Bathroom styling has been carefully conservative for years now, white sanitaryware with wooden accompaniments in either pale pine, honeyed oak or darker mahogany tones.  It was almost as if no-one had the courage or dared to do anything else after the heady colours of the 1970s – avocado, brown, dark cappuccino and even orange! Well, these colours are slowly creeping back and a room that has been rather overlooked for a few decades is now on the interior designers hit list.  There is plenty of online inspiration about styling in the bathroom but why not consider a different type of shower enclosure for your bathroom or shower room?

What are the advantages of Wetwall panels over conventional shower cubicle design?  Read our handy list to help you make up your mind:-

  • Wetwall shower panels are completely waterproof made from tough PVC so there is no need to tile and grout saving you both time and money on a refurb
  • Shower panels can cover a large wall in next to no time making light work of a redecoration project, they can even be fitted on top of existing tiles or surfaces
  • No tiles mean far less cleaning in the bathroom, you can get away with little or no maintenance and the shower panels will stay looking as fresh as the day there were installed for years
  • 100% waterproof shower panels will mean the water is contained where it should be and the wall beneath remains totally dry
  • Special joints ensure that is no gapping between the shower panels and the tray at the bottom
  • Shower panels are totally hygienic as without the need for grouting, there are no recesses for mould to lurk
  • Should you need to get involved in some serious cleaning if there are marks on the panels, even the most stubborn stains can be removed with just soap and water
  • Opt for wood, stone or marble effect with prices to suit a range of budgets or even choose a tiled look finish without all the work and maintenance of the real deal
  • High gloss panels have an identical look and feel of painted glass without the price tag or the challenging cleaning regime, there is also no risk of shattering or chips or cracking
  • Why not choose a statement colour splash, go bold with a huge range in our colour palette
  • Wetwall panels are long-lasting but if you do fancy a new look, it is easy to change them out or upgrade
  • They are easy to cut and fit easily to different dimensions or awkward spaces

It’s funny to think that the origins of board shower and bath panels was to hide unsightly plumbing.  Now with the advent of modern materials and finishes, shower panels have taken on a whole new life. Shower panels combine functionality for 21st century living with great style and design and introduce effects and finishes which would be almost impossible to create with tiles or other materials allowing you to create a high-end hotel look without breaking the bank.

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