Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had to wait for the clock to strike the right time to send a mail which you couldn’t schedule?

Or you had to sacrifice your precious sleep because you had to send an E-mail in the middle of the night for your overseas client/friends/colleagues?

Well, we all have. Because the immediacy that  sending an email provides can get to you when you are in a hurry.

And when you don’t have an option of scheduling, you procrastinate.

But worry not, my friend! Hail technology for solving all your problems.

So, if you want to send a message/mail to a Gmail user later sometime, you just have to schedule it. And trust me, the steps to follow are much easier than to put an alarm to send the email at a particular time. (Psst! It saves your precious sleeping time, too!)

What are the benefits of scheduling an email?

I can think of quite a few, and major benefits of scheduling an email:

  • Helps you communicate with people in different time zones
  • Increases the chances of when they are most likely to be read
  • Gives you the leisure of writing the e-mails when you are free and have them sent at an appropriate time without disturbing your routine or the recipient’s.

How to Schedule an Email to send it later in Gmail?

If you are a Gmail account holder and an avid user, let me introduce you to something. Enter Boomerang, an extension available in Chrome and Firefox that allows scheduling of Gmail messages, along with other perks.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Install Boomerang from here.
  • As soon as the add-on is loaded, reload your Gmail page. You will see the following:
  • Click on Next. You will be given options to watch a demo of what Boomerang does.
  • After you complete the process, the extension will be added to your Gmail account.
  • Now, compose a message you want to send later. You will see an option of Send Later right below the Send option.
  • Specify the time and date. You will need to authenticate, so ensure that you permit pop-ups.
  • Boomerang also gives an option to set a reminder. Click on the box next to “Boomerang this message…” then select how long you want before resending and whether or not you want to reply.
  • After the procedure, click on confirm. A message will appear on your screen specifying the date and time of the delivery of the message.

And there you go! Not only does Boomerang allow you to send the e-mails securely, but also send 10 free scheduled e-mails per month and requires a subscription beyond that period.

What is an alternate method to schedule your email message to send in Gmail?

If you are using Hotmail, and you are to schedule a mail to be sent to a Gmail ID recipient sometime later, follow these super easy steps:

  • Compose an E-mail. After you’ve written your message, click on the Options
  • A pop-up window will appear on your screen. Click on Delay Delivery under More Options
  • Select the Do Not Deliver Before box under the Delivery Options.
  • Choose the suitable time when you’d like the message to be sent.

Voila! Now, you can easily bid adieu to your laziness because here come these two easiest options to help you stay on time. At least where sending E-mails is concerned!

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What if you change your mind?

If you want to send your e-mail before the scheduled time, you can easily do it. Just repeat the steps mentioned above, deselect the Do Not Deliver Before box. Close your message, and press send.


Now, say bye-bye to your alarms/reminders and send your e-mails on time. You can thank me later, guys!

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