Your mobile home is perhaps going to be a little more hands on than a traditional block home. There are a few maintenance issues that a mobile home owner has to stay on top of to make sure it stays in good repair. Once you know what to expect everything should go very smoothly. Here are 4 ways to best take care of your mobile home.

Get It Level

It is vital to make sure your mobile home is resting on level ground. When a mobile home is not sitting level cracks can form in the walls, doors, and windows. Not only will these cracks keep them from shutting correctly and other common issues may arise. You can use a standard water level to check to make sure it has not been settling unlevel over time. And especially before a road trip, should you take care to level out any issues.


The skirt around the base of your mobile home is there for more reasons than to make everything look pretty. Skirting helps to keep animals from getting under your mobile home. It is also an important component in the ventilation of your mobile home.

For best skirting and venting ratios, check the manual of your mobile home. Skirting also helps to keep out humidity; thus, making it hard for mold to grow under your home.


When you live away from the city lights, your mobile home is going to be hooked up to a septic system. A septic system is going to require a monthly dose of Rid-x or similar product to make sure everything in your waste system is breaking down as it should.

If you start to have septic issues, then you may need to call a company like Rob’s Septic Inc. They will have the tools to diagnose if your septic is full to capacity or if you have something more serious going on like a leach field issue that needs correcting. Whatever the case, these are issues you will want professionals to handle in order to avoid a plumbing nightmare.


Since you are dealing with a flat roof, you have to pay attention to how well your mobile home’s roof is holding up. As a rule of thumb, some roofs should be recoated or resealed once annually. In addition, you want to make sure that you are recoating your roof using the proper materials for your type of roof.

You must also check the flashing to make sure there are no soft patches or bad caulking problems that require your immediate attention.


As an owner of a mobile home, you must inspect and address any issues that arise with your home. From issues with your mobile home being unlevel to plumbing problems, you will have to make sure that simple problems are not adding up to a huge maintenance nightmare.

By establishing a well-rounded maintenance schedule, you should find it is easy to keep up with every aspect of your mobile home’s maintenance.

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