Following a portion of the tips in this article will radically enhance your rabbits odds of keeping away from predator assaults.

Fortify Cage Wiring

On the off chance that your rabbit cage is produced using chicken wire, it’s crucial that you supplant this with something sturdier. Chicken wiring is intended to keep little creatures in a covered space, not to counteract other more grounded creatures getting in. Using a good rabbit cage wire isn’t expensive but is hugely effective.

Lock It!

On the off chance that your rabbit pen has hooks as the component to keep your rabbit inside the box, these likewise should be reinforced. A 4 year old child could open a rabbit pen hook, kindly don’t belittle the knowledge of hungry badgers and foxes. We prescribe setting up some sort of rush to secure section to the pen. You don’t have to expel the lock, simply ensure passage is strengthened with the utilization of a jolt.


Prior we’ve said it’s difficult to continually manage your rabbit, yet in the event that you let your bunny allowed to have the keep running of the garden be cautious. Regardless of whether you leave your rabbit unsupervised for a few minutes it’s dangerous. As we’ve specified foxes and badgers can be subtle so could be quietly sitting tight in undergrowth for their opportunity to jump.

Prevent Tunnelling

Foxes are sufficiently tricky to really burrow underneath your rabbits cubby. So if your bunny is arranged in a pen or run that uses the grass as it’s flooring a fox will experience no difficulty tunneling in. Ensure that you either move the rabbit box on to an impervious floor, for example, concrete, or fortify the floor with wood boards.


Shielding your rabbit from predators is something that you must do. In spite of the fact that a predator attack will never be completely preventable, there are measures you can set up to essentially diminish the probability, effect and seriousness should one happen.

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