Getting to Antarctica has never been easier. Throughout the years, more and more people revel in the exquisite beauty of the White Continent and its inhabitants. 

According to a report by the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators (IAATO), over 38,000 people visited in Antarctica in 2016. 

 Visiting Antarctica by ship takes a minimum of 10 days. Alternatively, there is a small but burgeoning range of flights to Antarctica, which will get you in the place in less than a day. 

 If you’re planning to book flights to Antarctica, make sure to sift through the many travel considerations to have your best experience possible. Here are some recommendations to make your Antarctic adventure a memorable one. 

 Book Early

Antarctica is a majestic and beautiful location, which is a must-visit in most people’s list. Booking flights early will enable you to get the best experience and save a significant amount of money. 

 Keep in mind that many of the add-on adventures like camping, paddle boarding, and kayaking are only available for a small number of people, and each spot books up fast. 

 In most cases, Antarctic adventure dates are available a year before the trip. 

Get the Right Clothing

With an unpredictable weather and temperature, packing for Antarctica can be challenging. 

Make sure to have a base layer, waterproof jacket, warm fleece, and waterproof pants before traveling to Antarctica. 

Also, don’t forget that there are luggage limits with tour operators. In other words, you have to pack smart. 

 Avoid Using Products Made of Microplastics

 While Antarctica is void of human settlements, most scientists still found toxic microplastics in the waters surrounding the continent. 

 More often than not, these small beads are leftovers by facial scrubs, and exfoliating body washes. 

 Take note that microplastics found in water may carry disease-causing organisms which can act as the transmitter of diseases in the environment. 

 What’s more, microplastics can also negatively affect the Antarctic soil and could leach any toxic chemicals into the body of a penguin. So, make sure to avoid bringing microplastics to help preserve the White Continent and its inhabitants.  

 Bring a Sunscreen 

Temperatures in Antarctica are unbelievably cold, which makes other people disregard the chances of suffering from sunburn.

 However, the continent is tilted towards the sun during peak travel months, which means that sunny days can last up to 24 hours in some locations.

Take note that Antarctica has only two seasons, which are winter and summer. During summer seasons, Antarctica experiences six months of sunup and six months of total blackness in the winter.  

Some face protection is essential to fight the UV rays which reflect off the ice and snow or make it through the clouds. 

Listen To Your Guide

Listening to the tour guide is perhaps the easiest but commonly disregarded advice that most travelers commit. 

While the feeling of excitement can be overwhelming, always remember that there is little room for error in an extreme environment like Antarctica. 

Paying attention to your guide will help you avoid disturbing penguin highways and crevasses. 

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