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Amazon is one of the largest stores in the world. It is so widely used that it has become some sort of ubiquitous reference point, that even when planning to buy elsewhere, people usually go to Amazon 1st to compare the prices or read the consumer reviews.

With its’ massive product selection, discounted prices, abundance of product reviews and a convenient shopping experience, it is no wonder that Amazon is a favorite among consumers.

No matter if you are shopping for birthday presents, wedding presents, back to school supplies or any other items, Amazon can be a great place to find the best deals and fast shipping. In this article, we are going to give you ways to save money on Amazon;

  1. Amazon Coupons

Using the Amazon Coupons page is a great way of getting extra discounts on products you’re already using. For example, the Amazon coupons page can list a code of 20% off a $100 shoes purchase (NewFall2). These coupons basically work like the ones you are used to clipping from the Sunday newspaper except with Amazon Coupons, you simply click the particular coupon of the item you want, and it’ll give you the discount when you check out. You can also combine this with “subscribe and save” to save even much more money. More about Amazon coupons at

  1. Buy Used 

Amazon allows individuals and 3rd party sellers to sell used items through its’ site. Some of the ‘used items’ are actually brand new and are sold at a deep discount. If you are looking for a DVD, a book or a similar item, it is worth checking Amazon’s ‘buy used’ section on that particular item’s listing to see if you can save money by getting the used version.

  1. Amazon Subscribe & Save 

If you normally have to stock up on items such as protein powder, baby wipes, diapers or toilet paper, you can use the Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program to get the discounted items. There are thousands of Subscribe & Save items, from baby wipes to protein powder. You choose just how often you want the items delivered, all with absolutely free shipping, and you’ve the option of cancelling your subscription at any time.

ProTip; You can save up to 15% on your order when you purchase 5 or more subscriptions on the delivery day, therefore, it is best to have all your orders shipped at the same time.

  1. Amazon Prime 

If you’re a heavy duty user of Amazon’s products, you should consider joining Amazon Prime. It costs about $99 for the annual membership, but you get lots of benefits including, but not limited to; free 2 day shipping on numerous products, discounted 1 day shipping, free standard shipping on anything you buy, and there no minimum purchases required.

That said, it’s important to note that Amazon Prime has a free trial which lasts for 30 days. After this trial period, the membership gets automatically renewed to paid subscription, therefore, make sure you put a reminder to cancel the service if you do not want to incur the bill.

  1. Choose No Rush Shipping to Get Shopping Credits 

If you have prime membership on Amazon and you make orders on a regularly basis, but do not mind exercising a bit of patience, then you can choose the no rush shipping option rather than the free two day shipping at checkout. Every time you do this, you’ll either receive discounts immediately or earn rewards on future purchases.

Note that by No-Rush Shipping, Amazon basically means within 6 business days. So, If you are not in a hurry, this is a smart way to rack up the discounts and rewards.

  1. Amazon Visa 

If you buy items regularly from Amazon, then Amazon Visa is a great additional tool to have. You can use it to purchase items from Amazon and you will earn a gift card every month equal to 3% of your overall spending on Amazon. The card also provides 2% back at drug stores, gas stations, restaurants and 1% on everything else.

  1. Install a Browser Extension to Find the Best Deals 

Normally, various different Amazon sellers will be selling the same items. In order to find the best deal quickly, install Honey, a browser extension that will automatically notifies you when a better deal is available on Amazon.

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