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There are places in this world where a person can relax not only his/her body but also their soul. An electric outdoor hot tub is one such therapeutic experience that provides soothing effect not only to the body but to the core of the human heart. A hot tub is a place whose spa experience can offer you relief from pain, reduce pressure, and induce an overall delightful experience, either alone or with friends and family. However, certain spa accessories enhance the whole experience when you submerge yourself in warm water. These accessories are more like modern amenities that are associated with the entertainment of the new era. With hundreds of outdoor spa accessories to choose from, let’s look at the top 5 bathtub accessories that you must look out for once you decided to enhance your spa experience. 

iPod Player

Modern life and healing (physical or spiritual) are incomplete without music even when you are submerged in water. A waterproof iPod player holder can be installed in the skirting of your bathtub spa, which can satisfy all your music needs. What else you need is an hour of submersion and closed eyes as the music you chose lingers in your ears, bringing you eternal healing and joy at the same time. 

Pop Up Spa Speaker

If you are more of a party kind of person who likes the music raging over the layer of your fears and stress while you cool down during a spa day, pop up spa speakers are the ideal mantra for you. Do go for rugged speakers with guaranteed waterproof nature as splashing water can easily damage the pop-up ability or drivers that drive the sound. Therefore, a renowned and reliable set of speakers is always the best outdoor spa accessories you should pick. 


Visuals also play an essential role, which is right at the top of the list with music. Therefore, a waterfall that allows the water to flow gives you the effect of a natural environment where you can relax and forget your worries. An even better option is a waterfall with changing color effects. You can just lay under the waterfall or keep it at bay while the trickling sounds give you a premium experience. 

Spa Control System

However, if you require a high-end experience, then a spa control system is what you should consider. Essentially, such a system controls temperature, water flow, and even music, enabling you to monitor every aspect of the spa experience, be it automatic or self-controlled with your cellular device. Remember to always go for a spa control system that has an easy user interface and a long-time supplier warranty since electronic systems are susceptible to damage with the kind of water amount around it. 


Sometimes you cannot miss that super bowl bonanza, even when it is your designated Spa day. A waterproof LCD TV allows you to double the fun during your hot bath with the channel of your choice or when your friends come over for a 4th of July Red Sox game. The fun stays unlimited only if the waterproof nature of the TV is airtight and doesn’t leave you hanging in the middle of an innings. Therefore, always go for a spas company that is renowned for providing bathtub accessories spa solutions. 


Enhancing the whole soothing experience is the primary reason for an outdoor spa. A calm and quiet spa may interest many, but the real fun is when you have music and visuals occupying your brain while the warm water plays its role. However, getting the right set of spa accessories is crucial because they need to be of supreme quality being inherent to damage from water and rugged use. Hence, I have preferred all kinds of spa accessories from JNJSPAS collection over the years as they have proved their worth time and again. Its products can achieve ruggedness and warranty clauses at the same time. As for a start, JNJSPAS would be the right choice.

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