How do you visit a place? You pack your bag, fly or take the car, reach your destination and visit the famous tourist spots. The story is more or less same for all. But, there are certain things that create a difference between a traveller and tourists. A tourist will do all these things while a traveller will want something more. If you belong to the second group, Hawaii will not disappoint you. You can stay in mansions in Hawaii to enjoy the luxury, but you can’t avoid the traditional Hawaii that you may not be able to find in any of the mansions.

While enjoying hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving and other adventure sports, you should live the traditional life of the place. That only completes your tour, and for that, you need to taste the local foods. You can enjoy rainbows, cliffs, beaches, etc. in Hawaii, but the open secret of the island is the food over there. The joy of visiting here will get double once you taste the foods of Hawaii. The food is inspired by the local cuisine along with a Japanese and Filipino style. So, Aloha! Here are some of the lip-smacking dishes!

  1. Kalua Pig

The name suggests the main ingredient of the dish. Yes, it is another famous pork dish of Hawaii that will never let you forget the stunning volcanic islands. Here, the pork is slowly roasted in an imu (underground oven) so that it becomes completely tender and juicy and full of smoky flavour. You can have it with rice to enjoy the meal the best. If you are fond of smoky flavour, this dish will make you visit Hawaii again.

  1. Poi

The name is small, but the food is not. Actually, it is a thick starch dish which is eaten in Hawaii as one of the staple and traditional foods. Poi is made of the taro root which is kind of yam or potato. It is baked and then pounded. During pounding, water is mixed to prepare the thick consistency. It tastes a bit sour and obviously, starchy. You can add smoked salmon with the dish to get a better taste.

  1. Ahi Poke

This is another local dish that is made of fresh yellow-fin tuna, garlic, tomatoes, sesame oil and seeds, pepper water, soy sauce, seasalt, chili pepper, inamona (types of kukui nuts) and seaweed limu. When limu is used more, it is known as limu poke. Apart from this, there are 10 different varieties of poke that is eaten here on the island. You should try a few.

  1. Shaved Ice

While having other types of dishes, you can also try desserts in Hawaii. Have shaved ice in Hawaii to change your taste. Ice is shaven and filled in cones while it is filled with colourful syrups, like lilikoi, li hing mui, and coconut. You can add mocha balls, ice creams, condensed milk or azuki beans to make it taste awesome.

  1. Laulau

Talking about Hawaiian traditional dishes and not mentioning this will be a mistake, as this is one of the must things to do in honolulu.This is one of the most favourite dishes of the locals as well as of the tourists. Again taro is used here, but not the roots, but the leaves. Usually, pork is wrapped in taro leaves and cooked in an underground hot rock. It takes time and what you get is soft and smoky-flavored pork within taro leaves. The juicy meat leaves its taste for a long time on your taste buds. Though traditionally laulau is made of pork, presently, it is also made of fish, chicken, etc.

  1. Seared Ahi

It is practically prepared of tuna which is abundant in Hawaii. Here, ahi and marlin are grilled on a skewer with tomatoes and soy sauce. The taste you get is tangy and spicy which is another feature of Hawaiian food. If you want something quick-made, but tasty snack, you should try authentic seared ahi in Hawaii.

  1. Loco Moco

The name is quite interesting, right? Actually, it is a complete Hawaiian meal. This dish is a combination of rice fried egg and hamburger patty with gravy on the top. It will keep you full for long while you are planning a day out to explore exotic Hawaii.

  1. Spam Musubi

Let’s start with something light. When shaped rice and fried spam are wrapped and with dried seaweed, it becomes one of the most famous Hawaiian snacks. It will make you happy as a starter. Before delving into the main course, you can taste such titbits as an appetizer while you are in Hawaii.

  1. Mahi Mahi Sandwich

The dish is known, but the ingredient is not, right? Actually, Mahi Mahi is kind of a fish, available in Hawaii and it tastes excellent. In beachside shacks or in restaurants, Mahi Mahi sandwiches or other dishes are really famous. Do you know how people catch these fishes? They jump into the stream from the kayak and catch the fish.

  1. Manapua

These are really interesting in its looks and taste. They are local buns, stuffed with chicken, char siu, beans and lots of other things. You can have them steamed or baked. Among the famous local cuisines, manapua will take an important place. These white buns are really yummy.

These are top 10 yummy foods of Hawaii you can try there. Thus, your Hawaii trip can be exotic and an unmemorable tour of your life.

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Did you notice your website’s traffic? Is it unexpectedly low? This often gives goosebumps to any webmaster. Does Google penalize you for something? If yes, then you need to take it very seriously. When Google has a problem with your website, they exclude you from their search results.

So, what’s next?

In order to tackle such problems, you need to understand all the rudimentary facts about Google penalties. This post addresses all these facts about Google penalties. So, let’s get started.

Understanding Google Penalties

When there is some problem with your website, Google always keeps a close eye on that. They set some ground rules which helps them to keep the website in order. When any website violates those rules, Google penalizes them either by warning message or excluding them in their search results.

This is done to make sure that the websites rectify the issue asap. Most of the Google guidelines are based on user interaction and user security. After rectifying the issue, the webmaster needs to inform Google to recrawl the website to make sure that the issue is resolved.

There are two types of Google penalties, Manual penalties & Algorithmic Penalties. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Algorithmic Google Penalties

analytics 2618277 640
analytics 2618277 640

When Google changes its guidelines, it penalizes website under algorithmic penalties. Google uses a defined “Algorithm” to cater the best search results from the ocean of websites for the users. For serving the user in better ways, Google constantly tweaks the algorithm. This results as beneficial for many websites but some websites face downside as well.

When Google updates its algorithm, many websites almost disappears from its search results. You can reckon these websites as algorithmically penalized websites. A receiver of Google Algorithmic penalty.

The main reason is only the violation of guidelines of Google webmaster. There is, however, one problem with these algorithmic penalties. Google does not inform you that you have received any penalty. You have to figure it out yourself. How can you speculate that? I will cover that later in this post. Let’s move to the next penalty.

Manual Google Penalties

As the name suggested, manual penalties of Google are actually manual actions of a homo sapiens from Google. These penalties are given when a human in Google investigate your website and find some flaws which can potentially harm the user. There are many reasons for which Google can penalize you manually.

The upside of manual penalty is that you will get notified that your website is penalized. All the website with Google Search Console account will receive the message. Not just a text about the penalty. They also guide you in rectifying the issue with your website. That is surely a bright side.

How Can You Find That Your Website Is Algorithmically Penalized?

As there is no notification for the algorithmic penalty for your website, the first sign of trouble will be a significant/noticeable drop in your website’s organic traffic. Remember, organic traffic is the one which comes directly from search engines.

One important thing to mention. There might be a possibility that even when you are algorithmically penalized by Google, you still rank high on other search engines.

So, the simplest way to figure out if you are penalized or not is to visit your Google Analytics account. Then you need to Login to your account. After that click on Acquisition on the left-hand side of the dashboard. Then click on All Traffic, then Source and then Medium.

When you click on Medium, you will see a graph. Then you need to click on Google/Organic.

Now, adjust the time span to refine the graph according to the timeline. If you have been penalized algorithmically, you’ll see a drastic change in your website’s organic traffic.

How Can You Find Out If Your Website Is Manually Penalized?

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gui 2311260 640

This is very simple in comparison to algorithmic penalty. All you need to do is log in to Google Search Console. It is the common channel through which Google communicates the website issues.

You need to click on the Search Traffic option on the left-hand side of the dashboard. Then select Manual Actions. If you have any manual penalties, you will see that info in this section. And if not, then you will see a magical typo saying, “No Manual Webspam Actions Found”. It is as simple as this.

Some Common Problems Every Website Faces

Whenever there is a change in Google’s algorithm, several websites all over the globe face one or many issues. In this section, we will discuss those issues and try to find a plausible solution. Let’s get started,

Do You Have Spam Links To Your Web page?

If you frequently do guest posting, then there is a chance that Google reckons it as a malpractice. Backlinking is a good SEO practice, however, you need to be sure that the backlinks you getting are from reputed and authentic websites. In these scenarios, the best practice is to either disavow those links or nofollow them.

Do You Link To Any Spam From Your Website?

If you are in a practice of selling links or affiliate links, you need to be reasonable with that. If those are excess in number, you must disavow them or nofollow them.

Do You Show Poor Content To Your Users?

A bad content is worthless. You need to make sure that your website content shares value with your user. In-detail contents are paramount nowadays. Share value and get value is the new formula for avoiding Google Penalties.

Over To You

So, this is all about Google Penalties. Whether it is manual or algorithmic, you must avoid them in order to get most from your website. So, tackle the issues and rank higher. Ciao for now!!!