Adriana Lima, Bella Hadid, Cara Delevingne, and Kendall Jenner are four of the most sought-after, well-known, and highly-paid supermodels in the world right now. They also have one other thing in common: they started modelling in their teens. As such, if you ask young aspiring models today who their inspirations are, chances are, you will hear one or more of these names.

If your teenage daughter also has dreams of becoming a supermodel, you can show your support and help mold her into the model she wants to be by signing her up with a reputable talent and modelling agency.

Picking the Cream of the Crop

Each city has its fair share of modelling agencies so that choosing the best one can prove to be difficult. But by asking the agents the right questions, you will have a higher chance of selecting a trustworthy agency that will only have your daughter’s best interests at heart.

When meeting with modelling agents, aside from helping your child prepare well to show off her modelling prowess and fashion sense, make sure you ask these important questions during the meet up:

1.     Does your agency have a licence?

All modelling agencies should have a business licence as proof that they are operating legally.

However, in some countries and states, modelling agencies also need to have a “talent agency” licence which the local department of labor or employment issues.

If you want to be sure your daughter won’t be handled by a shady, unscrupulous agency, during the meeting, ask the agents if they have all the right documents and licenses to operate. You can also request to see these permits or certificates if you want to see actual proof.

2.     How long has your agency been in business?

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workplace 1245776 640

The most reputable modelling agencies are the ones that have been in business for more than five years. Their longevity is an indication of their success.

Being around for a long time is also a good sign of an agency’s professionalism and their commitment to giving the best quality of service to both their clients and models.

3.     Do you require your talent to attend modelling school?

Some modelling agencies also offer modelling classes. Some also work in partnership with modelling schools. There is nothing wrong with having your daughter take up a modelling class with the agency or another school especially if she wants to and if you have the budget for it.

However, you and your daughter should never be forced to take up and pay for these classes.  If an agent says this is a prerequisite for all their models, it is best to look for another agency.

4.     What types of jobs do you usually book for your models?

To know if an agency can really help your daughter achieve her dreams of becoming a model, you need to know the types of modelling jobs they typically book for their talents.

Find out how many runway, editorial, commercial, and print modelling jobs they get for their models on a regular basis. If your daughter is interested in runway modelling, make sure the agency books these types of jobs regularly.

It is important that you take note of the agent’s answer to this question since this will help you and your daughter determine if the agency is the best one that will meet your child’s modelling goals.

5.     Who are some of your top and recurring clients?

Knowing the agency’s well-known and regular clients will also give you and your daughter insight into the quality and reputation of the agency.

In addition, by asking this question, you and your daughter will also get confirmation regarding the type of modelling jobs they usually get for their models.

6.     How much do you charge from your models?

In general, legitimate agencies make their money off commission. This means that most agencies do not charge sign-up and monthly fees.

Commission rates vary but most modelling agencies deduct 10% to 20% from what their models earn. This means that the agency will only start earning something once your daughter begins getting paid, too.

If you want to channel Yolanda Hadid and help your daughter be the next Gigi or Bella Hadid, finding the right modelling agency for your child is definitely a good start.


Adam Jacobs is the Managing Director of Bubblegum Casting, the longest running agency specialising in babies, children and teen talent in Australia. Bubblegum Casting works with some of Australia’s biggest brands, media properties and agencies to secure talented children to work in Television, Film and Modelling roles.

Rather than be uninsured or take out minimal coverage that won’t protect you when you need it, be money smart with your automobile, home, life, and other insurance coverage. There are ways you can get maximum protection at minimal cost to you, which leaves you with extra cash to use on other things. Unless you’re an insurance agent yourself, you probably don’t know all the tricks of the trade. Here are a few that will reduce your premiums without sacrificing protection.

Seek Professional Advice

You aren’t an insurance agent, are you? No problem! A local insurance agency has the experienced staff to sit down with you and talk about – well – your life. The agent can discuss coverage options for each policy you need, and he or she can tap you into discounts offered by the carriers through the agency. That’s right. Carriers offer special discounts through agents that they don’t offer to customers who eliminate the middle person. You may realize additional savings through an agent.

Combine Policies Where You Can

Part of what the agent can help you with is combining your insurance policies where you can for added savings. Why pay for auto insurance from one company, home insurance from another, a life insurance policy from a third company, and your business insurance from yet someone else? If you add up all your premiums, you’ll be surprised how much money this costs you each month. Carriers love to cover all your needs, and they’ll offer you significant savings to do so.

Pay Your Premiums All at Once

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Those four separate payments each month are cumbersome, so combining your coverage will make life much easier when you write one check for everything. Did you know, however, that if you pay your annual premiums in one lump sum you save even more money? It might be tempting to pay throughout the year because monthly payments seem more manageable, but paying all at once frees up extra cash later that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Don’t Go Crazy With Other Expenses

One way to curtail your insurance expenses is to control what you have to insure. You might want a Lamborghini (and who doesn’t), but do you know how much money you will spend to insure it? You might also want that top-of-line home entertainment system, but are you ready to pay the additional home coverage to protect it? The more you have to insure, the more your insurance will cost you, so don’t go bananas. Live within your means to keep your expenses down.

Find Cost-Cutters

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savings 2789112 640

Finally, certain things might reduce your insurance coverage costs because insurance companies love them. For example, a home security system complete with fire and carbon monoxide protection reduces your chances of theft, fire, or other damage, and the insurance company may reduce your home premiums. Buy your vehicles instead of leasing them to reduce your auto premiums. Discuss life insurance as part of a benefits package with your boss.

You don’t have to go to the poorhouse to get proper insurance. There are plenty of ways to insure your life and all that is in it with the coverage you need. You just need to do a little groundwork and reap its monetary benefits.

Online Reputation Management (ORM) has become increasingly important today for not only businesses, but professionals as well. As the term indicates, ORM involves managing the reputation of a business or an individual by assessing, managing and controlling negative reviews and negative publicity for executives, celebrities, politicians, professionals, and corporates and other businesses.

Here are 3 reasons why you want to consider outsourcing your business’s reputation management to professionals who have the expertise and experience to deal with online negativity.

ORM is time-consuming

While managing your business’s reputation may seem like an easy task in its early stages, a growing and expanding business requires dedicated personnel going over negative reviews and comments posted online every single day. While you may be willing and able to bear this added burden on your resources, it does not mean that your online reputation is actually being managed as it should.

Only googling negative feedbacks and reviews is not enough. It takes an entire team to generate positive content and employ other proven tools that will place your business back on the A-list. Additionally, ORM experts know how to handle each different type of negative publicity, from discouraging customer reviews and onslaughts from competition to conflict management and controversial issues that harm your public standing.

Online reputation affects revenue

It is well known that an individual or business’s reputation travels ahead of them. This has never been more true than in today’s digitized world, where anyone and everyone can post an online negative review about your products or services, free for the world to read and share.

Whether you are a professional, such as a doctor or a lawyer, the top executive of a blue chip company, or a public figure, your online reputation directly impacts your business and your revenues.

Do note that ORM is not only about dealing efficiently with negative press or poor customer feedback. Effective ORM strategies are employed during the good times—when all is going well and you want to boost the public image of your enterprise and win customer loyalty. Many successful businesses and individuals have ORM consultants, such as, working in the background all year round, enhancing their public perception through positive content and reputation-building strategies.

If you’re serious about improving your business’s profitability, make reputation management an integral part of your marketing activities.

Conflict management needs expertise

Conflicts can arise with customers, ex-employees, present staff, rights organizations, competitors, suppliers—the list is endless. A key job of an ORM specialist is to manage conflicts in real-time, as soon as they occur.

With a reputation management team to fall back upon when everything you built seems to be drowning in negativity, you can take a deep breath and rest assured that you have seasoned professionals working on the problem.

To sum up, outsourcing the tremendous job of burying past bad reputation under the good word of present to a topnotch ORM agency is the way to go if you’d rather use your valuable time and resources for other important tasks.

Although many of us don’t own or manage our own businesses, we understand that times can be pretty rough in the business world. In order to stand out and compete, companies will need the services of an advertising agency so that whilst the business focuses on having a great product and service to be sold, the advertising agency can work on making the business a consumer juggernaut.

In practice, this seems great. In fact, this is the way to go for businesses that want to stay ahead of the game compared to their competition. Far more often than people would think, businesses will try to take on advertising by themselves, estimating that no one learns their business better than they do. The challenge is you are being too attached and drawing conclusions based on emotion instead of analysis and assessment. In the same way, you can’t really tickle yourself; it’s hard to deal with your own advertising.

In some cases, the job isn’t getting the job done. What was once a fantastic partnership isn’t quite as profitable, and you ask yourself what is going to happen in the future. You hope you see the sign of decline before it starts impacting your bottom line.

How can you tell it’s the moment for a new advertising agency? Well, that is more difficult than you think. Here are a few signs to choose a good advertising agency:

You Find Nothing But “Yes” Men – A business owner may find the idea of uniform agreement quite nice only because it makes us feel as if we have all the explanations. The issue is that an advertising agency has to be able to inquire their client to think in a different way.

You Lose Track of the Numbers – How product promotion dollars are spent weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly helps a business know where they stand financially, where they need to re-group, and how best to progress. Transparency is crucial, but if an advertising agency isn’t keeping communication regarding these numbers, the business will be blind.

They are missing in Action – When we just started and everything is fresh and exciting, the advertising agency will still keeping regularly planned communication, explaining a breakdown of everything that is happening with your account. Over time, though, the communication becomes less common, and the company starts feeling neglected and less important. Tension can fester, making subsequent meetings with the agency feel forced and uncomfortable. Both sides might dread appointments. It’s time for a change.

The only thing we need to remember when working with an advertising agency is that it takes time in order for plans to workout. Each side plays their part to achieve targets. Keep in mind that the advertising agency works for you, so if they are not cutting it anymore, you need to find another one that will.

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Being a social housing officer not only gives you a stable job, but also provides you with an opportunity to do some good in your life by enabling you to allocate homes to the homeless and needy. And if this profession interests you, then you need to know a few things as to what the job is all about.

Understand The Role

You should have a clear understanding as to what the duties of a housing officer. An officer is usually responsible for checking the needs of the people who are applying for social housing, to keep track of vacant homes, and to allocate such homes to the people with the greatest need. In addition, the officer is also responsible for deciding on the rent of the homes, for collecting such rents at correct times, and to collect the arrears when they become due.

They should also be mentally strong enough to deal with all kinds of anti-social and violent behaviors some tenants might show. In addition, the officers are also required to do a routine inspection of all homes and check them thoroughly to ensure that they are in a good state and have not been damaged in any way. And in case they do see any damage to a house, they must arrange for repairs as soon as possible.

Pick A Good Hiring Agency

The best way to get hired by a good social housing provider is to go through a reputed social housing recruitment agency. Such agencies are always in touch with the numerous housing organizations. As such, you can get your desired job by meeting a single agency rather than having to deal with multiple social landlords.

Have Good Communication Skills

When you become a social housing officer, you will be dealing with a lot of people from diverse backgrounds. These include homeless people who may have even forgotten what it is to have a roof above them, minorities who may feel threatened, abused people who may have to leave their homes under stressful conditions, and so on. As such, it is necessary that you have the communication skills to talk with them in a way that does not offend or hurt them in any way.

Education Qualifications

As far as education is concerned, a few of the employers might expect you to have a degree in a subject matter related to the job. These include degrees in community development, social development, housing etc. And in case you already have work experience related to any of these fields, then the employer will definitely see you more favorably. You should also have good knowledge about the issues tenants may face, like drug abuse, welfare, and so on.

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Getting the very best SEO support can make all the difference in these highly competitive modern markets. Following is Google’s own special guide to finding the most effective SEO Houston Texas can provide.

Step 1 – Conduct a two-way interview

Many people are of the mind that an interview works in one direction, as in one side does the asking and the other the selling and the information flows from this side to that. This conventional way of thinking needs to change when discussing the multifaceted topic of SEO. The complexity of the subject calls for a more involved method of communication. You SEO agency should show a huge interest in the details of your company and get a full perspective by asking such questions that will play a role in the SEO solutions they can provide.

  • What makes your company unique and what is the value you bring to your target audience?
  • Who are your target clients and where do you go to find them?
  • What is the primary function of your website and what will you be expecting your visitors to do? Will they be making appointments, filling out forms or selling a service or product?
  • What are your primary channels for doing business, online or offline? –Who are your major competitors and what do they offer in comparison to what you offer?

Step 2 – Check references

If you see that the SEO has taken the time to get a good idea of what your business is all about, you will then need to ascertain the level of success this particular SEO has seen in their professional experience. You should ask for a list of their top clients — preferably in an industry similar to yours in many ways– and then call these connections up to ask them about their level of satisfaction.

Here are some good questions to include in this communication:

  • Where were their rankings for major keywords before they signed on with this SEO?  And what were they within the months that follow and where are they now? (Remember that the best results will come in time)
  • Was the working experience enjoyable and easy to understand?
  • Was the quality of the work high and the timing prompt?
  • Was the information and advice the provided clear and actionable?
  • Was the overall experience educational for you and your team and do you have a better idea of what your SEO did and how it helped?

Step 3 – Ask for a technical and search audit

By our third step, most of those SEO that lack interest in their clients as well as any whose references didn’t express enthusiasm about top-notch SEO Houston Texas services. Now it is time to take the search for a reputable SEO a step further and ask for a full technical and SEO audit of your site and online business.

This is proverbially allowing a SEO to look at the shady underbelly of your business and a service that you will require an investment so make sure you are working with a trustworthy service. You can also choose to give them a restricted access to your Google Search Console and other critical data. Another option for larger businesses is to have a few different SEO’s perform an audit and compare their findings. But, a smaller company with fewer resources will be fine with a single opinion.

Search audit — The SEO will prepare a special document that outlines their finding after a full investigation of their rankings and site evaluation. The document will include a list of needed changes in order of importance that must be applied for your site to achieve better rankings.  Then you will receive a similar list with their recommendations starting with the most cost-effective adjustments.

The list of recommendations should also include a plan for implementing each one as well as the timeline and cost associated with each. You will see a list of predicted outcomes and a timetable where you can expect the results of the recommendations made.

Technical audit — this inspection will take a look at the “nuts and bolts” holding the site together. This includes an analysis of the server connectivity, URL parameters, crawlability and any internal linking conditions. Each of the aspects about the design and layout will be checked and recommendations made for improving the site structure.

Step 4 – May the Best Agency Win

After the last step has been completed you will have been provided the most aggressive SEO Houston Texas has to offer, that can deliver you impressive results. But, you still need to be sure you feel good with their work and confident that they can deliver what they have promised for the cost that you both feel good about.

Once you have agreed to a cost and signed on with your SEO, you will see the process in action making progress for your online business.

This is the recommended way that you choose a SEO, one that will make a difference for you and your online business. So good luck and may you achieve those rankings you need.