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Amazon is one of the largest stores in the world. It is so widely used that it has become some sort of ubiquitous reference point, that even when planning to buy elsewhere, people usually go to Amazon 1st to compare the prices or read the consumer reviews.

With its’ massive product selection, discounted prices, abundance of product reviews and a convenient shopping experience, it is no wonder that Amazon is a favorite among consumers.

No matter if you are shopping for birthday presents, wedding presents, back to school supplies or any other items, Amazon can be a great place to find the best deals and fast shipping. In this article, we are going to give you ways to save money on Amazon;

  1. Amazon Coupons

Using the Amazon Coupons page is a great way of getting extra discounts on products you’re already using. For example, the Amazon coupons page can list a code of 20% off a $100 shoes purchase (NewFall2). These coupons basically work like the ones you are used to clipping from the Sunday newspaper except with Amazon Coupons, you simply click the particular coupon of the item you want, and it’ll give you the discount when you check out. You can also combine this with “subscribe and save” to save even much more money. More about Amazon coupons at

  1. Buy Used 

Amazon allows individuals and 3rd party sellers to sell used items through its’ site. Some of the ‘used items’ are actually brand new and are sold at a deep discount. If you are looking for a DVD, a book or a similar item, it is worth checking Amazon’s ‘buy used’ section on that particular item’s listing to see if you can save money by getting the used version.

  1. Amazon Subscribe & Save 

If you normally have to stock up on items such as protein powder, baby wipes, diapers or toilet paper, you can use the Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program to get the discounted items. There are thousands of Subscribe & Save items, from baby wipes to protein powder. You choose just how often you want the items delivered, all with absolutely free shipping, and you’ve the option of cancelling your subscription at any time.

ProTip; You can save up to 15% on your order when you purchase 5 or more subscriptions on the delivery day, therefore, it is best to have all your orders shipped at the same time.

  1. Amazon Prime 

If you’re a heavy duty user of Amazon’s products, you should consider joining Amazon Prime. It costs about $99 for the annual membership, but you get lots of benefits including, but not limited to; free 2 day shipping on numerous products, discounted 1 day shipping, free standard shipping on anything you buy, and there no minimum purchases required.

That said, it’s important to note that Amazon Prime has a free trial which lasts for 30 days. After this trial period, the membership gets automatically renewed to paid subscription, therefore, make sure you put a reminder to cancel the service if you do not want to incur the bill.

  1. Choose No Rush Shipping to Get Shopping Credits 

If you have prime membership on Amazon and you make orders on a regularly basis, but do not mind exercising a bit of patience, then you can choose the no rush shipping option rather than the free two day shipping at checkout. Every time you do this, you’ll either receive discounts immediately or earn rewards on future purchases.

Note that by No-Rush Shipping, Amazon basically means within 6 business days. So, If you are not in a hurry, this is a smart way to rack up the discounts and rewards.

  1. Amazon Visa 

If you buy items regularly from Amazon, then Amazon Visa is a great additional tool to have. You can use it to purchase items from Amazon and you will earn a gift card every month equal to 3% of your overall spending on Amazon. The card also provides 2% back at drug stores, gas stations, restaurants and 1% on everything else.

  1. Install a Browser Extension to Find the Best Deals 

Normally, various different Amazon sellers will be selling the same items. In order to find the best deal quickly, install Honey, a browser extension that will automatically notifies you when a better deal is available on Amazon.


There’s something to be said about safety in numbers. As long as you’re safely tucked under the comforting blanket of a familiar brand, everything is going to be just fine – or at least, that’s how the theory goes.

In the web hosting world, that translates to using the services of the most popular hosting company on the market. At this very moment, that’s definitely GoDaddy, a Scottsdale-based domain registrar powerhouse.

What makes them such an enticing option? For starters, they serve over 13 million paying customers and manage more than 60 million domain names. No matter how hard you look, you’re unlikely to find a hosting company with a better reputation. They’re such a popular web presence that they can actually afford to air Super Bowl commercials! And it’s not just a marketing campaign, as evidenced by their steadfast customer service, reliable uptime, versatile Linux- and Windows-based hosting plans and numerous other attractive features.

Godaddy Hosting Coupons

And let’s not forget the omnipresent GoDaddy coupons and promo codes. Like most other hosting companies, GoDaddy offers a lot of discounts throughout the year. Whether you’re a new or experienced webmaster, it’s always a good idea to scour the Internet in search of these coupons before purchasing a hosting plan, as you might save yourself a lot of money in the process.

For example, it took me just a couple of minutes to find a ‘cjccou50hu’ coupon code, which got me a 50% discount on my favored GoDaddy hosting plan! A ‘cjccoup99’ promo code will let you buy a .COM domain for just $0.99, with additional .COM domains setting you back $9.99 per year. If you’re interested in GoDaddy’s new products, a ‘cjccoup30’ coupon will allow you to buy them at a 30% discount.

The Plans

But before you storm off in search of flashy promotions, how about we take a closer look at the services GoDaddy is offering us? First off, there are three main shared hosting plans on offer:

  • Economy ($7.72/month): one website, one free domain, 100GB of storage, 10 x 1GB MySQL databases. With a Godaddy hosting coupon you can get the Economy plan for only 1 dollar per month. That’s 87% off.
  • Deluxe ($10.30/month): unlimited websites, storage and subdomains, 25 x 1GB MySQL databases
  • Ultimate ($16.74/month): everything included in the Deluxe package, plus doubled RAM and CPU allocation and a 1-year SSL certificate

Godaddy Pros

Some of the more popular specialist features include WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, the eCommerce account and the Website Builder. The prices are pretty comparable to some other prominent hosting companies such as 1&1 and HostGator, but GoDaddy provides a couple of distinct advantages, including a 1-year trial of an Office Outlook mailbox.

Of course, the sheer amount of hosting plans on offer would matter little if your website just couldn’t stay online. Dependable uptime is probably the single most important factor to keep in mind when looking for a hosting company. Fortunately, GoDaddy performs impressively in this regard. The tests I’ve conducted show that their average uptime availability sits at a remarkable 99.95%. Unsurprisingly, these statistics place them in the top echelon of hosting companies.

As far as customer service goes, GoDaddy has three levels of support: a searchable knowledge base, a customer forum and a 24/7 telephone number. The knowledge base is a natural first choice for an experienced webmaster, but some novices might struggle with the wordy FAQs and technical articles. The customer forum is fairly active, and finding an answer to your quandaries shouldn’t prove too difficult. However, the phone support team is the true star of the show. In addition to being quick to answer, they seem very friendly and knowledgeable about the subject at hand.

The website builder has been spruced up recently, and it now goes by the name of GoCentral. This handy tool is fairly simple to use, and allows you to create a professional mobile-friendly website in no time. The site builder itself is free, and you can also add a web store for $29.99 per month.

Godaddy Cons

GoDaddy doesn’t have a whole lot of negatives, but the refund period could use some working on. If you sign an annual contract, you’ll get a standard 30-day refund window; however, a monthly contract shortens the grace period to a mere 48 hours. There are some other conditions related to the refund policy as well, including the 1,500-word long small print at the end. GoDaddy might be a reliable hosting company, but you wouldn’t know that by looking at their refund conditions.

In the end, however, the positives far outweigh the negatives when it comes to GoDaddy. With its affordable hosting solutions, numerous useful features, rock-solid uptime statistics and tremendous customer support, GoDaddy certainly lives up to its reputation of a web hosting giant.


This is an interview with Alex Papaconstantinou, founder of, one of the UK’s biggest voucher sites. In this interview with IncrediblePlanet, Alex shows that successful coupon marketing, used in a long term strategy, is all about developing personal relationships with customers, and ultimately increasing profits.

Here is how:

IncrediblePlanet: Alex, too many small business owners think that marketing using coupons may cannibalise profits and that constantly discounting your products can impact your online business in a negative way. That is why so many retailers are no longer using coupons. What is your opinion?

Alex Papaconstantinou: Most retailers I know who decided to stop issuing discount coupons were doing coupon marketing the wrong way. Coupon marketing fails if you have a short term view. If all you want is to increase sales in the short term, discounting a product to lure users is almost always a disaster. Coupon marketing is a long term strategy. The purpose of distributing coupons is to develop a personal relationship with your clients.

IncrediblePlanet: Do you mean using coupons like loyalty rewards?

Alex Papaconstantinou: No. Of course, you can use emails to send discount codes to your customers saying: “We wouldn’t be here without your business. We want to offer you £20 off your next order as a token of appreciation.” But this is not all. Coupons are all about being personal. It’s more like “Happy birthday John, here is £5 OFF this wine just for you! Use personal code JOHN50 to get this offer only on your birthday.”

IncrediblePlanet: Is that done via your subscriber list or via your Facebook page?

Alex Papaconstantinou: Either or both. Through Facebook, you can give discounts and coupons to your fans on special occasions like birthdays. The great thing about Facebook is that it tells you about people’s birthdays. They pop up on your notifications. Rewarding your die-hard fans with big discount coupons instead of offering big deals to everyone is a much better business move.

IncrediblePlanet: What about remarketing?

Alex Papaconstantinou: Yes, a good example of remarketing is targeting Shopping Cart leavers. Abandonment of shopping cart happens when a customer visits your online store, selects one or more products, fills in the delivery form with their email address and then proceeds to checkout. However, the customer leaves your website while at checkout for unknown reasons. Targeting the same user with a coupon, offering a very attractive deal on the products he already has in the shopping cart is a good plan. But make sure you do it soon while the client is still hot.

You may send that customer a coupon code and a link via email. It can be like this: “Hi John, I saw you didn’t complete your purchase. I can give you 10% off your shopping cart, valid for the next 30 minutes only. Click this link to apply the discount. ”.

IncrediblePlanet: What if you don’t have 10% margin to play with?

Alex Papaconstantinou: Then, you have to see how much the customer is worth to you in the long term. I mean, you have probably already paid money on Google Ads, or invested in optimising your site, or paid for ads on Facebook in order acquire the user. If you don’t convert him he is still only a prospect, not a client. If you turn that prospect into a buyer, it is much easier to upsell or cross sell to them again in the future. Think long term. It may be good to give away 25% of your profits now so you earn 100% of the profit over and over again from the same person.

IncrediblePlanet: So you use coupons to grow your client base?

Alex Papaconstantinou: Yes. Your ecommerce business can offer first time buyers discounts using online discount codes even as much as 50% for a day. Customers on the fence will likely make up their minds when scarcity or urgency becomes part of the deal.

IncrediblePlanet: Thanks Alex. Many online business owners are coming up with ways for increasing their sales, building affiliate relationships, increasing customer loyalty and tracking customers by leveraging on coupons codes.

Alex Papaconstantinou: Yes, we can talk about using coupons to track affiliate marketing or any marketing campaign another time. However, for now, just remember this, to building a sustainable business think about coupons as a long term strategy for building relationships and not for increasing your sales short term.