your debts soon, you must be proficient and prudent enough and contemplate on consolidating your medical credit card debt with others for a larger, longer and low-interest loan. However, you are requested to check out the debt consolidation reviews before you take on such a loan and also consult with a debt counselor to know the right ways to go about it.

The benefits of it

Just like any other forms of debt consolidation, medical debt consolidation program benefits are also almost similar such as:

  • This will result in only one monthly debt payment as it will combine all your credit card debts with medical debts
  • It will help you to streamline your bill paying process and stay more organized
  • Since including medical debt with such debt management program will help you to pay it off faster and more consistently than you will on your own, you will save a lot of money and stress in the long run and
  • You will be making consistent and on-time payments with this debt management program and therefore will be able to improve your credit score significantly.

Therefore, if medical bills are weighing you down it is best to avail this option.

Avoid other options

There are also other options to avoid your medical debts or any other debts for that matter but each will have its own significant consequences making them a poor alternative to medical debt consolidation.

  • Filing for bankruptcy may seem the best option but it will have serious negative consequences to your credit damaging it for ten long years.
  • You can also choose to use a HELOC or a personal loan from a bank to pay off the medical debts but these strategies will buy time as well as may have other unwanted consequences. The HELOC may lead to foreclosure and a personal will carry very high rate of interest thereby making your financial condition and health even poorer.
  • A few people also use their retirement savings and borrow money from their employer-sponsored 401(k) plans to pay off a medical debt. However, you will face an early withdrawal penalty for it if you do not fill out an application for such borrowing and if you are younger than 59 ½ years. If you do not repay the money with interest you will face stiff penalties and even additional problems if you leave the company before you repay the loan in full.

You must keep an open mind and also consult with a nonprofit credit counseling agency to help you with the other options and to determine the best course of action to eliminate your debt. The debt counselor will review your income, budget and other factors and then negotiate with your creditors for an affordable payment plan as well if necessary.

Reason for consolidating debts

There are lots of reasons you should prefer debt consolidation that having it settled. In a medical debt consolidation you may expect a few things such as it will not affect your credit score as it will not reduce the loan amount but only the number of debts.

  • A debt settlement on the other hand will appear on your credit report and will lower your credit score. However, you can build it up again by making payments on time and this drop due to debt settlement is surely far better than the impact your credit score and report would have if you go into default. Eventually it may even result in a bankruptcy filing.
  • Moreover, most of the nonprofit credit counselors may not routinely negotiate with the medical providers for settlements. In most of the cases they will first negotiate a settlement with the credit card issuers and then contact the medical providers with a proposal for payment that will be included in your debt management plan.
  • The medical providers may not agree to these terms or your request to be a part of the payment agreement.

Therefore, a debt consolidation plan seems to be the best option to combine all you unsecured debts into one single payment.

It is found through different studies that the younger generation carries most medical debts and more frequently look for easier ways to get rid of it. This is much to the contrary of the common belief that medical debt is something that is categorically existent due to the late life catastrophic ailments. A lot of recent studies show that the young generation in America alone carries a larger amount of this kind of debts in comparison to any older Americans.

According to the latest study report published in Health Affairs, researchers looked for the trends in the Census data and paired it with the anonymized credit records. In this study more than 4 million citizens were considered from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Consumer Credit Panel.

The data found helped the researchers to determine whether or not a bill past due originated in a medical care setting or anywhere else. The report showed amazing figures such as:

  • One in six Americans have such health care bills mentioned on their credit report
  • The debt totaled $81 billion in all
  • About 53% of these bills amounted to less than $600 each and
  • About 18% of the gross domestic product of the nation is spent in health care.

All these findings are not a one-off incident. In fact it is very consistent and corroborated with the 2017 Urban Institute report that also suggested that medical debt is one of the most common financial burdens in collections in the US.

Furthermore, other reports showed that almost all people had at least one medical bill in collections and out of these people 11% were only 27 years old. This however is the largest share witnessed in the study.

The reason for such alarming stats is that children lose their eligibility for a parent’s health insurance coverage after a certain age as per the Affordable Care Act. This, expert economists feel, that the policymakers should remember.

Medical consolidation loan facts

With such a scenario, the young generation finds it pretty difficult to cover their medical costs and often turns towards different banks and financial organizations, private money lenders and even nationaldebtrelief.com to find an easy way out.

Most of them take on a medical debt consolidation loan which ideally is the most expensive way to cover medical costs. You must not only have an excellent credit history and credit score to qualify for it and get thee lowest rates offered by the lenders but also take on the added burden of interest which a medical debt typically does not carry. For this reason, you must consider taking on medical loans only after you have exhausted all other available options and also want to include payment plans, other hard to manage debts and medical credit cards.

There are few facts that you should know about medical loans as well before you choose to take on one. These are:

  • Medical loans are much similar to personal loans but are applied for paying medical expenses especially
  • You can use it to consolidate your existing medical debt
  • You can also use it to cover any emergency or planned medical events such as root canals or plastic surgery
  • It can also be used to pay off high deductibles as well as any out of network charges.

Medical debt can occur in many forms as well such as:

  • When you use a credit card to meet your medical bill but do not pay off the credit card debt
  • When you pay your medical bill prior to the car payment or a utility bill that goes to collections eventually.

Sometimes, hospitals waive costly expenses in the form of charity care as they never expect to receive these. As for the other past-due medical bills, these are often handed over to a third party agency for collection.

Insurance and medical debt

There are equivalents when you consider insurance and medical debt and sometimes having a good health insurance does not mean that you will not go into medical debt.  According to a study it was found that between the age group of 27 and 45, the rate of people who have no health insurance drops to about 30%. This is when the medical debts begin to drop as well.

According to the report of National Health Interview Survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention every year since 1957, it is found that there are about three-quarters of Americans who are within 20 and 65 years who have a health insurance but still found it difficult to pay their medical bills. This study signifies a lot of things such as:

  • The policymakers therefore need to do more so that they can confront chronic illnesses such as diabetes and hypertension which is the most significant spending in health care of a vast majority. Economists say that the policymakers should focus into this aspect even before they try to figure out the ways that will reverse these medical debt trends.
  • It is for this reason you must redouble your efforts to find out easy and effective ways to make your health insurance more attractive and affordable. It is especially required by people who are under the age of 44.

The good news is that no medical debt will become so pervasive overnight. It is actually the result of the role of health care as well as your personal finances that will grow the lockstep. The role of health care affects the broader budgetary picture. However, if you want to drive down medical debt, you will need more than insurance.

This trend will align the debt among the young Americans and will not prevent them from creating assets and accumulating wealth, a benefit that their parents and grandparents enjoyed more in comparison.

You will see that wealth among people under 40 years today have only inched up in comparison to the wealth of their parents back in the early 1980s. This is because medical debts haunt the young generation when they try to obtain a good interest rate for a car loan or a home mortgage.

Just like any other business a medical practice may also suffer extensive loss, lower revenue and eventually face significant problem in existing as well if it has lots of medical debts. It is best to deal with these debts and find out ways in which the patients will find it easy to make payments.

Offering flexible payment options and different affordable package is not enough to ensure a steady cash flow and number of patients towards a specific facility. It is also needed to make compromises and be flexible enough to make necessary changes to a seemingly strict business policy.

Debt settlement is one such useful process that will help a medical facility and prevent it from sinking as well as the patient in making the payment in more affordable terms. In debt settlement a significant part of the bill is waived by the doctor or the medical care facility to reduce the final bill you need to pay.

If you take help of a qualified and professional debt settlor or a debt settlement company you will be better off in negotiating as more often than not medical providers are reluctant to accept such requests for reduction.

However, with or without the help of a professional debt settlor, if you manage to get your bill reduced then you will need to make the payment in one lump sum or through monthly payments as per the terms.

Ideally, the debt settlement process is the first choice for most of the people though it has its consequences such as affecting your credit scores negatively. It is for this reason you are requested to go through the debt settlement reviews before you finalize.

Advantages of debt settlement

Debt settlement is beneficial for both the parties. This is an effective strategy that should be followed by both to make the overwhelming debt far more manageable from the perspective of each.

  • If you can negotiate smartly then you can get a fair bit of your debt reduced making it easier for you to make the payment.
  • On the other hand, the medical provider will not have to lose the entire amount due to non-payment or if your file for bankruptcy. Something is always better than nothing for them.

However, you will have to convince the other party that you are facing hardship and seriously contemplating for filing bankruptcy.

Better than bankruptcy

On your part, debt settlement will help you to avoid bankruptcy if you are neck deep in debt, medical and others. Bankruptcy will ruin your life and credit almost forever for several reasons such as:

  • The fact will show on your credit profile or report and remain there for a decade
  • If you have to look for fresh loans in the future, you will have to face a lot of issues
  • Creditors will ask you a lot of questions if you file for bankruptcy
  • Moreover, if you deny opting for bankruptcy and if you are caught later then you will be charged for being a fraud
  • You may also lose your job if you do not tell the truth.

Hence debt settlement is the best way to get rid of your medical as well as other debts rather than filing for bankruptcy and thereby encountering the negative consequences associated with it.

The debt settlement entry will show in your credit report for only seven years but the most significant fact is that there will be no public records or evidences on it if you ever settle your accounts before.

Provide major relief

Debts are often overpowering and if you want major relief from them debt settlement is the most feasible way. Similarly, in medical debts you will have to pay a smaller portion of your existing debt and therefore save a considerable amount of money that you can use to pay off your other debts , if any, or spend it on some other useful purpose such as creating and emergency fund now to avoid such situations in the future.

However, if you really want to get relief from your debts you must ensure the following:

  • You must not allow other debts to get accumulated in an expectation that you will settle it as well and
  • You must opt for debt settlement only when you are experiencing a major hurdle in paying off your medical bills.

If you are strict and disciplined with your money and debt management plan it will be easier, faster and more effective to pay your settlement and become free from the debt burden. This ideally is the most suitable and low cost alternative to repay your medical debt.

The time factor is another important and beneficial factor of debt settlement. This factor will result in the speedy repayment of your medical debts as it ideally takes two to four years’ time almost deepening on the size of your bills and your debt settlement plan. This time is much less in comparison to any other normal way other than debt settlement to pay back your debts.

Tips to settle

However, debt settlement may be an easy process as the medical provider may not eventually agree to your terms. If you do not make the payments as per their terms they will hand it to collections and this will affect your credit score. Therefore, it is best to follow a specific strategy when you opt for getting your medical debt settled.

  • First, you must weigh the positives of debt settlement plan
  • Second, you must keep trying to convince the medical provider to accept your offer and not give up until they agree to it
  • Make sure that the bill is accurate and you know exactly how much you owe to the medical provider
  • Make sure that you have everything in writing once you manage to reach o to an agreement
  • Create the fund to make the lump sum settlement and
  • Lastly, demand a letter after paying noting that your debt has been paid off.

It is best to work directly with the debt collection agency as the process in complex and lengthy.

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Finding an online therapist is probably the biggest step that you can take for promoting good mental health. But unlike flu, cold or any other physical illnesses, mental health disorders like depression and anxiety can take enough time to cure. There are few studies which show that majority of the people who go through therapy sessions usually sit for 5-10 sessions and they also meet their counselors at least once in a week. With the ongoing popularity of online counseling and online therapy sessions, the therapists offer help via chat, phone, or video and this makes the entire process more convenient for the client. Read on to know more on this.

Providing mental health treatments – Who can provide?

You must have been aware of the fact that psychiatrists can offer psychological treatments for people who suffer from mental illness. You can watch out for a psychiatrist who is located near you and who is an expert in offering psychological treatments. There are other social workers, few GPs, psychologists, mental health nurses, counselors and online therapists who provide you with psychological treatments.

However you need to know that all people who provide you with psychological treatments don’t have the right level of experience that is required in this therapy. Hence before working with someone, you need to ask about the qualifications and credentials of the therapist.

Psychological or mental health treatment – What are the types?

There are different kinds of psychological treatments which are designed to assist people with such issues. Few common treatments are as follows:

  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy: This therapy is based on the idea that human thoughts produce human emotions. The therapist will ask you to challenge all the unhelpful thoughts that you have in your mind. This therapy is usually used for treating anxiety and depression.
  • Interpersonal therapy: Interpersonal therapy is a very short time treatment for diseases like depression. The therapist will ask you to think of the relationships that you share with other people and how these relations have an impact on your emotions and mood.
  • Supportive psychotherapy: Supportive psychotherapy is a therapy based on conversation and which aims to make you feel less anxious while letting you come up with practical ways in which you can cope with stressed situations.

If you want to get the most out of your online therapy or for that matter offline therapy, you should speak honestly about everything that’s going on in your mind. Don’t hide anything as that can extend the time of the procedure.

NEMT is a form of medical transportation that enables safe and comfortable transfer in non-emergency situations. Remember that NEMT is different from an emergency ambulance service and is appropriate for persons not requiring critical emergency care.

NEMT services are booked in advance and are suitable for medically stable persons who may or may not need the assistance of a qualified medical professional for intra-city, intercity or interstate transportation.

NEMT is useful for people with limited physical mobility due to injury, surgery or a medical condition, and those with sensory disability who require in-transit medical support.  It allows freedom from dependency on others for routine hospital visits, attending personal events and doing other activities for which transport assistance is required.

Here are the most important questions to ask an NEMT provider before you decide to hire them.

Are you a certified and insured NEMT services provider?

It is important to ask your medical transporter if they have the necessary licenses and certifications and also if their services are adequately covered by insurance.

Do you offer bedside-to-bedside patient transport?

Bedside-to-bedside transport ensures that the person being transferred receives uninterrupted medical assistance throughout the process. To make bed-to-bed transfer possible, the transporting team needs to be well-trained in the careful transfer of patient from bed to wheelchair or transfer board, and vice versa. Not all companies are equipped to provide this service, so check beforehand if this is what you need.

Is there adequate space for family members accompanying the person being transferred?

NEMT minivans generally have space to accommodate one caregiver or companion. However, the comfort of travel varies with the type of vehicle. So it’s important to check which vehicle will be used for the transfer. If travelling long distance, you would want to look for a service that operates spacious vehicles with comfortable sitting and sleeping space for the caregiver.

Are your drivers qualified and licensed to drive an ambulance?

Don’t hesitate to ask the NEMT you’ve chosen about how they ensure driving safety of their vehicles. Check if the drivers are trained in first aid and CPR and also how the company ensures the driving crew is following the rules while on duty.

The patient will need oxygen during transit. Do you have the facility?

A good non-emergency medical transfer service has all the required permits and equipment to fulfil your specific needs. Check if the service provider has the resources to customize their offering according to the special needs of your loved one being transported.

For instance, ACC Medlink is an award-winning NEMT provider that offers both road and air transfer of persons in need of in-transit medical care for various reasons.

How much will the transportation cost and what all is included in your quote?

To ensure that you know of all possible costs that you may be billed for, ask for a breakdown of the services included in the final price. The usual inclusions are pick up fee, per mile transfer cost, medical assistance on board, meals and entertainment (in a luxury service), and any additional charges (such as for oxygen).