While we all love dogs and cats on this website, there is something to be said for the other countless types of pets out there that bring a touch of the exotic and interesting to the table.

And at the end of the day, all pet animals are worthy of love and attention. So in this article we will go over our top picks of alternative pets that you can own in most countries, that are easy to maintain and will provide you with hours of entertainment and plenty of love in return.

The Hedgehog

While not as popular as cats or dogs, hedgehogs are actually quite common in many households across the world. This is because they offer a lot of personality in their own right, and can be a true bundle of fun around the house. 

It is important to note that hedgehogs are nocturnal, meaning that they tend to sleep during parts of the day, and can often be found roaming the house at night. They typically eat insects, but you can also feed them fruits and vegetables. We do not recommend you keep hedgehogs in extremely cold environments however.

The Bearded Dragon

Next up on our list is a reptile known for its relaxed temperament and extremely expressive and quirky behavior. Like the hedgehog, the bearded dragon eats mainly insects, fruits and vegetables.

These reptiles are also known to be quite tame, meaning that you can handle them after establishing a bond with them. In order to take the best care of them, you will need UV lighting, proper heating and an adequately sized terrarium.

The Jumping Spider

There are several types of Jumping Spiders to consider, but we suggest going for the Regal Jumping Spider, as it is one of the largest and most interesting ones out there. As the name suggests, these spiders love to jump, making them interesting to observe as they live their lives. 

They also have some beautiful and colorful patterns, so you can find one that really suits your personality and preferences. They are fairly easy to care for, requiring just a small enclosure and some humidity. They feed on small insects and normal water.

The Sugar Glider

Time for another nocturnal animal on the list, this time we cover the Sugar Glider, which is of the marsupial species. While they look like a squirrel in many ways, they are actually closer related to kangaroos and koalas, making them very interesting for many reasons.

They are also social creatures, that bond easily with their owners. If possible, we recommend getting more than one, as they will really enjoy the comfort of being in a pair or smaller group.

They require a diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables with protein, and also needs a vertical space that allows them to climb and glide as they wish.

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