It is difficult to get out time everyday to sit with our mate and celebrate and this is why we have some special occasions when celebration is a must. Wedding anniversary is one occasion when you can celebrate love with each other in privacy or with your family and friends, the way you think will be the most. You might be confused about happy anniversary wishes and celebration so here we are with few amazing ideas that will help you in surprising your better half. Look out some quality quotes to wish over alltes.

Celebrating and vacation

The best thing you can do to surprise your mate is to take them out for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on Honeymoon. This is going to create happy moments that will stay with you for lifetime.  You definitely know where your mate wishes to travel with you. This is one surprise that is going to make her week in her knees. Enjoy evenings in your loved ones arms, with beautiful, peaceful and great environment.  Do not wait any longer and book your tickets so that you get ready with the surprise when the actual day comes.

Social cause and anniversary

This is a different idea, but your mate is surely going to love it.  Make sure to keep it a surprise.  Helping orphanage or needy people on your anniversary is the best thing you can arrange.  You will get many more chances to celebrate at places, with people, but act of humanity is something we don’t think as usual. Enjoy the entire day with kids who lack love and bounding in their life.  This is also going to make your bond stronger because you get to experience something different. Don’t forget to add your own personal ideas.

How about getting married again?

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Anniversary is the best occasion when you can give another chance to start new life, new promises, and new enthusiasm if you have lost spice in your married life.  You can recreate the day and celebrate with your family and friends. This time you will also have your kids to attend your marriage, which is going to set a good example about your love, bonding and promises. You can also plan to get married again in totally another style. Think different and get married with different customs, community and religion. This is going to be seriously fun.

Celebrating at home

Home is one place where you can enjoy every tad of your moments in your complete privacy. If you are looking forward to have a complete secret and private date on your anniversary, then there is no better place than your home. Wives can take full advantage of this idea. When your husband is busy in office planning a gift for you, play some piano, you can too surprise him by making preparations like decorations, preparing his favorite food. At night watch a romantic movie holding hands, giggling and cuddling with each other.

These Happy anniversary wishes ideas are definitely going to prove mindboggling and will stay in your memories and heart forever. Do not forget to implement your own personal flavors.

With data protection making many a front page recently, and certain social media websites being questioned over how secure our personal information actually is, the obvious question to ask is, how much information should you share on your blog?

Bloggers are a dime a dozen and make up a large proportion of the World Wide Web, including those that have long since been abandoned. If you have your own personal blog, you likely have an about me page that incorporates a brief introduction as to who you are, where your interests lay and an anecdote as to why you started your blog.

But it doesn’t end there, however, with other pieces of information regularly shared through blog posts and social media. Soon, your life – or at least the parts of which you are comfortable with – is broadcast to the world.

Blogging as a Business

The most successful bloggers have turned their once upon a time hobby into a full-time job, with several streams of revenue stemming from their blog page. Whether this is through affiliate marketing schemes, sponsored posts or other forms of advertising, if you know what you are doing there is a lot of earning potential.

With this in mind, how much of your personal life should you be sharing? On the one hand, this might be what your readership keeps coming back for but, on the other hand, could this be you providing information that advertisers can exploit or be put off by?

What do Advertisers Look For?

Before examining the content of a blog, advertisers will analyse the website from a technical perspective. This means collating analytical data such as traffic, search visibility and other metrics aim to provide an insight into how the website is perceived by the search engines.

Once your blog has passed these initial reviews, your content is then reviewed for anything that could go against the business’ moral and ethical values. If any personal views or stories that you shared on your blog go against a potential advertiser, who would rather not be connected, this could be costing you potential income.

If your blog is deemed unsuitable by an advertiser within your target audience, how many more could you be isolating? It is important to market yourself correctly and, as a blogger, you are just as much marketing yourself as you are the website itself. If you are interested in more information regarding online marketing for your blog, then you can go here for some more information.

Does Your Content Affect Anyone Else?

Those who document their daily lives will often include other members of their family or friends who, in the eyes of the reader, quickly become characters in your story. How you portray them in your blog posts can have a knock-on effect as to how they are perceived in the real world, especially if you refer to them by their real names.

Have you ever asked for their permission before referencing them, or even posting their picture online? If not, it is good practice to do so, not mention being the decent thing. You have chosen to put yourself in the public eye, while others may prefer to keep a more private manner.

When it comes to blogging, before posting anything, consider the impact it may have on you, friends and family and any future business opportunities. If you are to earn an income from your blog, you want it to remain open to anyone and everyone.

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The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that hundreds of millions of computers are thrown away every year. As an alternative, many people donate their computer to charity. Hackers can get personal information off old computers unless you take steps to stop them. Here are some ways you can protect your identity from being stolen from your old computer.

Back up Your Files First

Before you donate or dispose of your computer, back up your files on external media. You can back the files up on flash drives, external hard drives, or a CD. The files can also be copied to your new computer. Backup programs can be purchased or cloud storage programs may be used.

Don’t Just Delete

You may have heard that just deleting computer files on the computer doesn’t delete them. The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team confirms that deleting files on the computer doesn’t necessarily delete the information. Pressing delete and emptying the trash bin just deletes the file name. The underlying file is still on your computer’s hard drive. Special software may be necessary to get the hard drive properly cleared.

Overwrite Files

File overwriting can deter hackers from retrieving your personal information. Overwriting programs puts random information all over the hard drive, including writing all zeroes instead of file data. This can create a lot of confusion and be very time-consuming to try to get around if someone were to access your files with mal-intent. Some tools erase individual files, all files, and completely wipe the hard drive. Different tools should be used for traditional hard drives and solid state drives. Some programs that will delete old information on hard drives are called “wipe programs.”

Physically Destroy the Drive

If you don’t want to donate the computer, you can remove and physically destroy the hard drive. The drive won’t be able to be read if you drive nails in it, drill holes, or smash it with a hammer. You can magnetically destroy the information with exposure to a strong magnet. The process is called degaussing, and a machine can be rented or bought that will magnetically remove all information from the hard drive.

After following the above tips, Hackers and ID thieves shouldn’t be able to get a hold of your personal information. You are then free to donate your computer or take it to an e-waste recycle center, like Ranch Town Recycling Center Inc.