Your beloved pet made such a strong impact on your life while they were around. Even though they may be gone, they will be in your heart forever. Losing a pet is never an easy thing to go through. We create unique bonds with our animal companions that can’t be replaced. When they are no longer around there is an empty feeling in your home and heart.

With time and healing, you may eventually be ready to bring home a new furry friend. Until you are ready to do that, you could want to find some closure with your beloved pet. There are several things that you can do to honor the memory of your beloved pet.

Write It Out

When faced with heartbreak, one of the easiest things you can do to cope is to write your feelings out. In the case of writing to deal with the loss of your pet, there are a few different ways you can approach this. One way can be in the form of a letter to your pet. You can write about some of your favorite memories together and about how they made a positive impact on your life. If your pet was loved by many then you can write a little obituary for them. You can keep it private among a few people or share it with all of your friends on social media. Whichever way you choose to approach this, it will help you deal with some of the emotions you are facing.

Pet Portrait

One of the best ways for you to honor your beloved pet’s memory is with a pet painting. Pet paintings can be a great way to capture your pet’s personality. Artists take their time to deliver a realistic portrait of your furry friend that also catches some of the things that make your pet special to you. This can be a reason for you to take a trip down memory lane and look at some of your favorite pictures of your pet. Take some time to find a good clear shot that will also show the artist who your pet really was. The artist can use elements from the photo to add to your pet’s portrait.

A pet portrait makes an excellent addition to any home. It not only honors your pet, but also creates a warmer atmosphere in whichever room you hang the portrait in. What better way to memorialize your beloved pet?

Life to Honor Life

A simple, yet beautiful way to honor your pet is to plant something in their memory. Choose a perennial plant that will come back every year to help cherish your pet’s life. Consider planting it in one of their favorite spots outdoors.

As you take care of this plant, year after year, you will always be able to think about the fun times you shared with your pet. You can take a moment every day to reminisce about the time you had together.

Donate in Their Memory

A great way of honoring your pet’s memory is to put a donation to their name towards a charity or fundraiser that helps other animals. It could be a donation towards the dog park or food for feral cats. Try to choose something your pet would have loved to help with if they could.

You could even make a donation or drop off supplies to your local animal shelter on your pet’s behalf. What were some of your pets favorite treats and toys? Maybe those cats and dogs at the shelter would enjoy them too.

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