Your beloved pet made such a strong impact on your life while they were around. Even though they may be gone, they will be in your heart forever. Losing a pet is never an easy thing to go through. We create unique bonds with our animal companions that can’t be replaced. When they are no longer around there is an empty feeling in your home and heart.

With time and healing, you may eventually be ready to bring home a new furry friend. Until you are ready to do that, you could want to find some closure with your beloved pet. There are several things that you can do to honor the memory of your beloved pet.

Write It Out

When faced with heartbreak, one of the easiest things you can do to cope is to write your feelings out. In the case of writing to deal with the loss of your pet, there are a few different ways you can approach this. One way can be in the form of a letter to your pet. You can write about some of your favorite memories together and about how they made a positive impact on your life. If your pet was loved by many then you can write a little obituary for them. You can keep it private among a few people or share it with all of your friends on social media. Whichever way you choose to approach this, it will help you deal with some of the emotions you are facing.

Pet Portrait

One of the best ways for you to honor your beloved pet’s memory is with a pet painting. Pet paintings can be a great way to capture your pet’s personality. Artists take their time to deliver a realistic portrait of your furry friend that also catches some of the things that make your pet special to you. This can be a reason for you to take a trip down memory lane and look at some of your favorite pictures of your pet. Take some time to find a good clear shot that will also show the artist who your pet really was. The artist can use elements from the photo to add to your pet’s portrait.

A pet portrait makes an excellent addition to any home. It not only honors your pet, but also creates a warmer atmosphere in whichever room you hang the portrait in. What better way to memorialize your beloved pet?

Life to Honor Life

A simple, yet beautiful way to honor your pet is to plant something in their memory. Choose a perennial plant that will come back every year to help cherish your pet’s life. Consider planting it in one of their favorite spots outdoors.

As you take care of this plant, year after year, you will always be able to think about the fun times you shared with your pet. You can take a moment every day to reminisce about the time you had together.

Donate in Their Memory

A great way of honoring your pet’s memory is to put a donation to their name towards a charity or fundraiser that helps other animals. It could be a donation towards the dog park or food for feral cats. Try to choose something your pet would have loved to help with if they could.

You could even make a donation or drop off supplies to your local animal shelter on your pet’s behalf. What were some of your pets favorite treats and toys? Maybe those cats and dogs at the shelter would enjoy them too.

Does your furry little friend lack a place to sleep and be safe? Why not consider getting them a quality protective pet enclosure? There are many factors to consider while selecting a store that meets your pets’ needs and demands. However, if you’re too busy to visit a physical store, there’s still a solution. You can go online and select the best pet enclosure store in Australia. It might be tricky, but we’ve highlighted features that one should check out in any online pet enclosure store below.

  1. Housing

The main aim of seeking the best online pet enclosure store Australia is to check out the housing options that are there. Unlike a physical store that might have a specific house design, online stores offer a variety of comfortable housing that will make sure your pets live a comfortable and healthy life. Be sure to inquire about adequate ventilation, a place where a pet can get access to food and water.

Selecting a pet house also depends on your pet and its needs. Online pet stores offer products like chicken coops, dog hammocks, and bird cages with stands among others. It’s crucial to select a product that you like and offers value for your money.

  1. Protection

Different pets are sheltered in different places. One should select an enclosure that will offer protection to the pet from the extreme weather in Australia. Ensure that you inquire about features such as windbreaks, shaded areas with forced ventilation, and heat radiating, among others. Pets need a warm environment that keeps them protected from rain, storms, or chilly mornings. Select an online store that prioritizes your pet’s needs and ensures they are protected from harsh environmental factors.

  1. Room to train and exercise pets

Are you seeking to enlarge your pet’s space to play and run around? You can check various online pet enclosure stores and choose. Pets need their own space just as you need yours. You can choose a large enclosure to offer room for their pet to run around. You can also consider neutral colors that fit an apartment, house, or farm. Inquire about the return policy if your pet doesn’t adjust well to the enclosure that you purchase.

  1. Security and privacy

Is your pet sitting in the corner or going into a room in the house by themselves? This is a sign that your beloved pet is seeking some privacy. Getting a pet enclosure would let you give your pet its “me time” when it needs.


Selecting a pet enclosure can add to the well-being of any animal. This is when the best online pet enclosure store Australia can help you offer health and well-being along with safety to your pet. Online pet enclosure stores offer the best solution that can fit your needs right at the comfort of your home. This can save you from having to drive all the way to a physical store and instead get products delivered at your front door.

There are many pet owners who would prefer to travel with their pets, but they need to have some help.  There are many people who will find that they could help keep their pets happy if they have taken these tips to heart.  Someone who is trying to change their travel plans for the better must begin investing in things that would make them and their pets happier.  You also need to be sure that you have tried to implement all these things for your next trip so that you will be happy and your pet will be safe.

  1. Travel With Them Up Front

You must travel with your pet up front so that they are always with you.  Check the policies for the train service or airline, but make sure that they have their own seat.  You should not allow your pet to be stowed anywhere, and you also need to check on the hotel policy.  There are plenty of times when you can have pets, but you need to follow their policy for keeping the pets close.

  1. Get A Checkup

Take your pets in for a checkup with experts like  Your pets need to have all their vaccines, and you should put the tags on their collar and bring the papers along.  You might need to get a checkup in case your pet is going overseas, and you might need to ask the vet if your pet is safe to travel.  These little things help your pets travel safely, and you will find that the vet can give you medications, safe food, and possibly treats to keep your pets quiet while you are traveling.

  1. Board Your Pets When You Arrive

Some people who travel with their pets might actually board their pets during the day in their location.  You could go to a kennel that will help the pets be happy and safe during the day.  You can pick them up when you are done for the day, and they can stay with you for the rest of the night.  This is a simple thing to set up for your pets, and you must ask the kennel how they handle these things.

  1. Travel With Food

You must bring the right food for your pets so that they have what they want when they are on the trip.  They might be picky, and you want them to have the food they are used to.

  1. Travel With Toys

You must bring the toys and things that your pet loves to have, and you will notice that they are happier because you brought them things that remind them of home.  A pet that does not have their toys or security items will be much less happy.

There are many people who will find that they can have a nice trip with their pets, but they need to be certain that they have thought over the things that would be best for their pets.  Go to the vet, find a kennel, and bring along the things your pets need.

Caring for pets is a great way to animate any household. And if you simply don’t have the time to look after furry friends such as dogs or cats, then fish might be a viable alternative for you. The brightly colored and vivacious little friends aren’t that hard to care for, and they are rather fun to watch too.

Nevertheless, not every member of your aquarium has to swim around and put on a show. Some creatures serve ornamental purposes amazingly, and starfish are one important category in this respect. And out of all the existing species, the chocolate chip sea star is the most beginner-friendly choice, so let’s see what it is and how you can take proper care of it.

About the Chocolate Chip Sea Star

According to National Geographic, the chocolate chip starfish is a general term used to refer to a class of invertebrates that have a cookie-like appearance. Although marine biologists usually refer to Nidorellia armata when uttering this name, we are actually talking about the Protoreaster nodosus, which is its pet shop cousin.

Although many members of the Oreasteridae family handle captivity poorly, this little fellow is a very welcome exception to the rule. Its color palette is varied, with hues ranging from pale tans to deep and vivid oranges. But they all share one similar trait, and it is also what gives them their name and cookie-like appearance.

Chocolate Star Fish Color Variations

Regardless of their color, chocolate chip sea stars all sport brown-black growths that resemble Hershey kisses in appearance. For this reason, those that are of lighter coloring can look like crisp, star-shaped marshmallows. Needless to say, this makes them amazing ornamental additions to any aquarium.

Nevertheless, they are best kept as members of a fish tank that does not contain small reef formations because they have a tendency to nibble on those. Thus, a fish-only environment is most suited to their behavior. Other than that, they tend to be rather peaceful and play well with others, as long as they aren’t threatened.

The main marine threats that need to be kept away from the captive chocolate chip sea star are lobsters, large crabs, puffer fish, and triggerfish. Any other oceanic or freshwater creatures will coexist harmoniously with them. For this reason, they are a very popular choice among aquarium enthusiasts from all over the world.

How to Care Properly For A Chocolate Chip Sea Star

Unfortunately, the chocolate chip starfish isn’t a viable option if you have a small tank. They are best kept in large aquariums because they grow as much as 15 inches in diameter. Furthermore, because it is quite the passive being, it lives best among mild-mannered fish. Predators will tear it apart because it moves quite slowly.

As long as the tank has a deep and welcoming sandy bed on the bottom, your new friend will do just fine. This is an exact replica of their preferred habitat, so make sure you offer it the appropriate living conditions. If it’s one thing that you must pay extra attention to, it’s the quality of the water.

Just like other invertebrates, the chocolate chip sea star cannot survive in a tank that is high in nitrate. Therefore, make sure that you maintain a healthy cycle in this respect so that every single member of your small marine family can leave a happy and healthy life. But other than that, it is a hardy species that is easy to keep around.

Food and care

Come mealtime, this species of starfish is rather low maintenance. It has a scavenging nature, which means that it can munch on a variety of things it finds lying around in the tank. However, in captivity, it will require supplemental feeding in the form of algae and meaty foods. The best choices for this are scallops, mussels and small pieces of squid or shrimp.

One way to go about it is to place the morsel in its path and wait for the little guy to crawl on top of it. But this method isn’t exactly the best, because it won’t always find its way to it. This means that its tank pears (the wrasse in particular) will pull it apart and devour it before the poor thing has had a chance to get its daily dose of nutrition.

Thus, the best way to feed the chocolate chip starfish its supplements is by lifting it, placing the food on the bottom and then putting the fellow right on top. As long as you handle the animal carefully, this method will work wonders. Remember that they are fragile little creatures that need to be touched by love and kindness.

The Bottom Line

The chocolate chip sea star is a great ornamental addition to any large marine aquarium. Due to its scavenger nature, it will mostly feed off of food that falls to the bottom of the tank. Nevertheless, it does require meaty supplements, and you need to keep it away from soft reefs and predators if you want your emulated ecosystem to be harmonious.

Featured Image Source: Bernard Dupont

You may have chosen to acquire a pet dog for yourself, and you are considering introducing it to the rest of your family. This situation is highly attractive because you will obtain a loyal companion that is tender and dedicated to you.

Dogs are renowned for being man’s best friends and bearing in mind that you have a dog, it is going to be fun to spend lots of time playing with it and taking part in highly cherished and memorable activities that will create a bond between you and your pet.

In case you are considering owning a dog, there are things that you need to have to ensure your dog’s strength and health. Below are five items that you need to take into consideration;

A bed for your dog

It is good to train your animal to sleep in a particular place by getting them their bed; this will help you can restrain habits like lying on furniture. It is tough to train an animal that has the practice of sleeping on your couch or bed to sleep in their space. That is the reason why it is good to start off in the right manner when you introduce the dog to your house and get them in the habit of lying on their bed. Crate training may be a good option when your new puppy seems restless during the night.

A sturdy Leash

Acquiring a sturdy leash for your dog will allow you to control it quickly, it is crucial to avoid getting through any discomfort. Many people like retractable leashes because they will enable the dog to travel around, without pulling you along for the walk, if you are looking to keep your animal on a short leash, a traditional nylon leash is an excellent choice. They are strong and can support even the biggest or strongest dogs without breaking.

Some dog Toys

Toys are crucial to keeping your new dog from chewing on other things. The toys will keep the dog occupied while in the house, and also train it to play with things that are squeaky and rubbery. Raw skin and bones are other alternatives that assist in maintaining proper dental hygiene of your dog.

A Dog Ramp

Dog ramps are one of the must-have items for your dog. When a dog need supports while climbing or simply walking they use a dog ramp. There are many types of dog ramps you can find like a car ramp or a pool ramp and many more. If your dog is recovering from an injury, dog ramp can ease aches & pains. It is also helpful for small puppies who can’t jump from their favorite space.

Pet Health Insurance

Your dog will require being taken to the vet for check-ups and shots on a regular basis. For this reason, dog insurance proves to be useful. Dog insurance allows you to get your pet the health check-up they need without you having to pay for it. Various breeds of dogs are prone to obtain certain illnesses that require extra veterinary attention thus the only affordable means to get your pet this additional veterinary attention is to get pet health insurance.

Flea Medication and Heartworm Pills

These two items are essential in keeping your pet protected and healthy for a long time. Medication for fleas is crucial to both your home and your pet because it is difficult to get rid of a flea infestation; therefore it is vital to have your pet on a flea medication routine. Heartworm pills are also essential in keeping your pet healthy and content for a long time.