Although many of us don’t own or manage our own businesses, we understand that times can be pretty rough in the business world. In order to stand out and compete, companies will need the services of an advertising agency so that whilst the business focuses on having a great product and service to be sold, the advertising agency can work on making the business a consumer juggernaut.

In practice, this seems great. In fact, this is the way to go for businesses that want to stay ahead of the game compared to their competition. Far more often than people would think, businesses will try to take on advertising by themselves, estimating that no one learns their business better than they do. The challenge is you are being too attached and drawing conclusions based on emotion instead of analysis and assessment. In the same way, you can’t really tickle yourself; it’s hard to deal with your own advertising.

In some cases, the job isn’t getting the job done. What was once a fantastic partnership isn’t quite as profitable, and you ask yourself what is going to happen in the future. You hope you see the sign of decline before it starts impacting your bottom line.

How can you tell it’s the moment for a new advertising agency? Well, that is more difficult than you think. Here are a few signs to choose a good advertising agency:

You Find Nothing But “Yes” Men – A business owner may find the idea of uniform agreement quite nice only because it makes us feel as if we have all the explanations. The issue is that an advertising agency has to be able to inquire their client to think in a different way.

You Lose Track of the Numbers – How product promotion dollars are spent weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly helps a business know where they stand financially, where they need to re-group, and how best to progress. Transparency is crucial, but if an advertising agency isn’t keeping communication regarding these numbers, the business will be blind.

They are missing in Action – When we just started and everything is fresh and exciting, the advertising agency will still keeping regularly planned communication, explaining a breakdown of everything that is happening with your account. Over time, though, the communication becomes less common, and the company starts feeling neglected and less important. Tension can fester, making subsequent meetings with the agency feel forced and uncomfortable. Both sides might dread appointments. It’s time for a change.

The only thing we need to remember when working with an advertising agency is that it takes time in order for plans to workout. Each side plays their part to achieve targets. Keep in mind that the advertising agency works for you, so if they are not cutting it anymore, you need to find another one that will.

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