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This is the headache in almost every family to arrange the best possible senior care for the senior member of the family. Most people prefer a nursing home, a family caregiver, or an in-home care agency. 

Points to keep in mind

  • Varieties and options

Nursing homes are quite expensive as elderly people have to live there. These nursing home facilities accumulate the bills until the families pursue long term insurance. In-home care is the most popular method of providing senior care services. A caregiver is allocated the job of caring for an elderly parent in their own home. This is much more comfortable for the client, and the client receives much better services. This method relieves a family caregiver from the burden of looking after an aged parent. Most importantly, this is very much affordable and also a beneficial process. 

  • Expense

The elderly person can get full freedom and supportive care from senior care services. It is easy for them to keep their dignity. More than that the cost to avail such services are not at all expensive, it feels worth it. Medical professionals with advanced medical certificates provide skilled services like senior moving services, nursing care, social caring services. The health aide works under the supervision of a nurse or a medical therapist.

  • How the seniors are benefitted

The seniors are provided with personal care such as bathing, dressing, meal preparation. A home service provider would assist the older adult in self-administered medications and medical appointments, as health is the most significant factor in here. They also help clients with supportive assistance, which inclusively helps them interact with other people as well. They help their clients in all sorts of needs like contacting a Craters and Freighters company. Their main objective is to make their clients feel comfortable and secure and feel that they are in their own home. Other than such features, home care service providers are more trustworthy than any other option. 

  • Giving priority to their desires

Now, many senior citizens decide to move to assisted living on their own whatever the reasons are. For them, the only simple thing they want is to live a better quality of life and live independently. Problems would arise when the senior refuses to move. So the best thing to do is to be patient and take time. Try to listen and understand what they say. Take time and make them used to the idea of senior care services slowly. Without putting any pressure, allow the seniors to do activities they find interest in the senior care service. Help them through their concerns.

  • Proper monitoring

In most families, most of the members don’t have the time or skills to provide senior care services to a member of the family whose health is deteriorating due to age. Now, hiring someone could be very good of an idea, but one should be very careful of the person being appointed, monitor that person regularly inquire appropriately before hiring. Yes, one hires someone to put the burden away from their shoulders, but at the same time, they have a responsibility to their senior family member, which they cannot levy on someone else. So they cannot give it all up, they need to do some work from their part. 


Lastly, I would like to say that it is one’s noble duty to help and take care of his/her seniors. No one can deny that. Hence one should not only levy this duty onto somebody else.

Prom dresses are very delicate, elegant and expensive as well. Once you buy dresses like these, you have to to do everything to take care of those. These dresses can be heavy as well as light depending on your choice. If you really want to keep your dress in the best possible condition, there are a number of tips as well as the trick that you can follow. With just a little bit of care, you can ensure that your prom gowns can be kept intact even it is before the prom or after the prom.

Here is how you should take care of your prom dresses:

Before the prom:

It is very important to prevent your dress from getting any type of damage or any creases to your gown. The best retailers are going to provide you with the garment bags so that you can keep your prom dresses carefully. If you are not provided with those bags, you can purchase various types of garment bags form the market or from the online to keep your dress safe, neat and tidy. The first step is to hang your dress inside the garment bag. The trick is to hang it somewhere high enough so that the bottom of it not touching the ground. You can hang it in a place which is closed; it can be a wardrobe. The things that you must make sure of is that the place that you choose for your elegant prom dresses 2019 is free from all the bad smells, for example, cooking.

It is understandable that you are tempted to try on the dress number of times to see how it fits or how does it look on you. But what you need to do is resist. The more you are tempted to try your dresses, the more you take it on and off, there is a risk that the beading is going to get loose and fall. The other reason is the for the longer period it is outside your garment bag, there is a chance that your dress will be damaged or get dirty. It is suggested to wear your dress with the shoes on and get a complete look once or twice but do not wear your prom dress too many times, because then it won’t feel as special as it would have on the prom night.

When you are getting ready:

It is very important that you put your prom gown after you have applied your makeup and style your hair so that your dress is not damaged. Be careful with the body lotions as they can move from your skin to your dress, making your dress look dirty. If you are wearing any perfume, then be cautious as many crystals on your dress can get discolored. The perfume must be applied before you even wear your dress, so it is not affected by any means. You must spray the perfume and then walk through it.

Try to put your prom dress at the last possible moment so that you have enough time to take the photos. There are some types of prom dresses that are going to get extra help. Make sure that you and your friends have washed their hands properly before touching the prom dresses.

During the Prom night: 

Always keep that your prom dress is a very delicate dress. Sometimes, there is a trend of arriving at your prom night with an entry. Make sure that your arrival does not damage your dress in any way. If anything spills on your dress, do not panic and try to remove the excess of it, and do not rub it madly as it is going to make it look worse. There is a much better chance of removing the stains off your prom dresses from the dry cleaners. And do not be worried about your stain as the thing must take care about it not ruining your mood and the evening.

Friends do more than just give you an excuse to go to happy hour on Friday night. They’re also good for your health. In fact, evidence shows that people who have childhood best friends tend to be less anxious and depressed by the time they’re 25. Having one best friend is more important than having five or six casual friends, at least from a health standpoint.

But not everyone can carry their best friendship from high school with them into adulthood. People change and grow and move away from each other. But if you’re an adult with someone who can conceivably be called a best friend, it’s worth showing them you care. Here are three ways to achieve that.

Write a letter

The days of writing letters back and forth between friends are mostly gone. When we get our mail now, it’s very unlikely to find any personal letters. We might get credit card statements and maybe a magazine or two, but for the most part, junk mail fills up our mailboxes nowadays. According to New York University, 5.6 million tons of junk mail are dropped in American landfills every year. When you write a letter to a friend, you’re giving them something to look forward to besides a used car dealership flyer that goes straight into the recycling bin.

If your handwriting isn’t too bad, feel free to write the letter by hand. But if you have the handwriting of a doctor minus the salary, it’s okay to sit in front of a computer and type out a letter to your friend. Think about what you would say to them in a text, and then expound on it. For example, in a text you might say, “How are u?” In a letter, you can say, “I’ve been thinking of you. I hope your new job is going well.” If your friend wants to start a regular correspondence, that’s great. If not, they’ll still cherish the fact that you took the time to write an actual letter, put it in an envelope, and mail it.

Get friendship bracelets

In junior high, there’s a good chance you had one of those “best friends forever” necklaces that combined to form a heart or something similar. While it may seem like something that you outgrow once you hit college, you can still use physical tokens to symbolize your friendship. Custom friendship bracelets are a solid idea no matter how old you are.

Something tangible like a bracelet is useful, mostly because you can look at the item and think of your friend. You may not have time to text or call, but you do have time to glance at your wrist and remember how much your friend means to you. Adult life means making sacrifices — too often, you have to sacrifice friendships in the short-term in order to accomplish other goals like getting a promotion at work. Wearing a bracelet can serve as a reminder to check in with your friend occasionally no matter how busy life gets.

Schedule a half hour coffee date

Some people can be so addicted to productivity that they end up becoming addicted to being busy. If you’re not careful, you can convince yourself that your worth as a person depends on how many social invitations you turn down. But that’s a recipe for quick burnout. Fight back by calling up your friend and scheduling a coffee date. If you both only have 30 minutes, then make it for 30 minutes, but plan to spend at least some time in the same room together, doing nothing more than talking about your lives. If possible, you should both agree to not check your phones for the entire coffee date.

It’s a cliché, but no one gets to the end of their life and thinks fondly of all those moments they spent working overtime in the office. Relationships help make life significant, so take a little time and invest it in your best friend.

Their health, age and mobility are some factors that determine what type of care they’ll get. According to Halo Health Care, seniors deserve to live a comfortable life. If you’re a senior or have a relative who’s a senior, it’s about time that you consider essential senior care service.

At the moment, research shows that family and friends of most seniors offer them support. Those with special needs require a particular kind of senior care, either full-time or part-time.

The seniors who receive the care either get residential communities or assisted living. Nursing homes also provide care for them. It’s estimated that the government spends almost $20,000 per year on a single aged person.

Most seniors in the 70-90 age bracket experience complications in their health. This means that the money used on their medical needs increases. The government is doing its part of caring for the senior members of the community. The big question is: will it be able to hold these and many more costs that’ll pop up as the years go by?

In the future, it’s expected that seniors will increase in number. The more they are, the better care they expect to receive. Therefore, Canadian health care facilities need to up their game since they are unprepared. Here’s a brief look at what the future holds for senior care in various sectors and areas:

1. Technology

Technology is good as it is, but in the future, it will get better. There’s a noticeable change in the technology sector over the past ten years. A convenient tool like the GPS, for example, makes it easier to care for seniors.

They keep track of them and help staff find them should they go missing. Seniors will opt for monitored medical alert devices, wearable sensors and other aids. These will make it easier for them to care for themselves. Various healthcare providers are receiving health and gym training to offer better care to seniors.

Some companies are taking a step further in technological advancement now. They’ve considered the weaknesses of human labor. They’re choosing to work with virtual robot assistants.

Another company has plans to introduce a special robot that’ll care for seniors. They’ll also help them enjoy their lives. This can be a massive success in facilities where caregivers aren’t always there for the seniors. They make caring for the seniors easier.

2. Housing

Growth in the number of seniors are facilitating the making of more housing facilities. Nursing homes and other housing facilities for seniors are quickly diminishing. More seniors are showing an interest in living on their own.

Specialists say that in the next 22 years, seniors will need over 2 million facilities to house them. And this is in the U.S. alone. Families will make particular changes in their homes to accommodate their elderly relatives. Specialists also say that some seniors will prefer being together in a single home. Younger people will care for them.

3. Amenities

Who wants to live their lives in houses with cheap amenities? Definitely not seniors. Homes with extravagant and unnecessary amenities will be on higher demand. They’ll want to live in houses such as bungalows, condos and townhouses.

Facilities that offer upscale dining, excellent healthcare and others will work for them. For those with pets, expectations will be nothing less for them and their pets. Communities with proper care for pets and seniors will be a top choice for them. They’ll also want communities that allow them to be everywhere with their pets.

4. Community-Based Systems Will Have a Higher Demand

Seniors enjoying senior care will love community-based systems than the structured ones. It’s understandable since the systems will not only give them a sense of community. They will provide them with more care options too.

Studies show that seniors living in isolation are mentally affected. It also has an impact on their physical state. They suffer from depression and, if things get worse, they could die. Such systems are thus a more welcome option among seniors.

5. The Competition Will Increase Among Facilities

No senior care facility will want to stay behind in the quest to provide quality care for seniors. An increase in the number of seniors will lead to high demand for senior care experts. There will be a higher demand for better services in all the sectors discussed above.

Senior facilities will aim to provide services required by seniors. They’ll also want to provide the services that the seniors’ loved ones prefer.

Even if you’ll be a senior in a couple of years to come, it’s advisable for you to stay updated in matters about senior care. The more you know, the more capable you’ll be to adjust based on findings and estimates. From the above findings, it’s evident that the future is bright for seniors in need of senior care.

Even if spring is playing hard to get right now (a lot of states are still experiencing moderate snowfall), this doesn’t mean that you should delay in carrying out spring lawn care tasks.

With green grass already sprouting from the ground, every homeowner with a yard or garden should already be taking steps toward lawn care and maintenance.

To help you ensure the healthy growth of your lawn this spring and in the coming seasons, here are seven of the tasks you must execute now.

  1. Conduct an inspection

Inspect matted vegetation carefully to see if there’s spring growth underneath. Likewise, keep an eye out for weird-looking foliage under the piles. If you find some, better clear the area and throw away the unusual-looking foliage because it may have disease or bacteria that can spread around your lawn.

  1. Start bush and tree trimming

This may seem counterproductive considering that everything’s just springing back to life. However, professional lawn care in Blue Springs, MO that includes spring bush and tree trimming is a must to further encourage growth.

Getting rid of dried branches, leaves, and stems will increase plants’ ability to absorb water and nutrients from the soil and sun, which is crucial before the extreme heat of summer sets in.

Likewise, strategic snipping will create room for new growth as well as ensure the nice shape of the bushes and trees.

  1. Clean up

Get rid of water deposits, broken branches and other clutter in your lawn. Any pile-up of rubbish easily attracts pests like mice, raccoons, and even snakes. Also, you do not want dried up leaves and branches to become a matted mess on your lawn. These can suffocate “sprouts” and cause them to die.

In Lee’s Summit MO, lawn care professionals can perform a spring clean up of your yard for you if you do not know how to carry it out correctly.

  1. Conduct pest control

Along with the reemergence of vegetation in your yard, expect all sorts of garden pests to appear as well. Spider mites, flies, moths, and different kinds of beetles are sure to become a presence in your lawn.

Be careful of wasps as well as they are quite active during the season. Wasps will likely choose to set up a nest in your patio, porch, or some structure you have in your lawn. They will also target burrowing holes in your garden. For a thoroughly successful spring lawn care and maintenance, do not forget to throw in the services of a pest control specialist.

  1. Let the grass grow tall

Tender loving care for sprouts of grass in the spring means letting them grow up to three and a half inches. Landscaping experts recommend holding off mowing your lawn for a while and letting grass grow and become strong.

This will not only make grass easier to cut later on, it will also allow them to better withstand the presence of weeds around them. If grass grows really healthy, it can even suffocate the weeds that are getting a share of the nutrients from the ground.

  1. Check the pH level of your soil

This will determine if you need to apply pulverized limestone to ensure the healthy growth of grass and plants during the season. Basically, if the pH level is 5.5 or more, you can do without the limestone, if it’s lower than that number, you better head to your local gardening store for some limestone.

  1. Fertilize

Spring is the perfect season to spread a fresh layer of lawn boosters that are rich in potassium, nitrogen, and magnesium. This will enhance the growth of your turf and all the other plants you have growing in your lawn. After a depletion of essential nutrients during the winter, your lawn desperately needs to drink up some tonic.

There you have it, seven of the most important lawn care tasks you need to perform this spring. Make sure to do each of them correctly because they will serve as a good foundation for growing a healthy lawn throughout the changing seasons.

Caring for pets is a great way to animate any household. And if you simply don’t have the time to look after furry friends such as dogs or cats, then fish might be a viable alternative for you. The brightly colored and vivacious little friends aren’t that hard to care for, and they are rather fun to watch too.

Nevertheless, not every member of your aquarium has to swim around and put on a show. Some creatures serve ornamental purposes amazingly, and starfish are one important category in this respect. And out of all the existing species, the chocolate chip sea star is the most beginner-friendly choice, so let’s see what it is and how you can take proper care of it.

About the Chocolate Chip Sea Star

According to National Geographic, the chocolate chip starfish is a general term used to refer to a class of invertebrates that have a cookie-like appearance. Although marine biologists usually refer to Nidorellia armata when uttering this name, we are actually talking about the Protoreaster nodosus, which is its pet shop cousin.

Although many members of the Oreasteridae family handle captivity poorly, this little fellow is a very welcome exception to the rule. Its color palette is varied, with hues ranging from pale tans to deep and vivid oranges. But they all share one similar trait, and it is also what gives them their name and cookie-like appearance.

Chocolate Star Fish Color Variations

Regardless of their color, chocolate chip sea stars all sport brown-black growths that resemble Hershey kisses in appearance. For this reason, those that are of lighter coloring can look like crisp, star-shaped marshmallows. Needless to say, this makes them amazing ornamental additions to any aquarium.

Nevertheless, they are best kept as members of a fish tank that does not contain small reef formations because they have a tendency to nibble on those. Thus, a fish-only environment is most suited to their behavior. Other than that, they tend to be rather peaceful and play well with others, as long as they aren’t threatened.

The main marine threats that need to be kept away from the captive chocolate chip sea star are lobsters, large crabs, puffer fish, and triggerfish. Any other oceanic or freshwater creatures will coexist harmoniously with them. For this reason, they are a very popular choice among aquarium enthusiasts from all over the world.

How to Care Properly For A Chocolate Chip Sea Star

Unfortunately, the chocolate chip starfish isn’t a viable option if you have a small tank. They are best kept in large aquariums because they grow as much as 15 inches in diameter. Furthermore, because it is quite the passive being, it lives best among mild-mannered fish. Predators will tear it apart because it moves quite slowly.

As long as the tank has a deep and welcoming sandy bed on the bottom, your new friend will do just fine. This is an exact replica of their preferred habitat, so make sure you offer it the appropriate living conditions. If it’s one thing that you must pay extra attention to, it’s the quality of the water.

Just like other invertebrates, the chocolate chip sea star cannot survive in a tank that is high in nitrate. Therefore, make sure that you maintain a healthy cycle in this respect so that every single member of your small marine family can leave a happy and healthy life. But other than that, it is a hardy species that is easy to keep around.

Food and care

Come mealtime, this species of starfish is rather low maintenance. It has a scavenging nature, which means that it can munch on a variety of things it finds lying around in the tank. However, in captivity, it will require supplemental feeding in the form of algae and meaty foods. The best choices for this are scallops, mussels and small pieces of squid or shrimp.

One way to go about it is to place the morsel in its path and wait for the little guy to crawl on top of it. But this method isn’t exactly the best, because it won’t always find its way to it. This means that its tank pears (the wrasse in particular) will pull it apart and devour it before the poor thing has had a chance to get its daily dose of nutrition.

Thus, the best way to feed the chocolate chip starfish its supplements is by lifting it, placing the food on the bottom and then putting the fellow right on top. As long as you handle the animal carefully, this method will work wonders. Remember that they are fragile little creatures that need to be touched by love and kindness.

The Bottom Line

The chocolate chip sea star is a great ornamental addition to any large marine aquarium. Due to its scavenger nature, it will mostly feed off of food that falls to the bottom of the tank. Nevertheless, it does require meaty supplements, and you need to keep it away from soft reefs and predators if you want your emulated ecosystem to be harmonious.

Featured Image Source: Bernard Dupont