The adventurous alternative to tent camping is hammock camping, which is on the rise among campers because it’s lightweight, convenient and has no-fuss methods. But, it is not as easy as it looks. There are several things you must consider before hammocking, from weather situations to the campsite to food arrangements and more.

Without proper planning and consideration, campers are bound to make a lot of mistakes that may become stressful and inconvenient, ruining their camping experience. Lucky for you, we have listed the most common hammock camping mistakes which you can avoid for a comfortable and relaxing experience.

  • Not Inspecting The Trees

Before hanging the hammock, inspect the trees for sturdiness and if they’re infested with pests, fungus or any other disease. Also, make sure the trees do not have any dead branches or leaves that could fall down because of heavy winds inside your hammock or on you while you are sleeping. Once you find a good pair of trees, ensure the distance between the two is enough to fit the length of your hammock.

  • Lack Of Insulation

Sleeping bags and blankets inside the hammock are not enough to protect you from being cold during the night. You need insulation from under the hammock too, which is exposed to the harsh cold air throughout the night if you don’t use an under quilt. An under quilt is the best for insulating your hammock perfectly as it keeps your back from freezing and potentially falling sick due to prolonged exposure to frost.

  • Not Maintaining A Sag

Your hammock should never be stretched tightly in a straight line, you must have a correct amount of sag in the middle of the hammock. Keep in mind, the sag shouldn’t be too much or too less.  To achieve the ideal sag make sure the hammock tree straps or cords you used to hang your hammock in between the trees are at about a 30-degree angle.

  • Hanging The Tarp Or The Hammock Too High/Low

The tarp above your hammock should be close to the ground but shouldn’t touch the ground as you need passage for ventilation. Hanging it closer to the ground ensures the body heat stays trapped within the tarp, preventing you from getting cold. While hanging it too high allows cold air to enter, rendering it useless.

Essentially, tying your hammock too high causes trouble while climbing inside it and could lead to injury if the tree straps or ropes break open. Whereas hanging it too low means your back will be dragging the ground. Make sure that you use the best way to tie hammock knots as it won’t loosen up easily and will keep you safe.

  • Sleeping In A Banana Position

Sleeping curled up in the shape of a banana is not only uncomfortable but will strain your back and squeeze your sides. What you should do for a comfortable hammock sleeping position is to sleep at an angle. That is, your legs should face the right side of a tree, and your head on the left side of the other tree.

  • Leaving Your Belongings Unprotected

Since you don’t have a tent to protect your gear from rains or wild animals, you must put extra efforts towards protecting your backpack, shoes and other things. You could get a waterproof backpack, a protective covering or rain fly to wrap your gear in. As for your shoes, stuff an extra pair of socks in them to prevent insects from going inside it or place them in a ziplock bag.

  • Misjudging The Weather

Probably the dumbest mistake campers make is not analysing the forecast of at least a week following the camping day.  Weather is unpredictable and changes in a fraction of a second. While you may pack equipment to keep you warm during winters, it won’t protect you from unexpected rains or storms. Therefore, pack according to the weather but also take into consideration the forecast of the following week to be on the safer side.

Your mobile home is perhaps going to be a little more hands on than a traditional block home. There are a few maintenance issues that a mobile home owner has to stay on top of to make sure it stays in good repair. Once you know what to expect everything should go very smoothly. Here are 4 ways to best take care of your mobile home.

Get It Level

It is vital to make sure your mobile home is resting on level ground. When a mobile home is not sitting level cracks can form in the walls, doors, and windows. Not only will these cracks keep them from shutting correctly and other common issues may arise. You can use a standard water level to check to make sure it has not been settling unlevel over time. And especially before a road trip, should you take care to level out any issues.


The skirt around the base of your mobile home is there for more reasons than to make everything look pretty. Skirting helps to keep animals from getting under your mobile home. It is also an important component in the ventilation of your mobile home.

For best skirting and venting ratios, check the manual of your mobile home. Skirting also helps to keep out humidity; thus, making it hard for mold to grow under your home.


When you live away from the city lights, your mobile home is going to be hooked up to a septic system. A septic system is going to require a monthly dose of Rid-x or similar product to make sure everything in your waste system is breaking down as it should.

If you start to have septic issues, then you may need to call a company like Rob’s Septic Inc. They will have the tools to diagnose if your septic is full to capacity or if you have something more serious going on like a leach field issue that needs correcting. Whatever the case, these are issues you will want professionals to handle in order to avoid a plumbing nightmare.


Since you are dealing with a flat roof, you have to pay attention to how well your mobile home’s roof is holding up. As a rule of thumb, some roofs should be recoated or resealed once annually. In addition, you want to make sure that you are recoating your roof using the proper materials for your type of roof.

You must also check the flashing to make sure there are no soft patches or bad caulking problems that require your immediate attention.


As an owner of a mobile home, you must inspect and address any issues that arise with your home. From issues with your mobile home being unlevel to plumbing problems, you will have to make sure that simple problems are not adding up to a huge maintenance nightmare.

By establishing a well-rounded maintenance schedule, you should find it is easy to keep up with every aspect of your mobile home’s maintenance.

Have you at any point imagined a delightful night across your mind, such that the sky was filled with twinkling stars, as the world outside your camp just left in peace? Narrate to your kids these myths & legends, promise your cherished one or even give yourself some internal talk, somewhere down in meditation. And while a great cup of morning coffee will get the the blood flowing and get you started on your day, it is important not to forget the importance of a good sleeping arrangement.

It sounds simple, but actually one of the most important things to have in mind when you’re camping on the rough. There is hardly anything as annoying as spending a full night awake in the tent, tossing and turning, because of some form of discomfort, whether from the cold or hard ground below, or whether it’s from a lack of proper insulation from the tent. But more importantly, if you don’t sleep properly when you’re off in wonderland, you’ll also lack sufficient energy for the next day’s trials. Whether you opt for a normal tent or a portable tent, the sleeping mattress and sleeping bag are as essential to enjoying your morning coffee, just as quality gear is necessary for the hunter or fisherman camping outdoors.

What will be included while camping? Coffee definitely, right?. Here are 5 ways to brew coffee while camping:

#1 The cowboy coffee 

This strategy presents to you an image of the western cowboy strolling in the desert. However, as of now, this story belongs to you.


• Make a fire next to your camp & after that heat the water up.

• Add the coffee grounds in that water & wait for a few minutes.

• Remove your pot down till your liquid boils.

• Cool it down to allow the coffee grounds settle at the bottom.


• You can’t a smooth & strong taste since there is no filter.

• It is difficult to clean.

#2 French Press 

A good French Press is going to serve both your custom made & camp coffee. In the event that you went camping via car together with your relatives, it is precisely an incredible alternative. Provided that you are a talented custom made coffee maker, you can likewise accomplish decent cups as you camp at home too.


• It is recommended that you pack it in your car due to its weight.

• Requires careful handling.

• It must be cleaned in time in order for it to operate next time.

#3 Instant coffee 

In some cases we simply camp at impulse or look for some stay with nature in order to incidentally appreciate a life with much ease. While there is no coffee gear that had been prepared in advance, one can make it by the instant coffee situated in their backpack. Ensure you have some hot water & afterward add the instant coffee. At long last, stir the coffee blend in order to have a smooth one.


• Separate & smaller packages that are packed easily.

• Fixed amounts which becomes convenient for individual use.


• Deprived coffee brewing method.

• No solid taste & scent as compared to drip coffee.

#4 Percolator 

Another great coffee making option when camping is utilizing the percolator. It’s by all accounts a blend of drip coffee & cowboy coffee that trickles boiling water through the coffee into your basket.


• Apart from the pot that you put coffee grounds directly in, the percolator provides a basket for doing so.

• It is simple to clean.


• Ensure that the water keeps boiling when you begin brewing your coffee.

• No need for additional equipment.

#5 Self-made bags of coffee

Making coffee bags all by yourself is the most appealing coffee-making strategy while you are outdoors.


• Prepare some filters of paper coffee, where you are capable of laying a certain amount of coffee grounds at its center.

• Seal your coffee pack firmly using strings. Ensure that your heated water boils.

• Then soak the coffee packs into it.

• After several minutes you can check the outcomes.


• Pure flavor is not guaranteed in comparison with the brewed coffee.

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A camping holiday in Morocco is an opportunity to enjoy a new experience especially in the beautiful sites in Morocco Holidays. Going camping allows you to travel in complete independence and much more cheaply, either in the summer so as to enjoy the sun or during winter so as to enjoy the cool Moroccan climate.

This Camping article provides you with a list of all perfect Campgrounds in Morocco that are very famous among tourists. This will also help you to select the best campsite for your next wilderness escape in the ancient kingdom of Morocco. Below are camping sites that are the best for campers:

  • Atlantic Coast of Morocco:

 The Atlantic Coast of Morocco has a lot of campsites and are pretty well equipped for even the first time campers. This coast is home to Morocco’s cultivated capital, Rabat, and its financial hub, the modern Casablanca.

The refined Moresque construction and liberal attitudes on display in both cities are a far cry from the primitive medinas and conservative lifestyles of inland cities such as the ancient Fez and Marrakesh. The price and facilities at campgrounds will vary but normally campgrounds are very reasonable and cost under 20E a night. You can find a list of some camping options on Virikson Morocco Holidays.

  • Sahara Desert:

Another hot spot is Western Sahara where camping at night is a perfect adventure. Closer to Marrakesh about 2.5 hours ride will take you to the High dunes of Sahara desert where you can enjoy the Barber Night camping with local barbers. Right in the middle of Sahara, you can enjoy the Erg Chigaga Luxury Desert Camp with full amenities. You can arrange a private desert camp or through the Local companies, whatever best fit your desires.

  • The Rif Mountains:

In the most amazing season of the year, in spring, you can enjoy the wonderful daytime tour and night camp on the high rocky base of the famous Rif Mountains. Trekking in the middle of the Rif Mountains with the perfect views of High Mountains, everything will go perfectly with your camping trip. Give it a try!

  • Marrakesh:

One of the most amazing camping areas in Marrakesh is Safi. With the discovery of antique culture and sites, you can easily setup a night or day camping in the beautiful weather with your spouse in Safi. It will cost you less if you arrange your tents by yourself otherwise you have booked through some Camping company Like Virikson morocco Holidays in Morocco camping Holidays. Camping & trekking in the wonderful area of Auberge Ait Oudinar, located just close the town of Tamallait, is also a beautiful & highly-rated campsite in this district offering similar amenities.

  • Al Hoceima National Park:

One of the most beautiful and calm areas is Al Hoceima National park of Morocco. It is situated near the Tangier. Tetouan-Al Hoceima is Morocco’s northernmost province.

Usually considered the most visited area but geographically, it’s in a great location – right on the coast where the Atlantic Ocean mixes itself with the Mediterranean Sea. Several well-appointed campsites scatter around this region, such as Camping Al Boustane, Virikson Morocco Camping.