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Who does not know about the Himalayas? Himalaya is the other name of beauty in Asia with jaw-dropping mountain peaks and exotic views. It is one of its unique kind of place fascinating to a large number of visitors. Its scenes, peaks, weather, streams, views are unbeatable in beauty. Do you know that there is another thing in the Himalayas which is worth-seeing? And, that is its fauna and flora.

We will highlight some of its extremely beautiful and unique flowers, about which you have never heard before. So lets’ dig inside.

  1. 1. Primula:

Primula is a very beautiful flower seen in the months from March to July. It is known to be a friendly kind of flower as it always grows in clusters. Its petals are different from an ordinary flower due to its heart shape and a tube-like structure in the center. Its tooth shaped edges give it a very unique look if seen from distance. These wrinkled flowers are widely found everywhere in the Himalayas. To get a sight of them, visit

  1. Garden strawberry:

The next in our list is garden strawberry. No, it is not a fruit but a beautiful flower of the Himalayas, also known as Fragaria. Due to its floral scent and sweet taste, it is commonly called garden strawberry. Fragaria can be easily seen around fresh waters and woods. It is a very delicate flower, small in size with hardly four or five petals. Its white color makes it very fascinating and irresistible.

The most interesting fact of this flower, according to ancient Europeans, is its devilish nature. It was believed that its sweet fragrance and taste tempts and invites devilish forces to eat them. Isn’t it scary? On the other hand, it was used to treat infectious diseases.

  1. Wild Roses:

Love perfumes? If yes, then you will definitely like a wild rose. Wild rose or musk rose is a very common flower seen everywhere in the Himalayas. Although it is named as a rose but is very different from a rose in terms of its appearance and properties. It blooms in May and produces a ‘rose hip’ fruit. It is a thorny plant with sharp edges. Its white and pink color is a vision for sight.

The wood extracted from its plant is very costly and is used in making walking sticks. It is highly used in perfume making due to its floral scent.

So, all perfume lovers, get your hands on this rose!

  1. Anemone Bloom:

Anemone is an extremely beautiful flower with pastel hues and pink tinge along with yellow stamen. This flower has a very long stalk and blooms in June. It is also known as windflower as it brings strong winds along its blooming time.

  1. Narilathaor Naked Woman:

Last but not least, talking about the most interesting and mysterious flower of Himalayas. Not often seen, this flower blooms after a long duration of 20 years. Keeping everything aside, this flower has made everyone astonished and speechless.

Thinking that I am exaggerating? Actually not! This hype is all because it takes the shape of a naked woman once it is matured. Isn’t it shocking? It has a lot of myths along but no one is sure about its authenticity.

In nutshell:

These were some of the unique and breath-taking flowers of the Himalayas rarely seen anywhere. They are the oldest of their times and fascinating enough. Having a lot of mysteries, everybody wants to know more about such flowers. If you are also one of those people and want to know more, then visit

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