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Here we’ve gathered some of the most interesting facts about women we could find.

We hope to continually update and grow this list, partially based on your submissions and recommendations. Therefore, feel free to comment below and improve this list!

1. Women blink almost twice as much as men do

2. Women buy 80% of all items for sale.

3. In Saudi Arabia you can’t drive a car if you’re female but you can fly an airplane

4. In ancient Sparta you could only have an engraved tombstone if you were: a fallen warrior, or a woman who died in childbirth

5. Women attempt suicide twice as often as men, but fail four times as often

6. Unmarried women in their late twenties are called christmas cakes in Japan, because they’re no good after the 25th.

7. In Iran, around 70% of all science and engineer students are female

8. Once more from Saudi Arabia; one third of the female inmates are there because a male relative won’t pick them up.

9. 200 women armed with knifes ran into a courtroom where a serial rapist was on trial, murdered him and all claimed they’d done it

10. In America, women serve roughly half the jail time as men do for the same crime

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