This article is for companies with rapidly growing hosting requirements. We introduce Liquid Web’s High Performance Servers, their features, prices and offer Liquid Web coupons due to an agreement with them.

Purpose of High Performance Servers

The primary purpose of high performance server configurations is to safeguard businesses from data loss, lengthy downtimes, and unexpected server errors. As such, they work to increase the performance, availability, flexibility, and security of a website or application. Such solutions are particularly useful for those customers with critical mission applications, i.e. government sites, public health services, medical sites with patient databases and sites that may receive sudden traffic spikes.

In this article, we review Liquid Web, with a particular focus on its high performance servers and estimated costs. High Performance Servers are not cheap. At the bottom of this post we list a number of promo codes for Liquidweb that allow you to try out the service at a reduced price.

But first let’s see 2 key features of high performance servers:

1.      Server Redundancy

To enable Server Redundancy webhosts create replicas of the client’s server, in the same data center, with the exact same operational parameters, applications, storage capacity, and computing power. The host keeps the redundant server as a backup. If the primary server is affected by excess traffic, downtime, or any kind of failure, the host activates the redundant server to take over from the primary server.

2.      Geographic Redundancy

Whereas Liquid Web has focused on high availability to ensure the clients’ peace of mind, the vitality of geographic redundancy within the hosting market of critical mission applications cannot be overemphasized.

More particularly, such redundancy is aimed at dealing with the horror stories of data loss and downtime resulting from physical issues at the data center. These problems include natural disasters and unpreventable accidents.

At its most basic, geographic redundancy revolves around replicating the entire data set of a server in two separate geographic sites. In case of a disaster in one data center, the replication allows the host to switch application automatically from one sites to the other.

3.      Load balancing

Load balancers are devices that distribute application and network traffic across many servers. These balancers also act as reserve proxies. Liquid Web enables firewall redundancy by creating firewall replicas with the same operational parameters and software as the original. If the first firewall fails, traffic is rerouted through the stand-by firewall system.


The cheapest dedicated server at Liquid Web starts at $199 a month. This high performance server configuration comes with:

  • 1 TB SATA Backup Drive
  • 2 by 1 TB SSD Primary Drive
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 4 Cores, at 3.4 GHz
  • 5 TB Bandwidth
  • Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5


Liquid Web Coupon Codes

You can reduce these costs and access Liquid Web’s high performance server configuration. All you need to do is apply Liquidweb promo code “BLAST25DS” for a 25% discount for the first 6 months. This period gives you enough time to learn and appreciate the features of a high performance server.

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