Getting to Antarctica has never been easier. Throughout the years, more and more people revel in the exquisite beauty of the White Continent and its inhabitants. 

According to a report by the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators (IAATO), over 38,000 people visited in Antarctica in 2016. 

 Visiting Antarctica by ship takes a minimum of 10 days. Alternatively, there is a small but burgeoning range of flights to Antarctica, which will get you in the place in less than a day. 

 If you’re planning to book flights to Antarctica, make sure to sift through the many travel considerations to have your best experience possible. Here are some recommendations to make your Antarctic adventure a memorable one. 

 Book Early

Antarctica is a majestic and beautiful location, which is a must-visit in most people’s list. Booking flights early will enable you to get the best experience and save a significant amount of money. 

 Keep in mind that many of the add-on adventures like camping, paddle boarding, and kayaking are only available for a small number of people, and each spot books up fast. 

 In most cases, Antarctic adventure dates are available a year before the trip. 

Get the Right Clothing

With an unpredictable weather and temperature, packing for Antarctica can be challenging. 

Make sure to have a base layer, waterproof jacket, warm fleece, and waterproof pants before traveling to Antarctica. 

Also, don’t forget that there are luggage limits with tour operators. In other words, you have to pack smart. 

 Avoid Using Products Made of Microplastics

 While Antarctica is void of human settlements, most scientists still found toxic microplastics in the waters surrounding the continent. 

 More often than not, these small beads are leftovers by facial scrubs, and exfoliating body washes. 

 Take note that microplastics found in water may carry disease-causing organisms which can act as the transmitter of diseases in the environment. 

 What’s more, microplastics can also negatively affect the Antarctic soil and could leach any toxic chemicals into the body of a penguin. So, make sure to avoid bringing microplastics to help preserve the White Continent and its inhabitants.  

 Bring a Sunscreen 

Temperatures in Antarctica are unbelievably cold, which makes other people disregard the chances of suffering from sunburn.

 However, the continent is tilted towards the sun during peak travel months, which means that sunny days can last up to 24 hours in some locations.

Take note that Antarctica has only two seasons, which are winter and summer. During summer seasons, Antarctica experiences six months of sunup and six months of total blackness in the winter.  

Some face protection is essential to fight the UV rays which reflect off the ice and snow or make it through the clouds. 

Listen To Your Guide

Listening to the tour guide is perhaps the easiest but commonly disregarded advice that most travelers commit. 

While the feeling of excitement can be overwhelming, always remember that there is little room for error in an extreme environment like Antarctica. 

Paying attention to your guide will help you avoid disturbing penguin highways and crevasses. 

The world has changed so much in the past few decades, especially since the digital revolution, that people today are not only wary of almost everything that goes around them, but are also completely aware of what goes in their friends, acquaintances and everyone else’s lives. Everyone’s lives seem like a blur to us, more like news about people rather than feeling the emotional connect that we must enjoy with them. Not to mention the constant competition about being the best in your work place. And a combination of this work  stress, complete emotional disconnect with friends and families and comparing ourselves with anyone and everyone on social media make vacations a necessity. For a lot of people, vacation means to travel, to move out of the rut of daily lives and go off to distant places,  befriend new people,  attempt finding a meaning to life or a greater purpose for themselves. While some others might travel for business meetings or for signing some new deals and opening up new ventures in far off places.

In the midst of these important things, people generally tend to neglect the thing that impacts them the most, the food that you may or may not eat while you are traveling. If you are someone who is health conscious, you will probably think of the vacation as an excuse to eat the ever tempting junk food which does nothing but spoil your constitution and harm your body. And even if you are not health conscious, it is the diet on your explorative journey that will ensure that you are fit to resume your routine once you return. So how do you make sure you are eating healthy?

Following are a few tips that you can follow to ensure that you eat right even when you are traveling:

  1. Understand your route

Whenever you plan a new trip, always take care to research about it. Chances are if the places are hilly or its a remote area, you might not be able to find an eatery for miles or you might just not reach them at the right time. When you are traveling, a million things can go wrong but you try to be ready for all of it. So why not for food? Everyone takes it for granted that there will be food available but what if it is not? Researching and planning your meal requirements ahead will definitely save you from starving later on.

  • Never go without backup food

If you are going on a trip without some basic snacks, then I suggest you to abort the mission right away. In case you don’t have any nuts or any greens at your place, a small detour to a supermarket is a must. Carry nuts, dark chocolate, fruits and sandwich essentials so that you can fix a meal for yourself if you do not find a decent place to eat. You can always bring a healthy supplement with you, see this here for a good example you can bring along while traveling.

  • Water is your life saver

Human body contains 65% of water and the most essential element in your healthy diet list is water.Thirst is generally masked as hunger and people tend to eat more while they are actually thirsty. And they tend to eat the wrong things, mostly foods that are high on sugar or are deep fried when actually all they need is a sip of that cold refreshing drink.It is always better to carry your own water at least a little of it just in case as you may come across places where you may find no water or the water is not potable.

  • Eat frequent meals

While traveling, people are inclined to skip meals as eating out proves costly and skipping meals is a means of saving money. But, this is where you go wrong. It is quintessential to eat regularly even if it means eating small meals like a few nuts or half a fruit. Eating continuously also helps psychologically as it assists in keeping the brain more active signalling it that you are active. Alaskan King Crab one of the food option you can have it in traveling.

  • Say No to junk food

No matter what, say no to junk food. Just because it tastes good, does not mean it is healthy for you. It is not only unhealthy to you, it is also addictive and can become a habit in no time. But how do you stay away from the temptation when almost all the highways have these fast food joints that make you crave even when you are not hungry? The answer is very simple. Stay away from these joints. Do not even stop at these places. It is much better to rather find some local markets where you can purchase local produce and most of the times, it is cheaper than the junk food especially as you know you won’t have to spend on the doctor’s fees. It is even better if you avoid alcohol and everything that is canned or packed. Only about 37% of millennials avoid junk food and it will be rather heartening to see the numbers rising.

Traveling can be beautiful, but it can also be a nasty business if you do not take care of yourself. Eating and drinking healthier is a sure way of taking care of yourself in the long run.

Can’t get enough of the jet-setting lifestyle? Make your world travels even easier with these five cool travel gadgets for GPS, entertainment, and more!

You’re taking a cross-country road trip. You’re soaking up rays on a tropical island retreat. You’re exploring history from Jaipur to Kota.

You’re a world traveler. And like any savvy world traveler, you know what you need to have a good trip. Especially when it comes to your gadgets.

These five cool travel gadgets will make your next trip that much more exciting, from entertainment to documenting memories to essential tools (charging cord, anyone?)

  1. Kindle Oasis

Remember the days when you had to lug around five books to make it through a long vacation?

Happily, those days are over.

Make no mistake: the Kindle Oasis is an investment. We promise it’s worth it.

It has an IXP8 waterproof rating, which means you can read it in the pool without fear. It’s also designed for a better one-handed reading experience.

But the best feature? The battery lasts weeks. Yes, weeks.

Which is pretty helpful if you’re the kind of person who loses/breaks/forgets to pack a charger.

  1. Skross World Travel Adapter

Tragically, one of the things the world cannot agree on is a universal plug and voltage arrangement. Until that happens, you need an adapter that can cover you across several countries worth of plugs.

Enter the Skross World Travel adapter.

It’s the best for two reasons. First, it’s surprisingly easy to use. Second (and more importantly) it has a ground pin, the big pin on the bottom of an outlet that protects you and your gadgets from power surges.

  1. Fujifilm X-E3

If you’re traveling, you need a great camera to document your adventures. Of course, you’ve also got to find a camera that won’t break the bank before you take off.

For that, you want the Fujifilm X-E3.

In most cameras, you would scoff at post-processing filters. The X-E3, it turns out photos that look emotionally rich, like the company’s famous traditional films.

That said, it also has features you want in a modern camera, like 4K video capture mode.

  1. Panasonic ErgoFitEarbuds

You could go for bulky noise-canceling headphones, but when you’re traveling, you just don’t have space.

Plus, the last thing you want to worry about on your trip is losing pricey headphones.

Instead, go for earbuds that achieve the same effect. The Panasonic earbuds offer a great sound for the price, are light and comfortable to wear for your eight-hour flight, and can take an impressive amount of punishment.

  1. Native Union Belt Cable

If you’re managing electronics, chances are you’re also going to deal with a tangled mess of charging cables.

Native Union’s belt cable is an investment, but it’s also much hardier than the cheap replacement you can find at the airport, and it looks good while traveling to boot.

It’s a stylish traveler’s must-have, perfectly coordinated with your custom phone case, like this right here.

Using Cool Travel Gadgets on Your Adventures

Ready to take on the world with these cool travel gadgets? Bon voyage!

When you’re home (or killing time at an airport) check out our blog for more tips to make your trip even better, like these seven gadgets to enhance your travel experience.