Isn’t it great to have a pool outside the home, escape to your natural spa and melt the day away? You will feel the relaxation, rejuvenation, reconnection and confident.  A home with inside out pools might be a great place of warmth with absolute pleasure. You will agree that the air around the swimming pool is refreshing.

Isn’t it sensible to add a pool enclosure to your home?

Many house owners would like to enjoy the outstanding inside out pools at home. They are a great way to enjoy the value of the home. To add more detail to your home you can go ahead by considering an outdoor swimming pool enclosure. Or it is also a good tactic to discuss with a professional designer about the enclosure.

There are different types of swimming pool enclosures available in the market. They are as follows:

  • Heating pool enclosure
  • Retractable roof enclosures
  • Outdoor swimming pool enclosure
  • Roof enclosure
  • Automatic pool enclosure

How much does it cost you?

On average, the pool cover cost starts from $5,000 to $19,000. A homeowner may choose based on whether it is for kids play, to fulfill dreams of landscaping, no more maintenance charges, replacing the old model with new ones. A typical contractor will give the overall estimation of the tools used the price factors if you want to build it yourself.  The cost also depends on:

  1. Size of enclosure
  2. Quality of materials used and gazing
  3. Wind load and snow load
  4. Type of pool enclosure
  5. Design of enclosure

Another point to keep in mind equipment and raw materials also adds to the overall price. Though the cost of the project is high the professional swimming pool builders will provide you the warranty on glass enclosures as well. It will help you to claim in case of any damages. 

Hiring a pro:

While this project needs the expertise to handle, it is recommended to the professional landscaper for proper and safe construction. The tasks undertaken will include purchase permits, renting types of equipment, insurance covered etc. The plan to hire a pro should trigger the following questions:

  1. Cost of the organization and the work permits of inspectors
  2. Itemized list of budget
  3. How long will the project take to complete and how many will be working
  4. Experienced people while installing
  5. Details of insurance covered.

Pool enclosures:

Pool enclosure will amplify your outdoor living space. The enclosures are available in bronze, aluminum framing, and fiberglass framings. As discussed above, a typical pool enclosure will cost you based on the enclosure design and quality of materials. If you have more space then you can add seating arrangements besides the pool area.

Some features such as fountains, planters, sliders, and rocks will make the place lively. The size will determine the enclosure design of the pool. Having a pool enclosure will give you great shape all year long.

Advantages of inside out pools:

For your outdoor swimming, you have to think about high-quality pool enclosure. That is the main reason that you need to consult a professional landscaper before initiating the project. But before constructing the pool, let us discuss the benefits of inside out pools.

  1. Minimizes the exposure to sunlight:

Pool enclosure is something different from the pool blankets or pool covers. If you want to construct the pool in a place where there is constant exposure from the sun’s harmful rays or in the area with intense summer then pool enclosure will make your way out. Although, the price is more it is an ideal option.

  1. Reduces the use of harmful chemicals:

Using a pool enclosure will consume fewer chemicals and controls the pollutants, phosphates, dirt, bugs, debris etc. It also enhances balanced pH levels in the chlorine water. Don’t be fooled by listening to the unpleasant talks. Your body is working hard while you swim.

3.  Enjoy the outdoor swimming:

With the extension at the backdoor, you can always have the feeling of an oasis at home. The poolside parties will increase your enjoyment and relaxation. You don’t have to worry about the weather changes.

4.  Breathe refreshing air:

The quality of the air that flows through the pool area will be clean and fresh. The number of impurities present in the atmosphere will be controlled by the enclosure as it acts as a natural chimney to your home.

5. Stress relief:

Spending time in and around the pool is proved to relieve the stress of a person. Throw away your stress in your home spa by watching the water splashes and enjoy the time with your family.

6.  Aquatic therapy:

For diseases like fibromyalgia, cerebral palsy etc. aquatic therapy is the best medicine. So, be a pool owner and stay away from the illness. It also relieves cardiovascular problems and builds strength and endurance.

7.  Adds value to your home:

In-ground fibreglasses and concrete pools improve the value of your home. Typically, your grandchildren will also enjoy your pool. Enjoy every moment around the pool.

8.  Stay at home:

During your summer vacation, you can arrange parties at home and the swimming pool will give you a reason to stay at home. It will also keep your kids entertained. Accessories like pool lighting, pool toys will add to your entertainment.

9.  Saves money:

The most economical option with advancement in technology is the inside out pools. The new-style, semi-submerged pools will save your money rather than spending at hotels and resorts. It is also present at your door-step.

One of the most brilliant facets of the pool is heating the water during cold weather. And kids will always be curious to know what is under the water. So, a pool enclosure will keep the entire area safe and secure. 


These days, most of us prefer modern living. When you know swimming is the best workout then why don’t you do it at home on regular basis. If you’re toying with an option of constructing a swimming pool at home, then the above-shared information will help you accordingly.

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