The tradition of presenting one another with flowers has long been an important part of Pakistani culture and values. People all across the country practice this custom as an incredible way to win over each other’s love. Flowers are one such token of gratitude presented in Pakistan especially to loved ones on happy occasions, events or even if they are just missing their better half. The value of flowers is far more than one can think of as they wither within a day but the impression they leave on a soul can be priceless. Such precious memories can then be stored and cherished for years to come.

The procedure of send gifts to Pakistan has been made easier by online delivery service which has significantly highlighted the concept that distances do not matter anymore. So, this is good news for you if you are living away from Pakistan, and can’t be a part of someone’s happy moments or can’t celebrate with them, you can always count on flowers as a priceless gift for anyone. Other than that, this is just another way to surprise your loved ones living in Pakistan. Imagine when the recipient opens the door and finds a bouquet of fresh flowers at his/her doorstep and founds out that they are from a special someone!

The fresh colorful blossoms are capable of enlightening someone’s dark sulky day. Furthermore, the flowers that you send to your recipient will also add a spark to your celebration and excitement. Flowers are never recognized by the size they have and the money they cost. Even the cheapest of all flowers will cause as much excitement as gifting a precious kind of flower. Flowers are a representation of remembrance which means if you are sending flowers to someone living in Pakistan, they mean something to you. So if you value someone with all your heart and need to tell them about it, never hesitate to send them a bouquet or basket of flowers.

There are no specific recipients restricted when it comes to sending flowers because they can be sent to anyone of any age and regardless of the relationship they have with you. At times people may feel as if flowers as just meant for your romantic partner, it is not true. Your parents, siblings, friends and other special relatives deserve as much love form you as does your soul mate. So whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, Eid, or any other personal achievement, the celebration can be made extra special for your loved one in Pakistan by sending them the most suitable flowers according to the situation and preference.

Each flower portrays a different meaning and conveys a different message therefore; it leads to the strengthening of relationships and purifying of hearts. Flowers will also cheer up your loved one going through pain as they symbolize sympathy and affection. The best thing about flowers is that they can now be ordered online no matter wherever you are in the world. Send flowers to Pakistan today and enjoy the priceless reaction of your dear ones. 

With the progression and advancement in technology, flowers can now be delivered on an urgent basis. Some of the online florists ensure that they are available to assist their customers at all times. Also, they make sure of an efficient delivery service in a particular city or throughout Pakistan. According to your preference, the flowers can be arranged just the way you like hence making your surprise more unique and attractive. These are few of the hacks that are adopted by online flower shops to keep their customers hooked to their incredible offers and facility service. 

So you can now see that impressing your loved ones isn’t really a hard nut to crack. Though flowers can be bought at considerably cheap rates and wither within a day or so, they still remain the sparkle of everyone’s eyes. Receiving a bouquet of flowers at an occasion does bring out the best of all among people as a glistening attraction. Their odor and colors are an addition to their exquisiteness that is particularly hard to ignore. So there are various reasons as to why flowers have become a substantial gift for those celebrating literally any occasion at all! 

Our parents grew up in a time where they had to wait for days, and months at times, to hear from their loved one. A single letter would take weeks to arrive. Similarly, sending a gift to another country, or state was costly and time-consuming, and there were high risks of the present going bad during the delivery time. Thankfully today, we are living in an increasingly globalized world, where we can contact our loved ones in the blink of the eye, without any hassle or sorts.

Globalization has also shrunken the world into a global village, reduced distances and made it effortless to send and receive parcels. The current global trend is sending and receiving gifts.  This trend has allowed people to become more intimate and close. The best form of gift, however, remains the ever so beautiful, and timeless tradition of giving flowers to their loved ones. Be it a birthday, a wedding gift, or just a reminder of one’s love towards the other, flowers represent eternal love one holds for the receiver.

Flower delivery international has allowed people to maintain a perfect balance between their personal and work life, a significant challenge in today’s world. With demanding schedules and work assignments, flower delivery international makes sure that no matter where you are, your bouquet of flowers reaches your loved one on time, and brightens up their day. Some might consider it hectic. However, the multiple social media platforms have made it easier to order flowers for your significant other and dispatch them overseas. All one needs to do now is get on the website, select the flowers, give an address and voila, the flower delivery international system takes care of the rest. 

Services like flower delivery international, provide you with the opportunity to keep in touch with your loved one. Regardless of the countless social media platforms available such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, among others, the imperative and importance of traditional ways of keeping social will never fade away. Social media platform only provides a limited amount of contact and socialization options and is not intimate. It is essential to maintain physical contact, and show true feelings one hold for each other, and what is a better way of showing love than sending flowers.

Through flower delivery international, an individual can also avail premium services that will deliver flowers on the same day. Thus, regardless of the occasion, your busy schedule or your location, the growing trend of sending flowers abroad has allowed people to maintain intimate contact with their loved ones and family.

Flower is the other name of beauty. It is a favorite element of decoration for ages and adds beauty to every event. Either sad or happy, flowers play a big part in expressing emotions. But do you know flowers have other usage too? Yes, and that is: ‘they can be a part of your breakfast or dinner table’. No, no not for decoration but for eating purpose. Shocked?? Well, it’s true! There exist some flowers which are edible due to their amazing health benefits.

I know you have not heard about it before but, if you are interested to know about it then check out this post. All of your doubts will be cleared. So lets’ start our amazing facts.

  1. Chamomile

Chamomile is used both for cooking and medicinal purposes. These are small pointed flowers that add a mild floral taste to the food. It is dried and then sprinkled over food as it releases depression and anxiety.

Chamomile is a perfect addition to healthy tea. Its medicinal properties have made it an amazing relaxant. If you are having insomnia, add a pinch of chamomile in your tea or meal and you will enjoy a sound sleep.

  1. Pansies:

Pansies are highly nutritious and amazingly beautiful. Their beauty is enhanced by the variety of color pops, resembling a decorative piece. Although small in size, the pansy is a rich source of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.

Its colorful range makes it a desired additive in salads. You can also chop it and sprinkle on your food. It is very tempting to add colorful pansies to your meal and have a high nutritional value.

  1. Squash Blossom:

Love having squash in summers? Squash blossoms serve the same purpose.

Squash blossom can be used in several ways. The most famous way is by chopping it in a salad bar. However, some people stuff it in cheese and fillets and cook on high flames until the leaves become stiff.

Mostly, male squash is eaten while female squash turns into fruit. Squash blossoms are known to have anti-inflammatory properties.

  1. Rose:

Here comes my favorite flower “rose”. Roses are available in a large variety of colors and are highly edible. You can even eat raw petals and they taste so good and have a mild, floral scent. Thinking to eat the stems too? Don’t go for that else you can bleed your tongue with thorns.

It is used in salads and placed with fruits to make them scent more floral. Its oil is extracted and used for a healthier, beautiful, and glowing skin. The rose syrup is very much effective against cancer, anxiety, and depression. It triggers mood and is an amazing relaxant.

To free your lives from tension have roses from

  1. Purslane:

Purslanes are small, attractive yellowish flowers that are very juicy in nature. Although smaller in size but this flower has extremely high nutritional value.

It has a high content of minerals, proteins, vitamins, and omega-3. Omega-3 is a much-desired nutrient for the human body in the form of oil and purslane makes the best of it. It is cooked with vegetables to add crisp. Purslane is also used in making butter.

  1. Starflower:

Starflower or borage is named so because of its star-shaped petals. It is used in herbal medicines for treating cough and cold. Its oil is highly effective for sore throat.

It is mildly floral and tastes like cucumber. Both its flowers and leaves are edible and used in salads.

  1. 7. Nasturtium:

The bright nasturtiums make up the favorite addition of salads and cooked recipes. Nasturtium adds slight spice in the food and is amazing for the presentations.

It is high in nutrition with a large number of minerals and antioxidant agents.

  1. Honeysuckle:

Honeysuckle is a bright flower with almost 200 species. It is named so because its nectar can be eaten directly from the flower. It is a favorite ingredient of Chinese and Japanese medicines due to healing properties. Honeysuckle is good for skin too if applied directly as a face pack. It is best for healing wounds. The syrup of honeysuckle is a good replacement of sweeteners in jams, jellies, and bread.

Regardless of all the health benefits, it should be avoided to ingest in large quantity as it can be toxic.

These were some of the unique flowers with amazing health benefits. To know more about the floral collection, check

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Who does not know about the Himalayas? Himalaya is the other name of beauty in Asia with jaw-dropping mountain peaks and exotic views. It is one of its unique kind of place fascinating to a large number of visitors. Its scenes, peaks, weather, streams, views are unbeatable in beauty. Do you know that there is another thing in the Himalayas which is worth-seeing? And, that is its fauna and flora.

We will highlight some of its extremely beautiful and unique flowers, about which you have never heard before. So lets’ dig inside.

  1. 1. Primula:

Primula is a very beautiful flower seen in the months from March to July. It is known to be a friendly kind of flower as it always grows in clusters. Its petals are different from an ordinary flower due to its heart shape and a tube-like structure in the center. Its tooth shaped edges give it a very unique look if seen from distance. These wrinkled flowers are widely found everywhere in the Himalayas. To get a sight of them, visit

  1. Garden strawberry:

The next in our list is garden strawberry. No, it is not a fruit but a beautiful flower of the Himalayas, also known as Fragaria. Due to its floral scent and sweet taste, it is commonly called garden strawberry. Fragaria can be easily seen around fresh waters and woods. It is a very delicate flower, small in size with hardly four or five petals. Its white color makes it very fascinating and irresistible.

The most interesting fact of this flower, according to ancient Europeans, is its devilish nature. It was believed that its sweet fragrance and taste tempts and invites devilish forces to eat them. Isn’t it scary? On the other hand, it was used to treat infectious diseases.

  1. Wild Roses:

Love perfumes? If yes, then you will definitely like a wild rose. Wild rose or musk rose is a very common flower seen everywhere in the Himalayas. Although it is named as a rose but is very different from a rose in terms of its appearance and properties. It blooms in May and produces a ‘rose hip’ fruit. It is a thorny plant with sharp edges. Its white and pink color is a vision for sight.

The wood extracted from its plant is very costly and is used in making walking sticks. It is highly used in perfume making due to its floral scent.

So, all perfume lovers, get your hands on this rose!

  1. Anemone Bloom:

Anemone is an extremely beautiful flower with pastel hues and pink tinge along with yellow stamen. This flower has a very long stalk and blooms in June. It is also known as windflower as it brings strong winds along its blooming time.

  1. Narilathaor Naked Woman:

Last but not least, talking about the most interesting and mysterious flower of Himalayas. Not often seen, this flower blooms after a long duration of 20 years. Keeping everything aside, this flower has made everyone astonished and speechless.

Thinking that I am exaggerating? Actually not! This hype is all because it takes the shape of a naked woman once it is matured. Isn’t it shocking? It has a lot of myths along but no one is sure about its authenticity.

In nutshell:

These were some of the unique and breath-taking flowers of the Himalayas rarely seen anywhere. They are the oldest of their times and fascinating enough. Having a lot of mysteries, everybody wants to know more about such flowers. If you are also one of those people and want to know more, then visit

Flowers are the perfect way to add a blissful vibe and life on every occasion. They inject color, freshness, and eye-catching beauty. This is why flowers have become a part of every special occasion in our lives.

But with all the types of flowers available, finding the right flower to use could be challenging.

Just like in a branding, where certain colors are used to initiate certain emotions associated by the brand in order to be more effective, flowers also carry unique symbolism that makes them a perfect choice in certain occasions. Flowers are given meaning based both on their species and their color.

While there are a lot of factors that could affect your decision in which flower to use, this guide gives you an idea on which flowers are perfect for any occasion.


Roses are, without doubt, the most popular flower that symbolizes love and passion. But while it generally symbolizes love, the different colors of a rose provide different hues of meaning, making it the perfect failsafe flower for any occasion. Red, the most common and popular rose color is a symbol of love, passion, and desire. This makes it an ideal flower for Valentine’s day celebrations and Wedding ceremonies. White roses, on the other hand, means innocence, chastity, and purity. They are perfect for weddings as well, and any religious occasions such as Baptism. While yellow roses, add a warm and vibrant note in accomplishment celebrations such as graduation or a successful performance.


Lilies bring a more elegant radiance in any occasion. This exquisite flower generally symbolizes purity and birth. It is a staple inclusion in floral decors for countless occasions. White lilies represent modesty and are perfect for wedding ceremonies and corporate events. Meanwhile, yellow lilies symbolize gaiety. It is best used for celebratory parties to add a hint of cheerfulness in the room.


Gerberas are fascinatingly versatile and eye-catching flowers. It seems to hold it’s petals open to the world, radiating pure bliss and happiness. These beauties are available in red, yellow, pink, white, and orange. They blend well in combination with other flowers on any occasion such as weddings, corporate events, and birthday celebrations. They carry bright colors that make them a playful addition to any flower arrangement. Gerberas symbolically means happiness, making it fit for any joyful celebration.


Hydrangeas are star-shaped flowers packed closely together in a pompom. It has soft pastel hues of pink, pale blue, yellow, and violet. Hydrangeas are common landscaping shrubs but are commonly used in decor as well. They are remarkably stunning and an effortlessly ready flower arrangement by itself. Hydrangeas are attributed to gratitude, thanksgiving, abundance, and prosperity.


These little dainty blooms symbolize unconditional love and honor. They have funnel-shaped petals that create a fabulous accent in any floral decoration.  Each stem bears multiple small flowers and is perfect as decor all by itself. They are very easy to arrange and are available in a range of vibrant colors for every occasion. Freesias may be either single or double blooms. They are suitable for any occasion and is best paired with daisies and small greeneries for a posh and rustic flower arrangement.


Gladiolas have sword-like shaped leaves called “gladioli”, thus its name. They were considered the flower of the gladiators and have long been associated with strength and moral integrity. These blooms range in color from bold orange to pastel blues, pinks, and yellows. They are long-stemmed flowers that are popular in funerals and bereavement for strength in tough times. They are often used in combination with carnations and white daisies. But gladiolas are not limited to funerals, they are also perfect for decors in anniversaries as it’s also associated with the phrase “pierced by love”.


Orchids whisper grace and sheer beauty, making them unique and more expensive than other flowers. Orchids are another staple in more sophisticated flower arrangements,  but versatile enough to fit in any occasion due to its diverse symbolism of love, luxury, beauty, and strength. Orchids come in multiple varieties in terms of color and patterns giving a vivid touch to any floral display. They can be used in all types of parties, weddings, corporate events, bridal showers, etc.

Knowing the symbolism and meaning of each flower type and color helps a lot in choosing the right flowers to use in every occasion. You may also combine these flowers for a more striking and meaningful floral arrangement that caters both for the aesthetic and emotional aspects of any celebration.

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Choosing wedding flowers is one of the most fun parts of wedding planning. Read on to learn how to choose the perfect ones.

In 2016, there were over 2.2 million marriages in the United States.

If you’re planning a wedding, you may be overwhelmed at the many decisions you need to make.

If you need help choosing wedding flowers, look no further. We put together this guide to help you choose flowers that will match your wedding look add a touch of romance and glamour to your big day.

Don’t stress–choosing wedding flowers can be one of the most fun parts of wedding planning. Keep reading to get some tips for picking your wedding flowers.

Do Some Research

The first thing you can do is get some inspiration through bridal magazines or Pinterest. Look at different flowers, colors, and floral arrangements to get an idea of what you like. Decide on your wedding flower colors which will help you narrow down your choices.

You can even go to a botanical garden to look at flowers and see how they look in real life. Another idea is to browse an online flower shop to see floral decor ideas and check it out!

Set Your Budget

It may be tempting to want to decorate the whole wedding ceremony with cascades of flowers. It’s important to set a budget early on so that you can be realistic in your choices.

Take a look at your overall wedding budget and see how much you can allocate to wedding flowers. Also, with the right positioning and additional cheaper foilage, you can make less look like more.

Consider Your Theme

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing wedding flowers. The first is your wedding theme. Think about your theme and your wedding dress style and how you can tie in your flower choices with them.

For example, if you’re having a whimsical-themed wedding, you can choose wedding flowers with unique shapes such as gerbera daisies, billy balls, or poppies. if you have a more classic wedding theme, you may opt for classic wedding flowers such as roses, carnations, or orchids.

Also, think about the wedding season. Locally grown flowers would be less expensive and more environmentally-conscious than flowers that are out of season.

Choose a Florist

Once you have an idea of what flowers you want, you can choose a florist to work with.

When deciding on a florist, look at their portfolio to see their past work. Talk to them about your budget and see how they can make that work for you. Your florist should also give you helpful advice on which wedding flowers to choose from.

Decide What You Will Order

Depending on your budget, you can decide what floral decor choices you want for your wedding.

Some floral decor to consider include:

  • Bridal flower bouquet
  • Bridesmaids’ bouquets
  • Centerpieces
  • Corsages
  • Flower decor the ceremony
  • Flower decor for the reception

Make a list of which floral arrangements are must-haves–such as the bridal bouquet. Put other, less important floral decor options–like car decor–on a nice-to-have list.

Final Advice for Choosing Wedding Flowers

When choosing wedding flowers, think about your own unique style. Do you like big, lavish, colorful decor? Or would you be more into simple, pastel colors? Remember to keep flower shopping a fun experience.