Can’t get enough of the jet-setting lifestyle? Make your world travels even easier with these five cool travel gadgets for GPS, entertainment, and more!

You’re taking a cross-country road trip. You’re soaking up rays on a tropical island retreat. You’re exploring history from Jaipur to Kota.

You’re a world traveler. And like any savvy world traveler, you know what you need to have a good trip. Especially when it comes to your gadgets.

These five cool travel gadgets will make your next trip that much more exciting, from entertainment to documenting memories to essential tools (charging cord, anyone?)

  1. Kindle Oasis

Remember the days when you had to lug around five books to make it through a long vacation?

Happily, those days are over.

Make no mistake: the Kindle Oasis is an investment. We promise it’s worth it.

It has an IXP8 waterproof rating, which means you can read it in the pool without fear. It’s also designed for a better one-handed reading experience.

But the best feature? The battery lasts weeks. Yes, weeks.

Which is pretty helpful if you’re the kind of person who loses/breaks/forgets to pack a charger.

  1. Skross World Travel Adapter

Tragically, one of the things the world cannot agree on is a universal plug and voltage arrangement. Until that happens, you need an adapter that can cover you across several countries worth of plugs.

Enter the Skross World Travel adapter.

It’s the best for two reasons. First, it’s surprisingly easy to use. Second (and more importantly) it has a ground pin, the big pin on the bottom of an outlet that protects you and your gadgets from power surges.

  1. Fujifilm X-E3

If you’re traveling, you need a great camera to document your adventures. Of course, you’ve also got to find a camera that won’t break the bank before you take off.

For that, you want the Fujifilm X-E3.

In most cameras, you would scoff at post-processing filters. The X-E3, it turns out photos that look emotionally rich, like the company’s famous traditional films.

That said, it also has features you want in a modern camera, like 4K video capture mode.

  1. Panasonic ErgoFitEarbuds

You could go for bulky noise-canceling headphones, but when you’re traveling, you just don’t have space.

Plus, the last thing you want to worry about on your trip is losing pricey headphones.

Instead, go for earbuds that achieve the same effect. The Panasonic earbuds offer a great sound for the price, are light and comfortable to wear for your eight-hour flight, and can take an impressive amount of punishment.

  1. Native Union Belt Cable

If you’re managing electronics, chances are you’re also going to deal with a tangled mess of charging cables.

Native Union’s belt cable is an investment, but it’s also much hardier than the cheap replacement you can find at the airport, and it looks good while traveling to boot.

It’s a stylish traveler’s must-have, perfectly coordinated with your custom phone case, like this right here.

Using Cool Travel Gadgets on Your Adventures

Ready to take on the world with these cool travel gadgets? Bon voyage!

When you’re home (or killing time at an airport) check out our blog for more tips to make your trip even better, like these seven gadgets to enhance your travel experience.

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