From the outside looking in, engineers are often seen as the lifeblood of any oil and gas enterprise. While they play an undeniably crucial role in this kind of business, they’re supported by an equally important administrative office. The project secretaries and administrative assistants who ensure everyone has a workstation and the tools they need to execute their roles are just as vital to an oil and gas company’s success.

It goes without saying that there is a cost attached to having this administrative team in place. But the salaries of administrative staff are not the only necessary administrative expenses to consider. You also have to factor in the cost of stationery, computer hardware and software, ISP fees, rent, and travel expenses. Managing these will help you retain a better margin and sustainable operations. You will also be better positioned to finance the expansion of your company when the opportunity arises.

If you own or manage an oil or gas company and are looking for ways to cut down on administrative expenses, consider the following tactics:

  1. Outsource for Administrative Help

You can consider bringing in administrative personnel from a company specializing in the sourcing of such workers, such as EAG 1Source. This will free you from the cost of catering for their medical expenses and social security. You also won’t have to foot subscriptions for software for back-office tasks which administrative staff handle, including keeping track of cash inflows and outflows.

In the oil and gas business, you particularly need an outsourcing firm with the expertise to take care of your upstream and downstream accounting. The accounting platform they provide should enable you to keep tabs on such vitals as your cash management, authorization of expenditure management, general ledger, fixed assets, revenue distribution, and inventory management.

Your chosen oil and gas administrative services provider should also have the experience required to fully take care of financial reporting. They should help you generate monthly and quarterly financial reports that will help your company’s stakeholders keep a finger on the firm’s financial health. In addition to this, the platform they provide should produce key data relating to land administration. This includes precise geographic information system (GIS) mapping and acreage reporting.

  1. Hire Remote Workers

Many firms’ interest in remote working has piqued due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But savvy oil and gas firms had realized the benefits of bringing in workers who can dispatch their duties remotely years before social distancing was a thing. Your administrative staff don’t all have to be in the office; they can do things like filing, arranging transport and accommodations, and ordering equipment from the comfort of their homes.

Hiring remote workers will help you eliminate expenses such as transport allowances or mileage from these employees’ wage packages. Also, some employees are willing to take a slightly lower wage if they don’t have to put up with the daily commute’s bustle and expense.

In addition to the wage savings, you can also make savings on office space rent. Fewer employees physically present in the office means you can rent out less office space. Your monthly energy, water, and internet bills will be lower.

  1. Maintain Office Technology

When it comes to damaged tech hardware, prevention is better and cheaper than repair. Maintaining your office equipment will ensure it serves you longer and won’t cost you a fortune in repairs. You can have an outsourced team to handle this for you so that you keep your wage bill low while getting your technology checked by experts specialized in equipment maintenance. Having an expert regularly ascertain the functionality of your desktops, laptops, printers, and other equipment will potentially save you thousands of dollars in premature replacements.

  1. Use Airline Miles for Travel

Keeping a lid on travel expenses can help you improve your margins significantly. You can do this by cutting out all unnecessary travel. Where possible, let virtual meetings replace physical ones. Another way you can reduce travel and accommodation costs is to cash in on airline miles rewards programs. Depending on which airline it is, you can use the frequent flyer points to pay for hotel accommodations or get cut-price tickets.

  1. Use Less Paper

You can cut the amount of paper you use by, first of all, urging your staff not to print out emails or any other documents if they don’t have to. Send and file your invoices, receipts, and other documents relating to sales electronically to cut costs while simplifying your administration.

Free Your Business from Unnecessary Expenses

Bringing down your administrative costs can be all that’s needed for your oil and gas firm to break even. Taming your executive wage bill and reining in travel expenses can free up funds for the marketing push required to take your firm to the next level. But as willing as you may be to make the necessary adjustments, you may not be able to implement them fully without a little help. Outsourcing may be the best way you can maximize your administrative cost reduction potential.

For most of us, the depictions we see on TV are as close to an oil rig as we ever plan on getting. The life and work of an oil rig worker is shrouded in mystery, but one thing that every Jones Act attorney knows is that being an oil rig worker is unlike any other job out there. There are plenty of things that set working on an oil rig apart from other similar jobs. Everything, from the location to the jones-act and the work itself, is completely unlike any other job you are likely to have had.

However, there are also lots of things that many of us get wrong about working on an oil rig and there are lots of common misconceptions about what the job actually involves. Here are the simple facts that you need to know about what it’s really like to work on an oil rig, from a Jones Act lawyer.

They Have Everything

Oil rigs sit offshore, out in the open sea. Access to an oil rig (more on that shortly) requires ships and helicopters to take workers from the shore to the oil rig. That means the rig has to have a landing pad and a dock, at the very least according to the Jones-act.

Of course, as with any workplace, the workers aren’t going to be working the whole time. The oil rig needs to provide plenty of recreation and entertainment for workers too. They therefore provide internet access, satellite TV, a gym, and of course a cafeteria as per part of the jones-act.

Commuting via Helicopter

Even traveling to and from work becomes an experience when you work on an oil rig. Helicopters are one of the most common methods of getting to work for jones act lawyers to get to oil rig workers. Although if you’re thinking about signing up just for the daily helicopter rides, you should note that once you get to the rig, you will be staying there for a couple of weeks on average.

The Hours You Work

According to the jones-act, the average hours for oil rig workers are 2 weeks on followed by 2 weeks off, with each day consisting of 12 hours working followed by 12 hours of rest time. This is a very different working schedule to what most people are used to, and 12-hour shifts are exhausting. However, for your Jones Act attorney, the advantage of these arrangements is that you will effectively find yourself working only 22 weeks of the year.

The Pay

Oil rig workers make very good money, especially when you consider the amount of time each year that they get off work. As with any other field, the more specialized your skills and knowledge, the more money you can make working on a rig according to a Jones Act lawyer. Those with the most sought-after electrical, mechanical and other technical skills are able to command the highest salaries of all the personnel on board.

Is it Dangerous?

Oil rigs are more dangerous work environments than most of us are used to, but thanks to the Jones-act, they aren’t as dangerous as many people think they are. Workers who are injured have the ability to sue for compensation under the Jones Act. Anyone who thinks that they might have a valid claim under the act can speak to a Jones act lawyer, who can advise them how to proceed with their case.

Working on an offshore oil rig is a unique experience. You definitely need to have the right mindset for this kind of work, but those who are well-suited to the work will find a lot to like.

The 2020 Ford Expedition is a large SUV that has a powerful turbocharged engine, a calm ride, and an elegant and spacious interior. It’s pretty much the entire package – with great under the hood parts, excellent insides and family-friendly features in its class.  It has the best combination of cargo and passenger space, safety and reliability ratings and positive reviews from automotive reporters.

Importance of Oil Filters

If you are a proud owner of an Expedition, be sure to keep your SUV in excellent condition at all times with regular servicing and the necessary repairs. It is also important to ensure that your Ford Expedition oil filters are changed regularly, which is typically every time you have the oil changed.  Oil filters hold an essential role and if your oil filter has deteriorating quality, it can shorten the life of your engine and render other parts to fail as well.  All the moving parts in the engine need clean oil to be properly lubricated for efficiency.

Importance of Motor Oil

The motor oil in your engine works as a cleaner. It is sticky and sticks up any bits of debris which find their way into the engine. This is how the motor oil reduces friction by not allowing moving engine components to become stuck on tiny pieces of dirt, mud or silt. Motor oil creates a film between metal parts that let them glide past each other smoothly.  Good quality and clean motor oil and oil filter can prevent these particles away from the engine.

Why are Ignition Coils Important?

When your vehicle’s ignition coil fails, your engine will emit strange and startling sounds.  You may perhaps see a check engine light flashing.  Stop driving if you see that check engine light lit up and open up the hood to check.  If there are traces of oil leaks on the rubber boots, this can also cause a coil to fail.  A malfunctioning ignition coil can also burn up your car’s brain. That can be a very costly repair that can also burn your wallet!  If you are familiar with the parts and engine under the hood, quickly perform a test ignition coil with a multimeter.  A failing or damaged ignition coil can cause engine stalling, misfires and lower fuel economy. A broken ignition coil will prevent your vehicle from moving.  If you have totally no clue in how your car’s internal parts work, just send your regular car mechanic over to have a look at your car.

Take Care of Your Expedition

Whether you own an older Ford Expedition or the latest model, you must have a keen interest in your SUV to get full utilization out of it. With some diligence and tender loving care showered on your Expedition, you will surely realize full performance for many years to come.  To help you care for your Expedition easily, AutoZone has a huge selection of Ford Expedition parts on sale. The experts there have good knowledge on the parts to assist you with any queries you may have.

The choice of a right safety razor is one of the top priorities of men. In this article we will discuss the art of shaving with the help of straight razor. If you are looking to shave like your grandpa and the way barbers shave their clients, here is a guide for you especially if you are a beginner in this field. Here are some of the main features of straight razor shaving which you should know before making a choice of safety kit for you. Though shaving kit involves many essential features which can’t be summarized in one article but here are some key features to make the art of shaving easier for you.

  • What is Straight Razor shaving?

A straight razor is a simple razor along with a sharp blade which is able to get folded into the handle. These straight razors are also known as cut throat razors or open razors. In the beginning when these types of razors were used they consisted of bronze with sharp cutting edges along with fixed handles. Some people used copper and gold razors as well.

  • Benefits of straight razor shaving:

One of the biggest advantage most of the men find with straight razor shaving is the macho man feeling. Though it is an old fashion shaving way but it gives a feeling of manliness to you. There are a lot of best straight razors for beginners in the market and before making any choice you can search the reviews.

Some of the beneficial aspects of straight razor shaving are mentioned below:

  1. Skin friendly shaving:

Whenever you scrap the blade over your facial skin, there is always a risk of minor skin damage. As you shave with a razor with multiple blades, this effect is multiplied and as a result of it you are likely to get ingrown hair, irritation on the skin and frequent razor bumps. As you switch to old and traditional form of shaving, you can always alleviate this concern.

  1. Gives a deep pleasure while shaving:

In most of the cases as we see, men are generally not too fond of shaving. This fact is not surprising keeping in mind the products for shaving available at the grocery stores. Men opting wet shaving also learn it quickly that as they master the art of straight razor shaving, the shaving becomes much easier and enjoyable. With proper tools and equipment’s shaving is much easier and is a fun indeed along with a sense of satisfaction. You will feel happy about mastering the skill of perfect shaving as well.

  1. Price:

Price is also an important beneficial aspect of straight razor shaving. You can save your money on your shaving creams and soaps along with razor blades. When reviewed properly, you will find that these are much economical.

  1. Relaxation:

As you are already having hectic routine, you get a little relaxing time to do something which is completely meant for you. Many men make use of shaving to get relaxed. As you stand in the washroom and lather up the shaving gel or cream, you get a time to relax and enjoy great scent which is too relaxing for most of the men.

  • Some myths related to classical shaving or straight razor shaving:

There are some general misconceptions of people regarding straight razor shaving, some of which are described below:

  • There is a general myth that more blades on a razor offers better shave. This is generally claimed by manufacturers of razor blades to increase their sales. The truth is however different, one blade is enough or shaving as the number of blades are increased, there is more risk of ingrown hair and skin irritation. More razor bumps are seen with the people using multiple blades. Hence simple straight razors are regarded as skin friendly.
  • Some people also believe that classical razors are expensive. Though they are bit expensive but in a long run, you will realize that a classic razor is much cheaper as it works for a longer time since it is made up of metal which lasts forever. Those people who have expertise the art of using simple straight razor shaving find them much easier to use and they get best shave as well.

Get started simply:

It can be intimidating if you are using the straight razor for first time. On the other hand, safety razors are safer to use as the name predicts. The only thing which is likely to happen is the tiny nicks for the initial times if you are beginner and working on your technique. While there are some people who start shaving comfortably without any cuts, once you have successfully made the leap you are likely to find that your shaving is a pleasant and satisfying experience for you.