The 2020 Ford Expedition is a large SUV that has a powerful turbocharged engine, a calm ride, and an elegant and spacious interior. It’s pretty much the entire package – with great under the hood parts, excellent insides and family-friendly features in its class.  It has the best combination of cargo and passenger space, safety and reliability ratings and positive reviews from automotive reporters.

Importance of Oil Filters

If you are a proud owner of an Expedition, be sure to keep your SUV in excellent condition at all times with regular servicing and the necessary repairs. It is also important to ensure that your Ford Expedition oil filters are changed regularly, which is typically every time you have the oil changed.  Oil filters hold an essential role and if your oil filter has deteriorating quality, it can shorten the life of your engine and render other parts to fail as well.  All the moving parts in the engine need clean oil to be properly lubricated for efficiency.

Importance of Motor Oil

The motor oil in your engine works as a cleaner. It is sticky and sticks up any bits of debris which find their way into the engine. This is how the motor oil reduces friction by not allowing moving engine components to become stuck on tiny pieces of dirt, mud or silt. Motor oil creates a film between metal parts that let them glide past each other smoothly.  Good quality and clean motor oil and oil filter can prevent these particles away from the engine.

Why are Ignition Coils Important?

When your vehicle’s ignition coil fails, your engine will emit strange and startling sounds.  You may perhaps see a check engine light flashing.  Stop driving if you see that check engine light lit up and open up the hood to check.  If there are traces of oil leaks on the rubber boots, this can also cause a coil to fail.  A malfunctioning ignition coil can also burn up your car’s brain. That can be a very costly repair that can also burn your wallet!  If you are familiar with the parts and engine under the hood, quickly perform a test ignition coil with a multimeter.  A failing or damaged ignition coil can cause engine stalling, misfires and lower fuel economy. A broken ignition coil will prevent your vehicle from moving.  If you have totally no clue in how your car’s internal parts work, just send your regular car mechanic over to have a look at your car.

Take Care of Your Expedition

Whether you own an older Ford Expedition or the latest model, you must have a keen interest in your SUV to get full utilization out of it. With some diligence and tender loving care showered on your Expedition, you will surely realize full performance for many years to come.  To help you care for your Expedition easily, AutoZone has a huge selection of Ford Expedition parts on sale. The experts there have good knowledge on the parts to assist you with any queries you may have.

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