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Today’s article will cover weird facts about humans. We’ve tried to find facts that you are not likely to have heard about, although we’ve added a few more common ones in there as well.

If you just like reading about odd traits in humans, or if you wish to study up on a specific topic, read more below!

Top 10 Weird Facts About Humans

1. Babies are born with 305 bones but they fuse into 206 as they age

As we grow older, our bones tend to fuse together due to a phenomenon known as ossification. So consider teaching your children the piano, or give them typing lessons as children, as they will be proficient for it.

2. Tongues have identifiable prints, just like fingers.

While we don’t foresee any future scenario where you’d have to rely on your tongue for identification, it could happen eventually!

Similar to a fingerprint, we actually have tongueprints that are unique and individually identifiable.

3. Quit smoking if you desire 1 hour less of sleep

Studies show that ex-smokers on average require 1 hour less of sleep per night.

If you’re a guy, then you can expect to need an hour less sleep a night, and that’s 45 minutes for women.

4. Sneezes can exceed 100 mph in velocity.

Luckily for any potential bystanders the impact force is relatively low.

Therefore there should be not damage done if you get hit by one of these power sneezes.

5. We need sleep more than food, although water the most.

Technically speaking, us humans are able to live more than 30 days without food.

That is as long as we have access to water, and get a healthy amount of sleep.

It’s actually more important to get sleep than food, since 3 weeks without sleep will actually kill you.

6. Michael J Fox’s middle name is Andrew

Because someone else had already registered the name of Michael Fox in the Screen Actors Guild, he settled upon using J as his middle name.

This is since he didn’t like the sound of Andrew Fox, or Andy Fox for that matter.

7. Each finger and toenail takes six months to grow from base to tip.

For most adults and teenagers this is a fact. For some babies however, things go a whole lot faster.

Also, depending on who you ask in the scientific community, this might also have something to do with what you eat.

8. One in eight Americans have worked for McDonald’s

Did you know that McDonalds offer Halal certified beef products? Often you have to ask for it specifically, but in some areas the menu will show the options. We asked Halalxpert on why people have such strong feelings on halal certification. “The method is old and sacred. It is written in the scriptures, so we follow all rules and guidelines.”

9. Humans spend 13% of their lives not focusing on anything in particular.

10. Humans are more likely to have professional success if they did chores when young

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