The Maldives are a cluster of 26 different scattered islands, making up a unique archipelago that offer plenty of opportunities for the entire family to experience a truly wonderful vacation. But with so many islands, where should you go, and do you need to visit them all? In this article we will guide you through all you need to know, so enjoy!

Choosing the Right Atoll and Resort

One of the most important things you can do, in order to ensure your family will have a great time, is choosing the right atoll for your family. We have researched all the different islands, using online services such as TripAdvisor and personal reviews from previous visitors, and found that the Baa Atoll is one of the most promising for your family.

Here you will find just over 10.000 people inhabiting the 13 different islands in the atoll chain, making it the perfect size for families looking for a relaxing time. The size of the population still allows for plenty of luxury, shopping and excellent food, especially if you choose a well renowned resort.

At the same time, the entire atoll is also a designated biosphere reserve by UNESCO, meaning that there are plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in the untouched natural beauty and diverse ecosystems that have been recognized for their ecological significance.

When researching the best places to stay, we found that all inclusive resorts in Maldives are among the most popular choices for families, as this removes some of the stress of searching for new restaurants every day. 

The all-inclusive experience allows you to dine and drink at the resort, thus leaving your time open to fully enjoy the breathtaking surroundings and indulge in various activities without worrying about the logistics of meal planning.

Family-Friendly Activities

The Baa Atoll also offers plenty of different family activities, allowing each and every member of your family the time of their life. 

We particularly recommend trying some of the many different excursions where you can snorkel, explore the marine biology, test your luck at fishing in the ocean, or visit nearby islands.

Many resorts also offer various rental equipment, such as stand up paddles, kayaks, windsurfing gear or even sailboat rentals for those who’d like to explore the ocean on their own. This can be a great way to bond with your family and get some exercise at the same time.

For those seeking a bit more thrill, there are also jet skis that allows you to dart around the water at a fast pace, or X-jet blades where you can experience hydro flight and feel like a superhero. 

Diving is one of the most popular activities for families visiting the Maldives, as the water here is incredibly clear, and just teeming with life in every direction. Depending on where you stay, you might be able to poke your head under the surface and explore coral reefs and colorful fish, even without diving goggles.

But it is also possible to spend some time learning and practicing diving with scuba gear, as this will allow you to truly experience the underwater world like nothing else. This is especially recommended for families with older children, as they will love the opportunity to learn a new skill and enjoy the thrill of swimming close with manta rays or other wildlife.

Finally, many of the best resorts on the Maldives also offer land-based activities, such as tennis, golf and fitness centers, allowing the entire family to try their hand on exactly the sport or activity that they prefer. In short, the Maldives offers you and your family everything and more. Enjoy!

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