Online advertising is the key element of digital marketing to make your brand’s presence stronger and gain potential leads. Irrespective of your business size whether large scale, medium scale or a small one, online advertising always serves beneficial as it helps you attract the targeted traffic and boosts your business ROI by making more sales. While most of the large scale businesses have plenty of budgets to spend after online advertising, small scale businesses need to compete with them in a limited budget.

Hence to make this easier for the small scale business owners, here the 5 ultimate online advertising channels that are budget friendly and will help have maximum sales leads.

1. Through Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the best way to conduct pay per click advertisements. You need to bid to on the keywords relevant to your business that have the intent to convert prospects into leads. Google helps you select those keywords with Keyword search and with Quality Scores. The keywords having better quality score have higher chances of generating potential leads. Bid on the relevant ones to place the ads in the Google search engine. As soon as viewers click those ads to visit your website, Google charges you for each click generated. Google Ads are always beneficial in generating greater sales leads.

2. Google Display Ads

Display ads by Google are excellent for gaining potential traffic. It analyzes the targeted traffic by browsing behaviors of several viewers and places your ads as per that to the right viewers who in right time ultimately converting them into leads. For-ex- You visit and leave the website without buying anything. You will immediately find a list of ads of similar products from Jabong in all your next browsing platforms be it Youtube, Google web pages or social networking sites. The ads keep on appearing until you click on them and finally make up your mind to purchase something from Jabong. These are called Display ads by Google and are great for small business to generate leads.

3. Bing Ads

Apart from Google, placing ads on Bing is a great way to drive targeted traffic for small business. There are plenty of users across the world who prefer to use Bing as the search engine and also the PPC ads for Bing are more budget-friendly than Google with fewer competitions for keywords. Hence when you bid on the relevant keywords here and place the ads on Bing search engine and its affiliate partners, you actually drive potential traffic at a much lower cost. A productive combination of Bing and Google Adwords will guarantee you highly profitable sales leads.

4. Social Media Ads

For all B2C businesses, Facebook and Instagram are great platforms to place ads. In Facebook, instead of keyword bidding, you need to send ads for auctions. If it wins in the auctions as per Facebook relevance score, you stand a good chance to gain potential leads for the business. In Instagram, you have to pay money to the influencers to create sponsored ads. Small business owners can choose to contact micro influencers for placing ads on Instagram as they have strong influence but charge less. However, if you are in B2B business, go for LinkedIn ads which are either news feed ads, text ads or direct in-mail ads and highly beneficial for all corporate organizations.

5. Selling on Amazon

Amazon is the largest online marketplace in the world. It can be a great source of earning like a small business. Here anyone can sell there products or items easily. Amazon USA allows all types of manufacturers to sell on their website. The sellers have to follow some rules and regulation which is made by Amazon authority.

Final Words

With the help of above-mentioned 4 online advertisements, any small business owner like Uber Clone can generate profitable leads for their business is a budget-friendly way.

Did you launch a brand new website in the past few days? Is this your first time operating a website with the intent to draw in traffic? Of course, every website needs to pull in visitors in order to turn a profit or remain relevant. You want your website to pull in high traffic numbers, but getting to that point can prove challenging. Brand new websites rarely take off the day they’re launched and pull in a million unique visitors. Fortunately, a few tactics and strategies can boost your website’s traffic with relative ease.

Build A Website That Looks and Performs Well

First and foremost, your website needs to be attractive and professional looking. Nobody wants to visit an ugly or poorly optimized website with any frequency. First-time visitors should come to your website and feel like they want to return multiple times afterwards. A properly designed website should also perform well with no error pages and no dead links. For the best results, you should take the time to optimize your website in both user experience and user interface.

Make Sure The Site Is Populated With Quality Content

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The actual content found within your website matters more than you might realize. Without a doubt, quality content is necessary to rank in search engines and keep visitors interested. They should come to your website and be able to find exactly what they want to know. This holds true whether your website sells a product or service, or provides information and guidance. Content is king on the Internet, and your website needs to be filled with useful, high-quality content whenever possible.

Advertise and Market Your Website (When It Makes Sense)

If your website sells products or services, then advertising might be a smart path to grow traffic. Marketing your website on various social platforms or through traditional ads can lead to excellent results. Nobody will visit your site for products or services if they don’t know it exists after all. Then again, advertising requires a lot of money, so you might not feel comfortable with this option. Creating and displaying ads on other sites can pay off, but you’ll need to be strategic about this particular solution.

Never Count Out Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is still as important today as it was 10 years ago. The strategies and concepts behind SEO have changed in that time, but its effectiveness has not. Undoubtedly, you’ll want to invest in the time and effort to optimize your website for search engines. When a search engine grades your website as quality and above the competition, then your site will rank higher in searches. Everyone knows the websites on the first page of Google results see more visitors than those on the second page.

For better SEO results, you’ll want to analyze what your competitors are doing related to SEO. Some of their strategies might work incredibly well for your niche or industry. A tool like the one found at can help you discover what the competition is doing. From there, such information can inspire your own SEO results, and more knowledge on the competitions’ strategies is never a bad thing to hold.

In the end, your website doesn’t have to spend months struggling to attract visitors. You can see a fairly quick boost in traffic by implementing these strategies and others. A high quality website that serves a given niche properly will see its traffic numbers creep upward over time. With the inclusion of SEO, you’ll see even better results over time as well. Never assume that your website won’t see traffic growth because solutions are available to boost your site into the stratosphere.

Although many of us don’t own or manage our own businesses, we understand that times can be pretty rough in the business world. In order to stand out and compete, companies will need the services of an advertising agency so that whilst the business focuses on having a great product and service to be sold, the advertising agency can work on making the business a consumer juggernaut.

In practice, this seems great. In fact, this is the way to go for businesses that want to stay ahead of the game compared to their competition. Far more often than people would think, businesses will try to take on advertising by themselves, estimating that no one learns their business better than they do. The challenge is you are being too attached and drawing conclusions based on emotion instead of analysis and assessment. In the same way, you can’t really tickle yourself; it’s hard to deal with your own advertising.

In some cases, the job isn’t getting the job done. What was once a fantastic partnership isn’t quite as profitable, and you ask yourself what is going to happen in the future. You hope you see the sign of decline before it starts impacting your bottom line.

How can you tell it’s the moment for a new advertising agency? Well, that is more difficult than you think. Here are a few signs to choose a good advertising agency:

You Find Nothing But “Yes” Men – A business owner may find the idea of uniform agreement quite nice only because it makes us feel as if we have all the explanations. The issue is that an advertising agency has to be able to inquire their client to think in a different way.

You Lose Track of the Numbers – How product promotion dollars are spent weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly helps a business know where they stand financially, where they need to re-group, and how best to progress. Transparency is crucial, but if an advertising agency isn’t keeping communication regarding these numbers, the business will be blind.

They are missing in Action – When we just started and everything is fresh and exciting, the advertising agency will still keeping regularly planned communication, explaining a breakdown of everything that is happening with your account. Over time, though, the communication becomes less common, and the company starts feeling neglected and less important. Tension can fester, making subsequent meetings with the agency feel forced and uncomfortable. Both sides might dread appointments. It’s time for a change.

The only thing we need to remember when working with an advertising agency is that it takes time in order for plans to workout. Each side plays their part to achieve targets. Keep in mind that the advertising agency works for you, so if they are not cutting it anymore, you need to find another one that will.

With data protection making many a front page recently, and certain social media websites being questioned over how secure our personal information actually is, the obvious question to ask is, how much information should you share on your blog?

Bloggers are a dime a dozen and make up a large proportion of the World Wide Web, including those that have long since been abandoned. If you have your own personal blog, you likely have an about me page that incorporates a brief introduction as to who you are, where your interests lay and an anecdote as to why you started your blog.

But it doesn’t end there, however, with other pieces of information regularly shared through blog posts and social media. Soon, your life – or at least the parts of which you are comfortable with – is broadcast to the world.

Blogging as a Business

The most successful bloggers have turned their once upon a time hobby into a full-time job, with several streams of revenue stemming from their blog page. Whether this is through affiliate marketing schemes, sponsored posts or other forms of advertising, if you know what you are doing there is a lot of earning potential.

With this in mind, how much of your personal life should you be sharing? On the one hand, this might be what your readership keeps coming back for but, on the other hand, could this be you providing information that advertisers can exploit or be put off by?

What do Advertisers Look For?

Before examining the content of a blog, advertisers will analyse the website from a technical perspective. This means collating analytical data such as traffic, search visibility and other metrics aim to provide an insight into how the website is perceived by the search engines.

Once your blog has passed these initial reviews, your content is then reviewed for anything that could go against the business’ moral and ethical values. If any personal views or stories that you shared on your blog go against a potential advertiser, who would rather not be connected, this could be costing you potential income.

If your blog is deemed unsuitable by an advertiser within your target audience, how many more could you be isolating? It is important to market yourself correctly and, as a blogger, you are just as much marketing yourself as you are the website itself. If you are interested in more information regarding online marketing for your blog, then you can go here for some more information.

Does Your Content Affect Anyone Else?

Those who document their daily lives will often include other members of their family or friends who, in the eyes of the reader, quickly become characters in your story. How you portray them in your blog posts can have a knock-on effect as to how they are perceived in the real world, especially if you refer to them by their real names.

Have you ever asked for their permission before referencing them, or even posting their picture online? If not, it is good practice to do so, not mention being the decent thing. You have chosen to put yourself in the public eye, while others may prefer to keep a more private manner.

When it comes to blogging, before posting anything, consider the impact it may have on you, friends and family and any future business opportunities. If you are to earn an income from your blog, you want it to remain open to anyone and everyone.

Before the introduction of digitally printed vinyl banners, advertisers and promoters were limited when it came to the design options with vinyl banners. Earlier options included hand painted banners, which allowed some design flexibility, but were time-consuming and required an individual with a special artistic skill set to produce. Later on, banners made use of adhesive vinyl letters and clip art style graphics, which were just so-so, and extremely laborious to design and create.

All of this has changed now thanks to advances in large format printing. Banners today can achieve greater impact by providing much more design flexibility. Today’s custom banner design choices are endless and allow for the use of full-color logos and graphics as well as photographs. From small businesses to large corporations the vinyl banner has become a popular option used to promote products or events.

With advanced digital printing devices today, the process to create banners has been streamlined and is an extremely efficient process compared to the hand painted or vinyl text and graphics of the past. The printing is conducted directly to the scrim banner material which cuts out several steps that were used when vinyl graphics were used to create custom banners. Text can be outlined, shadowed, or enhanced by other artistic effects. The graphics can be printed in full vibrant color allowing consumers to say goodbye to dull single color clip art.

Advancements in digital printing created cost benefits as well and cut the expense associated with vinyl banners. Depending on the size, a banner can be created in minutes rather than hours or days. The ease and availability of online retailers have made for a competitive marketplace that has in return brought the cost of a banner down even more. Digitally printed banners offer exact color matching and full-color graphics at a fraction of the cost of banners of the past that were mainly plain block text.

The process of designing and purchasing a vinyl banner has been streamlined as well. In most cases, individuals can go online to design, and purchase a banner for delivery without ever leaving their home or office.  Some retailers even offer a proofing process that allows the customer to inspect and tweak their design until it matches the design they had envisioned.

The scrim vinyl banner material that makes up the banner itself is as strong as ever if not more durable compared to banners of the past. The real advancements have come with the U.V inks that have made using a printed banner a popular long term option. These advances have made vinyl banners durable with enough design flexibility that they have become the option most billboard companies use to display advertisements for their clients. In the past printed graphics were pasted to billboards. Today most billboards are set up to have large outdoor banners attached with ratcheted tie downs and straps.

Overall when you take into account the presentation and design flexibility, as well as the durability and cost advantages, today’s vinyl banners are a great solution for your business or perhaps a special banner to help celebrate an anniversary or birthday. The overall ease and convenience of online design and purchasing are icing on the cake. In the end, it is easy to see that Vinyl Banners have come a long way and consumers are the big winner.

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The creation and reach of mobile expertise made individuals more communal and interaction more individual. Therefore, the mobile device number of an individual has been the place at which they may be approached at an instance. The promotional messages and calls are at present a regular thing all over.

The message is involving the straight approach to the client. It would not bother them as a mobile call would and they may go through the message in facet anytime. These attributes of SMS have created it a well-liked technique of promotion.

In India, various business organizations and producers are employing text messages to promote their artifacts to a broad variety of clients. The expertise of mobile, system and internet are employed jointly to attain the complete intended customers.

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The marketing of a product via bulk SMS is successful when evaluated with different traditional method. A text message can communicate the apparent thought and it includes the straight approach to the client.

There is no possibility that they overlooks the ad. Although, text message is successful, unique bulk messaging technology require being included when it disquiets a big number of receivers. The bulk SMS services make sure the approach of the SMS to a large number of receivers at a low price. This is a key attribute that brings in various companies of India to use bulk messages to approach their clients.

With the bulk messages and small code services marketing in addition to notifications related to a product or organization can be simply allocated with huge number of individuals. The judgments and response of the receivers can be checked.

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Checking again the thoughts of the client is necessary in increasing the trade. This improves the reputation of bulk messaging services. Bulk messaging is a successful technique that is having straight approach to intended receivers.

The reputation of these services in India is growing regularly. Quick SMS in addition to quick notifications are the latest trends in marketing world.

Also, how to send SMS from PC, Magento SMS gateway, WHMCS SMS notify, SMS software, etc., are different promotional methods that help in making your business marketing campaign successful.

You Own A Business. Great! You May Not Have Been Thinking Of This….

Making your online business work is about finding something that everyone is doing and adding a twist to it. You have to create something unique. The best place to look is where few others are. The Digital world continues expanding at rates no one expected. The surprises, the wins and the losses are coming from speculation.

This is the type of speculation that you want to find in a healthy business market where enterprising is free. Consider how much more you have to stand out if your business has finally entered the market and began displaying its brand. Standing out has to do with more than uploading a Website.

Here are roughly five ways to market your business in unusual ways.

You’ll discover that it doesn’t take much to make a huge impact. The obvious opportunities that you’ve been looking for are below.

Social Media Ads:

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Few people think about Facebook ads as a way of getting their brand more exposure. There are millions more who’re leveraging social media ads in order to make sales. No one can guarantee a 100 percent sales ratio through ads. What we can ensure is that people will see your ads and click on them.

Asking your consumer to simply sign up and receive free information is easy. You will also benefit if they’re directed to your website. You’ll guarantee views on your platform and eyes who get to see your message. It’s also easy to pitch something should you decide to ultimately sell to them.

Social media allows you to use the most effective mediums in advertising. Ads bring your message to viewers in the most concise way possible. These ads are also guaranteed to get your message in front of the people who matter. It makes sense to invest in this often forgotten option for expanding your marketing voice.

Following Trends:

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our marketing as an online business becomes substantially easier once you know how to minimize the workload. This process is called leveraging. The most productive platforms exert very little energy as they remain successful. You can do the same and still keep your forward momentum going.

Minimizing your workload is about knowing the standards of your industry. Understanding the nature, direction and expectations of any market begins by following its trends. Working with the ups and downs of your industry brings you to the exact moments when a trend leads you to a place no one else competes at.

You might have to think like a day-trader to better understand how trends can improve your work. Working against the forming patterns will cause you to expend more energy, make more losses and miss more goals. You gain a great deal of leverage by working where the trend will help your efforts.

Compare Your Offerings:

One of unique ways to market your company is by offering comparison of your product and services with the existing market. This would create an easy direct impact on customers as why they would consider your product. For example automobile giant like Ford created custom images that directly compared an automobile’s features to the attributes of another vehicle. Similar comparisons can swiftly attract customers who have previously chosen another company’s products, and according to multiple surveys, direct comparisons could increase an enterprise’s sales by around 10 percent.

Improving Your Brand Searches:

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The difference between your use of the Internet and a marketer’s manipulation of it has to do with a concept in information. We live in an era of inflated information; it’s everywhere you look and what people are discussing. The information you have, provide or uncover is what will make your marketing message better than others.

The best way to remain with a fair grasp of information is to improve your research skills.  Look for the searches which customers search and optimize your marketing message.

Asking Around:

Something your competitors are likely not doing is asking around. The popular guru you might be reading doesn’t have the right information for you. You have to reach a person who’s working professionally who’s too busy to write about their success. You then ask them about what you can do to improve your marketing.

You want to ask questions that don’t seem obvious and that don’t require them to achieve your goal entirely. You want to ask questions that allow you to read in between the lines and that allow them to explain. Having yes or no questions will limit the amount you can learn.

That’s the potential amount of improvement you get on your marketing. Your marketing also takes into account the relationships you build. These relationships become a larger network of people you connect with. The more people you know, the stronger you word of mouth becomes.

Think about it; you’ll build your brand overtime and then have the largest network of people in your niche.

Brand awareness is a powerful tool to capture the hearts of consumers. It is the level of consumer awareness of a business. It determines the potential of a customer’s ability to recognise a brand image and to connect it with a specific product or service of the business. The efforts put in by a business to build brand awareness help succour the consumers to become familiar with its products and services. With continuous exposure of your brand in different exciting ways that leave a remarkable impact on the consumers you will earn their trust.

Internet and smartphone have made things quite easy for businesses these days. They just need to do smart work. Proper brand awareness not only boosts the sales of the business but also adds to its credibility. If you are looking to a guide that will help you with the brand awareness of your company then keep reading for some clever tips.

  1. Social Media

Blindly, social media is one of the best ways to get your business brand recognition. However, depending on the product or service that your business is offering and the target audience you should pick the social media platforms. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram are the most used. Social media platforms let you connect with millions of people – GLOBALLY!! The better you use the tools of the platform and create your content wisely the more people you will be able to cover. Remember to be active in your account and keep your followers engaged. There should be interaction on the account. Organising contests, giveaways, discount coupons etc. are some of the ways to promote your brand.

  1. Blogging

Content blogging also helps in building brand awareness and is also a part of SEO. Company that manages to create powerful content also creates a trail of dedicated customers. Content should be relevant to the product and services that your business is offering – make sure the website of your company is linked. Search engines love content that is appropriate to the linked website.

  1. Search Ads

A recent study found that paid search ads help in boosting consumer awareness. They seem to serve dual purpose – first of increasing sales and second building brand awareness for your businesses products and services. Moreover you have analytical tools that will help you track the response especially if your ads have been placed with Google.

  1. Influencer Marketing

This may be somewhat connected to social media because the influencer that will work on your brands products use social media to promote them. While your business may be new to social media an influencer already has a huge fan following. These influencers have followers who trust them and what they recommend. However, pick an influencer wisely you cannot just pick one randomly. For instance you cannot have an influencer who deals in beauty products to review an electronic product that your company is dealing with. You need to check whether the target audience that he/she has is what you are also looking for.

marketing strategy plan

  1. Press Release

Another way to get instant brand recognition is through a press release. Press is a powerful media and announcing events or product releases can make it go viral through internet and television in no time. Remember to follow the rules of how you draft your content for the press. They follow a different format, you can look up details on the internet. This instantly drives huge traffic and you get a lot of conversions if the press release is done properly.

  1. Promotional Merchandise

Corporate giveaways are a great way to promote your brand. Although you might consider keeping it quite budgeted but remember cheap giveaways will have a negative impact. You can have limited giveaways but keep the quality high. They don’t have to be biggies even small things such as a key-ring or a pen with your company’s name engraved on it would be something to cherish. Of course if your budget permits you can go ahead with something bigger and better.

  1. Videos are Powerful

Ever since internet has become cheap people freely watch videos. Videos are also an important part of SEO. Company that makes video a part of their branding camping also boosts their site’s SEO. Besides just using video on your website you should also consider YouTube or Facebook that video viewing in billions. People look for realistic content remember to make the video short, sweet and memorable.

  1. Collaborate with Other Budding Companies

You will not only promote your brand but also save money through this campaign. For instance, if you have a flower shop you can offer discounts to customers of a bridal store. You can have similar tie-ups with related businesses.

These are the power tips for you that will help you in your company’s brand recognition.

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Events provide a feast for all the senses to enjoy. Companies are continually trying to find ways to improve the attendee’s overall experience. One way is by integrating digital signage.

Signage is not just there to provide advertising space; it can also be used to provide vital information for event participants and help them become more engaged. A professional audio visual company lists some of the possible uses for digital signage:

1. Advertise the event

You can cut down on printing marketing material by designing signage that feature vital information about the event such as schedules of games, lineups of speakers, lists of movies playing, current promotions and a list of upcoming events.

The above display signage can be distributed around the venue. By integrating touchscreen technology, attendees can have access to all the information they need. No need to go look for staff to get answers.

2. Increase attendance

Massive LED screens can allow attendees to see and enjoy the action from even the farthest seats. People who attend the live event will also get to view exclusive content that is not shown on television or even live cable. When it comes to sporting games, this includes high resolution videos of player statistics, interviews, replays and closeups of the various teams and players.

3. Provide directions

Digital signage can be used to direct people to where they need to go. For instance, stadium parking lots can utilize signage to inform drivers which floor has available slots and where these are specifically located.

They can also be used to indicate the quickest way towards the seats, bathrooms, concession stands and other integral parts of the event venue.

4. Keep attendees updated during the event

There will be moments when you will need to leave your seat to go to the bathroom or the concession stand. Imagine seeing a long line of people, each one patiently waiting for their turn to get inside the bathroom or buy food. Each minute you wait, you are missing an important part of the concert or live performance. By placing digital signage in certain areas inside the venue, patrons won’t miss another minute of the action.

Another application is to use the signage to post any changes in the event. LED screens and electronic displays can be used to display changes in the schedule, lineup of speakers, rooms and more. The information can be updated at any time throughout the day, which makes it easier to disseminate the new details to the audience.

5. Get fans excited before and after the main event

Micro events and activities can be organized before and after the main event. Digital signage can be used to keep people hyped for the game, concert or alternative event. For instance, you can allocate an area outside the main stadium where you can place massive LED displays, a stage, lights and a sound system.

Hire a host or play music or games with the crowd. This festive atmosphere can add to the immersive experience and make people want to stay around longer.

6. Interact with audiences

Use your digital signage to connect with event attendees. You can have an app developed specifically for the event where attendees can post their comments. An alternative is to encourage people to post updates on your brand’s social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter. They could also use these online channels to post photos or videos or even answer polls. During the event, the content can be posted on the LED screen or digital signage. This can make participants feel more engaged and part of the action. Plus, making good use of this user content can help increase the buzz for the event.

The use of digital display technology can be applied to almost any type of event; these are only a few examples. If you are planning to organize an event, try some of these tips to see what works. The end goal is to create a live event experience more memorable for attendees.

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Wondering how your competitors are using Social Media? Discover how much time marketers spend on social media channels, what social media channels they use for marketing their products and services to get the maximum returns and much more. This article provides detailed information on the various ways small and mid-level organizations and startups can use the social media channels for business advertising.

It’s the best feeling, isn’t it? The thought of monetizing your startup business in just a few days?

You earn substantial subscribers, viewers, which may run into potential revenues and millions of dollars. As most people recognize the power of social media, they want to see more engaging and stimulating branding and advertising efforts from you. Without a doubt, today’s audience is smart and to cater to this intelligent audience, brilliant marketing strategies need to be identified. And social media is the best pick here.

If you dig deep into the latest stats on how much businesses can benefit from social media marketing channels and strategies, you’ll be surprised to know that:

  • There are around 2.80 billion global social media users in 2017, equaling 37% penetration
  • Facebook is reaching 2 billion monthly active users
  • More than 50 million small businesses are now using Facebook Pages to connect with their audience
  • There is a total of 328 million active users on Twitter
  • There are 1.5 billion logged-in YouTube monthly active users
  • Global social media advertising budgets have doubled over the past two years- from $16 billion U.S. in 2014 to $31 billion in 2016
  • A Cisco study estimated that mobile video traffic will account for 75% of total mobile traffic by 2020
  • 56% of B2C marketers have indicated that Facebook ads have helped them in generating revenue for their business, as per a report by MarketingProfs.

Now that the figures absolutely favor the social media channels becoming the driving force for all businesses in this digital world, it’s time to create a space for your consumers and users to feel special. However, as easy as it may seem to use digital media platforms for marketing and advertising your products and services, it requires a game plan. A right foot forward at the right time is the key to capturing the biggest market out there on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Pinterest, SlideShare.

The major reason behind all this is that rather than the advertiser promoting the brand or service, if your family or friend or colleague has shared the content with you, it provides an implied endorsement. And that’s what the social media advertising is all about; thus, it’s winning everywhere.

We have gathered data from the various sources on the internet and from various business interviews of social media experts, business leaders and entrepreneurs who have in real achieved the little and more success through social media marketing. Rather than just expert’s sayings, we’ve focused on real-time successes- includingnew businesses- who have now become brands. Here’s the advice from them.

Influencer Marketing

As social media has around 2.80 billion active users, 70% of them prefer brands that are extensively visible to them whenever they are online from desktop, laptop or their mobile. It’s simple, post illustrative and relating content in the form of blogs, images, videos, infographics, slideshows to share fresh information about your brand or services. One thing that has to be kept in mind while advertising your product on social media channels is that millennials hold brands more accountable on social media. That said, develop campaigns that attract the teenagers and millennials.

L’Oréal Paris signed up five influencers to create its own ‘fashion squad,’ in an attempt to maintain a different relationship with influencers and simultaneously reach out to the large audiences. If you haven’t heard of it yet, Influencer Marketing is like recognizing individuals who can influence the potential buyers. It’s like finding and targeting those people who have been following the brand with no break.

Earlier, brands used celebrity marketing but now they are moving to ‘everyday customers’ who are present on social media and influence a massive audience present on the platforms.

We have rejigged our investment from traditional media to social media and influencers and we are seeing a positive impact, especially when it comes to make-up,” said Adrien Koskas, L’Oréal Paris’ General Manager for the UK.

Through their influencer marketing campaign, they’ve pushed the common beauty bloggers as selected from across the globe who could share trend advice, write product recommendation, share video content on makeup tips and run their own YouTube channel on using L’Oréal Paris products. The brand had witnessed amazing response as a result of influencer marketing. It had hit 100 million impressions.

It’s just that these advocates need to be genuine. You don’t need to pay them for endorsing your brand because paid influencers are more like advertising banners- that the audience is not interested to believe in. Consumers know it when you’ve used a paid influencer for your marketing initiatives. This is also why  we sometimes use free video downloaders from ytmp3 to get the latest YouTube videos for free, as we like how the site works.

Opt for Paid Packages by Advertising Channels

A wonderful example is of teenagers in Macedonia, who during this year’s presidential election in the US, started a fake news channel and popularized it among the US audience via Facebook. They had made a substantial living from Facebook advertising. See what they did:

Goran (not his real name) is one among hundreds of Macedonian teenagers who are working to develop a cottage industry in the small city of Veles that tossed up the fake pro-Trump news after the US election campaign. He began to put sensational stories that were usually plagiarized- where he actually copy-pasted various articles from news or magazines, gave them a catchy headline of his own, paid Facebook to share it with the US (target) audience that was crazy for Trump news.

Once those readers started reading, liking and sharing the news on Facebook, Goran began earning revenues from this advertising trick. Goran shared the details and said he could make about 1800 Euros from this in one month.

Though this fake thing may not sound lawful to some of you (but the peddling of false news on lookalike American news sites is not illegal by law) but if we just focus on the marketing technique, that’s what can really help you.

Go for paid advertising packages of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter because that’ll give you the most concentrated audience. Choose engaging and catchy content that will pull readers to your post.

And yes, if your kid had made 20,000 euros a month with this fake news campaign, would it hurt you?

Find the Right Groups to Post

As per Chris Brogan, the Group Function is where the magic begins. Because it’s like building communities and bringing all the people together on one platform, who share similar interests and preferences. Chris Brogan’s tip, “The business value is to help people see where they belong. It’s a big value indeed. And the one that companies can tap into.”

Be it Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, a group methodology works well everywhere. Companies can definitely highlight their brand and show that they care about their consumers by providing a close-knit community or forum of their loyal and potential customers. They can actually exchange valuable insights with each other and at the same time, gain popularity as a brand name on the most popular social media channels, that too from genuine consumers.

One thing that’s important to note here is that you should always find the right groups to post in. Irrelevant grouping and promotion of your brand lead to no leads. You need to ensure that your post is seen and liked by thousands of people who will be interested- and thus, they will share it with their friends.

Move forward with a more emotional campaign

If you’re from this world, it doesn’t really matter that you live in America, Asia, Dubai or London, the audience out there on social media is emotional and sentimental. They love videos that leave an ‘aww’ expression in the end. Nothing is quite acceptable as an emotion that people share on an everyday basis, with their friends, children, parents, grandparents or neighbors.

Pampers, the world’s famous diapers brand, did nothing but focused on the compelling aspect of caring for a newborn. Realizing that diaper changing is not an appealing activity to the audience, especially on social media where people look for glamorous, attractive and wondrous services, products and news, the company’s marketing team nailed it by pinning down the emotions of a mother/father while they give the best care to their bundle of joy.

As a part of their social media campaign, Pampers created heartwarming videos and posted on all digital channels, with a message that baby-poop is not a headache but is the time to develop and nurture a special bond between the baby and the parents.

Likewise, many X and Y brands and small-sized enterprises have surfaced social media platforms with excellent social media strategies. And they’ve earned positive results and higher returns. Having said that, some of them monetized through social media a lot quicker than others

If you have a marketing story to share with us, please write to us in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

Reshape your relationships with your customers using social media marketing. It’s time for you to learn how your favorite brands have taken the toll in social media marketing.

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Pay per click advertising (PPC) is an excellent method for gathering up more traffic and getting more conversions, but if you aren’t careful, PPC advertising has some drawbacks. If you don’t know what you are doing before starting your first pay per click advertising campaign, it could wind up feeling like a costly mistake. Therefore, we have compiled a list of things you should know before beginning a PPC campaign to help you make the most out of this investment.

Understanding Long Tail Keywords

Without understanding how ads work, you’re jumping into PPC advertising blind. You simply do not just want to use “head” keywords nor the highest trafficked keywords. What you want is a string of words that your customers would use when looking for the services you provide. In essence, these words cannot stand alone as a “head” but rather work synergistically to create a “long tail.” Use keywords are lengthy, use specific keywords, and when combined make up a large portion of search traffic.

An example of a head keyword is “digital marketing.” As for a long tail keyword, we could use “free digital marketing courses online.”

In essence, long tail keywords help you get more for money by driving a larger number of people towards lower-traffic terms, instead of only a small number to higher-traffic terms. Less competition, less money spent.

The Different Types of Ads and Ad Listings

Second, you need to know where you are going to be putting these ads and what you actually want to use. There are many platforms out there to help you get started, but choosing them can be rather difficult.

Here are just a few places where you can try your ad listings:

  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • StumbleUpon

Each has their own limitations. For example, Google only allows 25 campaigns per account and 2,000 ad groups per campaign. Meanwhile, Yahoo allows 20 campaigns and 1000 keywords per ad group campaign. You need to compare and see which platform helps you the most.

As for the kinds of ads you can use, you are probably familiar with both display ads, banner ads, and text ads already. Banner and display ads kind of work like advertisements in a newspaper–with pictures and other flashy bits to attract customers’ eyes.

Text ads, on the other hand, are what you usually see as the primary result on a Google search engine results page. Compared to display ads and banners, text ads are much cheaper and can be useful for people who are looking for something specific.

Create a Landing Page

One of the best ways to lead a potential conversion along the buyer’s journey is to have a proper landing page to welcome them to your website. Landing pages have a number of benefits include allowing for customized messages to incoming visitors, creating a cohesive experience or to push visitors to perform certain actions, such as downloading your free guide.

A landing page also helps you create a “call to action.” Ask yourself what you want to person visiting this landing page to do the most then construct the page according to that. Like, it you want them to download that ebook, you better than a link to the download.

Review Your Results Often

No, this doesn’t mean “every single day.” You will never be able to connect the dots if you find yourself glued to the numbers on your results page. Rather, wait for the analytics to accumulate enough data for you to figure out trends and patterns. From there, you can rehash your budget, create or end campaigns, and figure out a course of action. The best way to track results is to do it weekly and monthly, adding the numbers into a spreadsheet for quick review.

Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy when utilizing PPC. However, there are certain rules and guidelines that you need to adhere to in order to see the optimal results for your campaign. Without properly researching your keywords, knowing where you want to advertise, and how well the ads are actually performing, you will not have that great of ROI. So be sure to learn how PPC advertising will work for you then go from there.