The Big Apple – the dream location of many young people in the country, as well as worldwide. The city that never sleeps and the place you can develop your skills, knowledge, and career in almost any way you want. However, if you’re moving to NYC to study, this can be quite challenging in the beginning. Finding a place to live, choosing the area that will fit your preferences the most, and answering all your educational and entertainment needs. Luckily, NYC has got it all, and this student guide will help you find it – let’s discover all the best places for studying, living, and growing in this amazing city. 

Why NYC is a great place to study? 

New York is surely one of the most popular places in the world, but it’s particularly attractive among students – and there are plenty of reasons for it. Young people love NYC for:

  • Plenty of educational options – a couple of hundred colleges and universities in the area provide all the conditions to study and develop your interests. Furthermore, there’s an endless number of art galleries, libraries, museums, and other cultural institutions. NYC is a student hub, with people coming from all around the world to study here.
  • All the possibilities – it’s a huge city with endless possibilities, to learn, grow and develop, but also have fun. NYC is the place where you’ll never get bored, and you’ll be able to have fun in the most unconventional ways. 
  • Diversity – even though this is the first time you come to the city, you won’t feel like an outsider. NYC’s population is so diverse, and this amazing melting pot of cultures and nations welcomes absolutely everyone.

One thing is for sure – NYC will not disappoint you. The opportunities to learn and grow are there, you just need to grab them. And now we’ll check out the best places to do that. 

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Best areas of New York for students – places for studying, living, and growing in the Big Apple

New York consists of five boroughs – Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens. Manhattan and Staten Island. All of these areas are further divided into many smaller and bigger neighborhoods. However, not all great NYC neighborhoods are suitable for the younger generation. Some places are very expensive, while others don’t have easy access to the universities, libraries, and museums they need. Here’s the selection of the best student-friendly parts of the city you can check out when looking for a home. 

Washington Heights, Manhattan 

If you want to be as close to Manhattan as possible, this is a great option. Even though homes in Manhattan are not that affordable, you can share an apartment with roommates in Washington Heights and pay about $1000. In this case, Heart Moving Manhattan, NYC recommends yous ole the storage issue by renting a safe unit to store items you can’t keep in the apartment. Luckily, this part of the city offers relatively affordable prices when it comes to housing and the general cost of living. The place is rather safe with low crime rates and you’ll have easy access to all the great spots in Manhattan. 

Bushwick, Brooklyn 

This neighborhood is a place of art, culture, and events. It’s also perfect for students who want to live in a lively environment where socializing is not a problem. Also, you have easy access to the other parts of the city, especially Manhattan – just cross the Williamsburg bridge and you’re there. The neighborhood has plenty of libraries, including Brooklyn Public Library, as well as many quiet coffee shops to study at. Bushwick is a rather artsy and industrial place, which is why it’s a favorite among the younger population.  

Yorkville, Manhattan 

This lovely neighborhood holds the title of one of the greenest neighbors in NYC. This affluent part of Manhattan is known for tree-lined streets, parks, and green spaces, and it’s surely one of the best places for studying, living, and growing. Even though this was not a very popular location due to the poor connectivity to other parts of the city, the situation has changed drastically in the last couple of years. The place has become more popular among the residents of NYC and students arriving from all parts of the country. So, if you want to find a home and move, it’s important to engage Yorkville-based specialists on time, as their schedules tend to be quite busy. 

Astoria, Queens 

Known as an amazing neighborhood with reasonable prices, Astoria continues to attract new residents every year. It’s close to Midtown Manhattan and has a great connection to other parts of the city. Students love reading and enjoying their free time in Astoria park with an amazing view of Manhattan, and be close to Queens College, LaGuardia Community College, Vaught College, Columbia University, and others. Finally, Astoria boasts low crime rates which is an important factor if you consider moving to a big city for the first time. 

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Don’t stay in your apartment, discover New York’s best locations to study. 

Roosevelt Island 

A neighborhood people often forget about – Roosevelt Island can be your perfect destination if you’re a student moving to New York. This unique place is an island in the middle of the East River and you can actually find a place to live there rather than visit it as a tourist attraction. Homes are relatively affordable, and you’ll be very close to all the popular Manhattan destinations. Roosevelt Island is a place of history, affordable rents, landmarks, and parks, which is why it’s often populated by a younger generation. 

Ready to make NYC your home?

This student’s guide to New York is only the beginning of your exploration – these are the recommended parts of the city for studying, living, and growing. Do some research and visit the places so you can be sure that you pick the right place to start your NYC adventure. Every nook of the Big Apple is unique and inspiring, so be sure to evaluate your expectations and needs before you choose a place to call home here.

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