You have a great house; five bedrooms, four bathrooms, a kitchen with an island, a finished basement, and a huge backyard. How could this house get any better?

Well, one way to add equity to your home and make it even more perfect is by adding a pool to your house. Pools are great for the summer, and your children.

Its time to start swimming pool planning, but while you plan, be sure to consider these tips while you plan your plan to your perfect pool.

Things to Consider in Swimming Pool Planning

Building a pool can be fun but be sure to consider these things. They play an integral part in whether or not the pool project will be completed.

The Estimated Costs

Pools are certainly not a project you want to take lightly. They are a serious investment, with the costs of an inground pool costing anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000.

Most of that goes to excavation processes, and depending on the materials you decide to use to build it, that can add more to the expense column. So make sure you take that into account when you are building the pool.

Choosing The Ideal Pool Location

With financials out of the way, we can discuss where it should go in the yard. You may want the pool to be the focal point that brings the beauty of your yard together.

Proximity to the house itself is one thing to think about, as well as aesthetics. It may look beautiful in the spring and summer months, maybe even into the fall. But in the winter it will not look nearly as good.

Maximizing Your Space

The modern pools are no longer what their predecessors were. With less space for bigger homes and their properties, pools are becoming more structured as such.

You don’t want to build a pool that breaks your yard into sections but makes it feel like its all-encompassing. You also want to leave space for outdoor decor like outdoor chaise lounges because a pool is no longer just that, its an entire experience.

People will often build an outdoor lounge area equipped with shaded areas and even outdoor kitchens. Something that you should also consider

Necessary Equipment Location

A pool isn’t just the hole in the ground and the water. You must consider the machines that operate and/or clean the pool. They can often be noisy eyesores, so you want them to be out of the way.

However, you don’t want them to be so far out of the way that they’re not readily accessible. And that’s not just the tech that keeps it running, but also where you keep the chemicals and solutions.

Work with your contractor to find the best placement in your yard for this.

Building Your Dream Pool

Adding a perfect pool to a perfect house takes swimming pool planning. But all things worth having take hard work. So if you consider these things, you can make your pool happen.

Go ahead and make that house more perfect, you deserve it and you will appreciate it.

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