Email marketing is a really effective marketing channel that provides the greatest ROI amongst all. Additionally, you have the ability to personalize them based on the past customer interactions and online behavior as well as you can create automated workflows that automatically send specific emails on successful triggers. Even equipped with such immense power, Salesforce Marketing Cloud specialists sometimes face challenges in turning their email campaigns into success.

One of the reasons would be how the prospects are onboarded into the email campaigns. Unless your subscribers are informed about what to expect when they provide their email address to be a part of your subscriber’s list, your emails may not be effective in converting them. Hence, it is important to have permission-based email marketing and this article shall educate you on how to start off on the right foot with opt-in (or permission-based) email marketing.

What is Opt-in Email Marketing and Why is it important?

Opt-in email marketing is when your prospects choose to opt-in and be a part of your subscriber’s list and only send relevant marketing communications to those who have explicitly given permission for them. Most SPAM laws (such as GDPR) dictates that any one who subscribes to a mailing list should give permission to be sent promotional and marketing emails by clicking an unchecked (important) checkbox that asks for the consent.

In the above example, unless the subscriber clicks the acknowledgement, you cannot send them any promotional emails.

The reason for the implementation and adoption of opt-in marketing was the rise of unsolicited emails and unfair practices by email marketers to make that sale. Email marketers would ‘purchase’ pre-curated lists and batch blast their emails to the poor email users. To fight this, many countries came up with their anti-spam laws which fined email marketers a hefty penalty for every unsolicited email they sent. Moreover, Internet Service Provider (ISP) tuned their filters to catch emails that were not subscribed by an email user or have been marked as SPAM by other email users. The SPAM complaints can be reduced by including the request for whitelisting your email address in your free html email templates. If you have a website and you are battling with invalid email addresses added by real visitors, you can clean your list with email verification software. Here’s a Top 10 email verification services compared, visit to know more.

How to start Opt-in Email marketing?

There are two main types of opt-in methods and the only difference is the number of times a subscriber has to approve your request to send promotional emails. In either form of opt-in method, the approach is similar and it begins with incentivizing your prospects to subscribe. The different opt-in methods to build an email list are:

  • Relevant and Engaging Content
  • Asking to subscribe through authority building
  • Gated Content
  • Offering lead generation resources
  • Create a profile during checkout

Relevant and Engaging Content

People browsing your website are looking for solutions to the problem they are facing. Using relevant and engaging content, you can educate your prospects and once they are convinced that you possess the knowledge, they may be motivated to subscribe. Those interested to remain updated with your blog would subscribe. 

Asking to subscribe through authority building

Asking for email subscriptions is not restricted to a single marketing channel. In fact, you can use social media marketing to spread the word about a promotion and encourage people to subscribers to avail the offer. Moreover, by frequently sharing valuable information on other platforms such as forums or comment sections of different blogs, you can increase website traffic to your own blog and increase subscription chances. 

Gated Content

Your content is precious and you can place a price for those needing it. Asking people to subscribe in order to access your content is a good way to rake in a good number of subscribers. This way, you ensure only those genuinely interested in your content would subscribe.

Offering lead generation resources

Your prospects may not have time to periodically spend time on your website and by offering them free lead generation resources such as ebooks, whitepapers, or slides in exchange for their email address, you provide them value addition. From the type of resource downloaded, you can make an assumption regarding the content they may like and this can help you craft relevant emails.

Create a profile during checkout

This is predominantly applicable for those in the ecommerce industry but can be applicable to anyone who has a checkout/order page. Asking your customers to create a profile right while they are browsing can help you get more information about them as well as ensure their enhanced association to your brand.

Irrespective of what method you use to motivate the prospects to subscribe, the next step is an important aspect of the opt-in marketing i.e. asking for subscriber’s consent.

As we stated earlier there are two main types of opt-in methods:

  1. Single Opt-in
  2. Double Opt-in

The only difference is the number of times a subscriber has to approve your request to send promotional emails but each has its own pros and cons.

When your subscriber fills up their information in the sign up form and checks the checkbox allowing you to send promotional and marketing emails, it is considered as a single opt-in. There is no additional action needed from their part as it is assumed that the subscriber is aware of the consequence of checking the checkbox. 

In case of double opt-in, an email is sent immediately as someone subscribes. The subscriber needs to open the email and affirm their subscription by clicking on the link provided in the email. This additional step ensures that the subscriber has read the form and approved the intent for receiving emails by clicking the link in email. 

In the example below by Litmus, when you choose to subscribe, you are redirected to a seperate page where you choose the communications you wish to receive. 

Once you subscribe, you receive the following email. Only when you click the CTA button will you receive their emails.

While the number of steps taken in double opt-in is more, you get a more refined set of subscribers who are genuinely interested in receiving your emails. On the flip side, people may be discouraged from needing to confirm subscriptions. 

In case of single opt-in, people do not need to jump through hoops to be a part of your mailing list but there is an increased chance of fake signups or subscriptions by spambots.

The type of signup you choose depends on your purpose and intent of your email campaigns but it is advised to ‘opt’ for the double opt in signup method.

If this seems to be a tough nut to crack, you can take help of Marketo certified associates or Salesforce email specialists. They will be able to show you the right direction. 

How to improve the optin quality as well as quantity?

In order to practice opt-in email marketing, it is important to build your mailing list with more number of quality signups. Follow the below mentioned steps for increasing the optin quality as well as quantity.

  1. Use custom sign up forms for different pages of your website

Those browsing your product pages would not be interested in receiving email newsletters that list out helpful articles. Similarly, those browsing your blog section would be more interested to signup for downloading that helpful whitepaper. So make sure that you are using custom sign up forms for different pages depending on the purpose of sign-up.

  1. Trigger the FOMO with your freebies

If your subscribers spend a lot of time contemplating on your offer, there is a chance they may not avail it. Unless you make freebies sound unique and of limited availability, your subscribers may not be tempted to sign up for it. Use actionable headlines and put a countdown timer to make your subscriber value it.

  1. Include Customer Testimonials

People gain empathy when they see others like them find success with your offers. Utilize this empathy to motivate them to subscribe. Include helpful customer testimonials in your sign up forms for trust building.

Wrap Up

Permission-based email marketing is not a recent discovery but something that most marketers are unaware about. When you ask for permission to send emails, this makes your subscribers feel valued. Asking for permission during signup alone doesn’t make your email marketing permissive. The trick remains in setting right expectations, maintaining the trust, offering customers to change permissions periodically through preference centers, and always providing value in your emails.

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Have you wondered how effective email marketing is? According to the Data and Marketing Association, email has an average ROI of $38 for each $1 spent. This makes using email subscription the perfect marketing tool for building customer relationships. 

What’s the catch? In reality, email marketing strategies will deliver good results only if they’re done right. But even if you have a list of unengaged subscribers, you don’t have to start a list-building campaign all over again. Keep reading to learn the top tips for executing successful re-engagement.

1. Identify Inactive Groups 

Segment out email subscribers who received recent campaigns, but didn’t engage with them. For example, see who hasn’t opened or clicked for the past 90 days or 10+ campaigns. Then, you should take this group and make a separate “inactive” mailing list.

2. Address the Recipient’s Lack of Engagement

Transparency is key to building relationships, and if you want to win subscribers back, you can say so openly. Communicate that you’ve noticed their recent lack of interest, and you want to change that. For example, send something like “Where have you been?”, “We miss you!”, or “Long time, no see”.

3. Get Feedback

You should identify how your campaigns have been received by your audience. This way, you will gain insight into what they truly value. Our tips:

  • Ask specific questions, like “How likely are you to recommend us to a friend?”
  • Don’t shy away from open-ended questions.
  • Keep the surveys short.
  • Inform the reader of what the results will be used for.

4. Trim Your Email List

Many services start collecting free email subscriptions by giving something away, like offering a free consultation to any website visitor. But the next important step is to maintain email list hygiene, which is necessary for targeted marketing. You will also improve open and click-through rates and have fewer unsubscribes and spam complaints.

5. Perfect the Subject Lines

Just like anywhere, first impression matters. So, you can use your subject lines to convey why users need to open it and boost engagement. The characteristics of good subject lines are:

  • Moderate use of exclamation points
  • No spelling errors
  • Simple and straightforward – but attention-grabbing
  • Reader is the focus of the line

If you can balance all these requirements, you will re-engage email subscribers that would otherwise scroll past the message. You can generate curiosity, communicate urgency or scarcity, highlight recent news topics, share social proof, etc.

6. Improve the Content

You need to find out variables of your email subscription campaign that would create more impact on your subscribers if only you improved them. For this, try out any element of your email, such as addressing subscribers, including media files, length of the message, etc. When you find out what works, you can make needed changes.

7. Include Calls to Action

There are two main purposes to use CTAs: tell what recipients should do and encourage them to do so. Below are some CTA ideas for subscriber engagement that you can draw inspiration from:

  • Act now
  • Get free shipping
  • Book your next appointment
  • Yes! I want my birthday deal!
  • Read the full story 
  • Reserve your seat
  • Leave us a review

8. Extend Exclusive Offers or Incentives

One of the most effective tactics to get more email subscribers is to offer value. It can be an exclusive free trial, a giveaway, a unique discount code, early access to new services, or something else that people would want to obtain. You can even put an expiration date to create a sense of urgency. This will definitely wake up many inactive users, and they will be more likely to open your emails in the future.

9. Personalize

Personalized emails have higher open and click rates than non-personalized. So, why not make each subscriber feel that your brand understands their tastes and needs? Here is how you should approach customer mailing to make it personal:

  • Collect data (age, gender, birth date, address, purchase history);
  • Build customer personas and reach out to them differently;
  • Use the recipient’s name; 
  • Automate behavioral trigger emails;
  • Reference specific pain points.

10. Optimize the Time 

On average, people are more likely to engage with email newsletter campaigns on Tuesdays across all industries. Perhaps the reason is that most people sort out urgent emails that have been piling up over the weekend, and after that, they can focus on something else. You may see different results for your specific niche, so do your own research.

11. Keep It Reasonable 

Emails can be too much. Create an email newsletter for important activities and events, but don’t overwhelm your subscribers with frequent emails. Especially if they haven’t been responding, it might be a sign to slow down.

Final Thoughts

Here’s the hard truth: You can’t engage every single person on your email subscription list. But the silver lining is that it doesn’t matter if you lose some subscribers when you get great value from winning back inactive subscribers. Hopefully, these tips have given you the motivation to start your next re-engagement campaign and do it right.

Many marketers have learned that it’s all about conducting experiments based on educated guesses. So, you might’ve had a slightly different experience with catching your subscribers’ attention. Tell us in the comments below which strategies have worked for you!

The average person has between 70-80 passwords. You have passwords for work, shopping, social media, and bank accounts.

There are a lot of passwords to remember, and you’re bound to forget them every once in a while. The worst is when you forget your email password. You can lose precious time and opportunities trying to regain your email access.

How can you get back into your email easily?

Read on to discover how you can recover your email password on the various email platforms and how you can keep all of your passwords organized.

Recover Passwords on Gmail

Gmail is the most popular email platform, used by 1.5 billion active users around the world. Gmail is tied to your Google account, so you have one password for YouTube, Gmail, Chrome, and all other Google products.

Google makes it pretty easy to recover your password. On the login screen, click on “Forgot Password.” You’ll enter your email address and then answer a couple of more questions to confirm your identity.

Once your identity is confirmed, then you can create a new password.

Your account may have two-factor authentication. In this instance, you can have a notification sent to your phone to confirm your identity. You approve the notification and proceed to change your password. You can find out more about Google account recovery by checking your settings in Google and at

Hotmail Password Recovery

Does Hotmail still exist? It’s the oldest email platform that still has hundreds of millions of users. Microsoft killed the Hotmail service and migrated users to

If you had an existing address, you kept it. However, new users have to create an email address using

It doesn’t matter what email address you use, the process to recover your password is the same. Similar to Google, Microsoft uses one login for all of your Microsoft accounts: Office 365, Skype, OneDrive, etc.

It’s pretty simple to recover your password and create a new one. You’ll enter your username or email address. You’ll have to confirm your identity, which is usually done through a text message. Once you confirm your identity, you can reset your password and start over.

To make future logins easier, install the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone. This sends push notifications to approve logins without a password.

Get Your Password From Local Outlook Installations

There’s nothing worse than setting a password on a local Outlook installation because you can go months or years without having to input it again.

You can set your password once and have Outlook and it automatically logs you in. Until it doesn’t and it asks you for your password again.

You likely forget it, especially if you set a new strong password or used a password generator. You can’t use two-factor authentication if you’re on an Exchange server or you have Outlook locally installed.

What are your options? You can download a neat tool called MailPassView. You install it on your computer and it extracts your passwords for you.

It works with Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, and a handful of other email programs.

Importance of Strong Passwords

Can’t you just use one password that’s easy to remember across all of your accounts? You can, but it’s definitely not a good idea. You run the risk of getting a hacked account and become a victim of identity theft.

A cybersecurity company analyzed over 15 billion passwords. Out of those 15 billion passwords, about 2 billion were unique. People use numbers, sports teams, birth years, and names as their passwords.

A hacker can break into your email accounts or any other accounts without trying hard.

Do you want to make it easy for hackers to break into your accounts? Then you need to have a strong password.

Keep Your Passwords Organized

How can you have passwords that are strong and hard to crack? You can’t remember all of them, so you have to have a system in place to remember them all. They also have to be safe.

You can use a password app that generates passwords and stores them for you. One of the more popular apps is called LastPass. It’s freemium software that you can install in your web browsers. It’s an easy way to keep your passwords in one place.

The program is that you have to have a strong LastPass password that you can remember.

You can also resort to pen and paper. You have to keep your passwords safe, organized, and store the notebook in a safe spot. It’s one thing to have the notebook at home, but you don’t want to leave it in a public space like an office.

Make sure that when you write your passwords down, you take your time. You don’t want to mistake a capital I for a lowercase l when you write them down.

You might decide to have a hybrid system where you use an app for most of your accounts, but you write down your banking account information to keep it safe.

Password Recovery for Top Email Platforms

You need to have a system in place to keep your passwords safe and secure. Your passwords have to be accessible so you don’t have to memorize dozens of passwords. You’d be in a place where you have to have easy to remember passwords, making it easy for hackers to breach your accounts.

If you do have a complicated password that you can’t remember for various email platforms, know that it’s not the end of the world. You can recover your password and create a new one just by answering a few questions.

You can also set up an authenticator on your phone to make approvals fast and easy.

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Time Warner Cable launched this email years back with an idea to make their mark in the email service market. Outlook permits its users to setup roadrunner emails via outlook mail. This proves beneficial for the users as they can access all their emails via one account. The most interesting part about outlook mail is that it supports a large number of email interfaces so it will allow you to setup the email that suits your needs catering to personal and professional needs. 

Steps to Setup the Roadrunner email on Outlook: 

Please select the outlook application now click on tools or file depending on the outlook version that is downloaded on your system. Please download the email settings open the account settings go to the email tab now the new email account will open. Now from the dialogue box please configure the email settings in a manual way. Please ensure your user name is configured the way you would like it to appear in your mail. Please make a wise choice for your server settings. Please enter your full roadrunner email setting address, Please select next and now finish the configuration so that your roadrunner email account can be used from the outlook mail. 

In order to use roadrunner email setting service for business purposes it is important that the same is used via outlook as it saves time. Let’s study in detail the steps to use the roadrunner email setting via outlook. 

Open the outlook application now click on the add account option, please manually configure the email settings, or the additional server settings this will help you setup the roadrunner email setting account. 

Please type your Roadrunner email settings in the window pane, please type the entire roadrunner email address and password if you want to setup the webmail please select account type as internet email this will help you setup the Roadrunner webmail with outlook. Please enter your email credentials now and click on the remember password option so that you can save the password for us.

Roadrunner email setting when configured with outlook gives a quick an efficient service the mailbox can be effectively used for the email by the user. The best way to setup a roadrunner account via outlook is it makes it quick and efficient to respond to emails then it makes it easier to receive emails the mail server does not face hanging up or bouncing mail issues. Outlook is able to give a larger platform to communicate. The interesting part is that all features of road runner email works well when synced with the outlook mail. Users generally complain of a faulty email server when they access the roadrunner server because due to bulk mailing it gets stuck. While configured through outlook it does not get stuck. It works better than the original server of road runner email. 

What are the advantages of using Roadrunner Email on Outlook mail?

It gives a professional feel to the business associates reading the mail. Sending and receiving mails becomes simple, Outlook allows you to block meeting calendars send mails in bulk catering to a large audience. Emails can be written in a crisp form. Outlook server has a repository of the mail for future and further reference. The entire mail can be taken in a back up for giving a download if the person is replaced in the organization. You can always send a test mail check whether email settings are working fine or not.

Please note the unresponsive server always prevents access from the Roadrunner mail. Turbulence in the internet server, This prevents the access of the roadrunner email setting. Please do not falter with email id and password you will not be able to access the email account. Connection to the email server is very essential and crucial. 

Roadrunner email is an email service which is always available private and professional conversations between people some common issues are there which are unable to block the email, problems with the server, issues in reading or composing messages, Sending and receiving of attachments. Taking email backups is difficult on roadrunner email. The roadrunner email setting  have following features offered by its support team they help you to take a backup of the emails, They assist you to reset the account settings, The support team assists you prevent error messages which are received by the user when he or she sends or receives email. The outbox needs to be emptied so that you can easily send and receive emails for your reference. 

In outlook email setup click on the add account window, please type the credentials of roadrunner email this helps you setup the account in outlook. The customer support team of the roadrunner account is always available for users to solve their day to day issues that they face while using this email id. 

Features of the roadrunner email setting we have always spoken about the problems that occur while setting up the roadrunner email. However it has some key features also. It has a secure address book. One is a primary email account and it facilitates 5 sub accounts. Its compatible with the outlook mail and server. Private data and emails for roadrunner account. Parental control is there. It comes with a good amount of storage space. It protects your data from any spam. 


Concluding comments of the article say that Roadrunner email setting when used with the outlook email services, It becomes a more effective way of mail. The business communication between teams becomes readable and crisp. It allows people to communicate well. Outlook email services also provide a massive storage space. Most importantly it provides an outlook storage space which helps users take the backup the email you will not get stuck while you are sending and receiving emails. Further outlook makes use of roadrunner emails more user friendly. It allows to you cater to a large number of audience. All the solutions in this article teach you simple ways to sync roadrunner email setting on outlook. 

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had to wait for the clock to strike the right time to send a mail which you couldn’t schedule?

Or you had to sacrifice your precious sleep because you had to send an E-mail in the middle of the night for your overseas client/friends/colleagues?

Well, we all have. Because the immediacy that  sending an email provides can get to you when you are in a hurry.

And when you don’t have an option of scheduling, you procrastinate.

But worry not, my friend! Hail technology for solving all your problems.

So, if you want to send a message/mail to a Gmail user later sometime, you just have to schedule it. And trust me, the steps to follow are much easier than to put an alarm to send the email at a particular time. (Psst! It saves your precious sleeping time, too!)

What are the benefits of scheduling an email?

I can think of quite a few, and major benefits of scheduling an email:

  • Helps you communicate with people in different time zones
  • Increases the chances of when they are most likely to be read
  • Gives you the leisure of writing the e-mails when you are free and have them sent at an appropriate time without disturbing your routine or the recipient’s.

How to Schedule an Email to send it later in Gmail?

If you are a Gmail account holder and an avid user, let me introduce you to something. Enter Boomerang, an extension available in Chrome and Firefox that allows scheduling of Gmail messages, along with other perks.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Install Boomerang from here.
  • As soon as the add-on is loaded, reload your Gmail page. You will see the following:
  • Click on Next. You will be given options to watch a demo of what Boomerang does.
  • After you complete the process, the extension will be added to your Gmail account.
  • Now, compose a message you want to send later. You will see an option of Send Later right below the Send option.
  • Specify the time and date. You will need to authenticate, so ensure that you permit pop-ups.
  • Boomerang also gives an option to set a reminder. Click on the box next to “Boomerang this message…” then select how long you want before resending and whether or not you want to reply.
  • After the procedure, click on confirm. A message will appear on your screen specifying the date and time of the delivery of the message.

And there you go! Not only does Boomerang allow you to send the e-mails securely, but also send 10 free scheduled e-mails per month and requires a subscription beyond that period.

What is an alternate method to schedule your email message to send in Gmail?

If you are using Hotmail, and you are to schedule a mail to be sent to a Gmail ID recipient sometime later, follow these super easy steps:

  • Compose an E-mail. After you’ve written your message, click on the Options
  • A pop-up window will appear on your screen. Click on Delay Delivery under More Options
  • Select the Do Not Deliver Before box under the Delivery Options.
  • Choose the suitable time when you’d like the message to be sent.

Voila! Now, you can easily bid adieu to your laziness because here come these two easiest options to help you stay on time. At least where sending E-mails is concerned!

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What if you change your mind?

If you want to send your e-mail before the scheduled time, you can easily do it. Just repeat the steps mentioned above, deselect the Do Not Deliver Before box. Close your message, and press send.


Now, say bye-bye to your alarms/reminders and send your e-mails on time. You can thank me later, guys!

In B2B marketing, the overarching principle is to establish your business as an industry authority or expert because that’s what your clientele demands. With your products and services, your customers want to experience an obvious elevation of their overall performance. They want their requirements accurately met, and the quality of their output for their own clients perfected.

But how do you effectively work all that in a marketing campaign? How do you make sure that your business’s marketing strategy is presented in the standards that will ultimately depict you as a reliable expert? This can be a challenge, especially when your clientele are very knowledgeable and even considered industry specialists as well. How do you step up your B2B marketing game?

There’s an overwhelming number of variables to stay on top in the creation of an advantageous B2B marketing strategy, but the complexity of the task can be better managed through the thoughtful approach provided below.

Step 1 – Do the legwork.

Establish your target client profile (industry, size of enterprise, location, their established market, etc.). Get to know the businesses and the decision-makers you want to cater to, so that you may be able to provide more suitable solutions for them. Run surveys, do background checks, and conduct tests to distinguish optimally effective tactics from mere time-wasters.

Step 2 – Identify the strategies that have proven effective on your target market.

For example, “younger” enterprises generate most of the information they need from social media sites. Meanwhile, older and longer established companies still place tremendous value on traditional marketing such as print and radio ads. List all the strategies applicable to your intended market and determine how you can seamlessly combine them all for a powerful marketing campaign. A bonus: Doing this will also help you be more efficient with your marketing costs.

Step 3 – Create an info-packed and regularly updated website.

laptop 593673 1920

A high-performing website is a top marketing touchpoint by B2B consumers. You need to make sure that it focuses on delivering value to users. Articles should be able to answer questions or solve problems clearly. Your content should be straight to the point about what your business can do in terms of products and services.

It should be able to provide help during the most crucial moments. Therefore, having a responsive design is crucial since a continuously-increasing number of online users use compact, handheld, and mobile internet-connecting devices for faster access to websites.

Likewise, the website should be able to provide your business relevant data and analytics about every connection you make so you can improve your campaigns and accomplish your marketing goals.

It’s imperative to ascertain as well that your website contains your business’s value statement and it’s communicated properly through the right choice of words and images.

Step 4 – Take advantage of SEO.

It’s the best way to amp up your marketing game. SEO makes sure that your business’s official online presence is right where people can automatically see it, and see it in a positive light through valuable and high-quality content such as original product images, videos, infographics, and others.

Step 5 – Always include email marketing.

Lead generation is a must in all marketing campaigns, and email marketing accomplishes this task. Though often overshadowed by SEO and social media marketing, it remains to be a big contributor in harnessing web traffic, generating conversions, and identifying truly valuable connections for the business.

Here are the important rules to follow for B2B email marketing:

  • You can’t accomplish anything with a single email. Multiple emails spread over a longer period of time are more effective for lead nurturing. Make sure the content is well-thought out and event-driven.
  • Content sells better than a great offer; “more info” trumps “buy now” as CTA.
  • Send emails to the Decision-Making Unit and customize your message according to the role each member plays.

From my perspective as a business owner in the creative industry, I can affirm that the no-fail principle to B2B marketing success is consistency with efforts in understanding what your target audience wants. It’s through this that you’ll be able to improve and secure your advantage in a fiercely competitive business scene.

No matter how compelling your messages are, a poor email newsletter design can sabotage your strategy.

The fact that email has a median ROI of 122% (which is over four times higher than social media, direct mail, and paid search), you can’t just ignore design. Only bulk SMS has better open rates, but that is not the topic for today.

An excellent newsletter design leads the eyes of customers to your desired path. It must provide focus on the elements that you want to emphasize like your CTA button. This helps increase the chances of them performing your goal action.

From time to time, visit your email newsletter design to assess if there are things you need to adjust for better results. When you do, be sure to keep these tips in mind.

  • Use email newsletter templates with a focused layout

There’s a perfect email newsletter template for every type of email. Using one template for all your emails is not just lazy, but it will make your emails boring.

When choosing your email newsletter template in your marketing automation software, make sure that the layout gives focus on your content. For instance, a single column newsletter layout is advisable for emails that encourage one action only. For promotional emails containing multiple products, you might want to use a multi-column layout to present your offers in an organized manner.

  • Use contrasting colors for emphasis

Color increases brand recognition by 80% and can influence the customer behavior. So, use it strategically.

For instance, red increases heart rate so using it for your CTA button creates a sense of urgency. Blue suggests security and trust while green is friendly to the eyes as it is relaxing.

Contrasting colors are also effective in highlighting the important elements in your email newsletter like your CTA button. This way, customers can immediately notice what you want them to see.

  • Reduce elements with concise content

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Less is more, and this applies to both your design and copy. Too much design elements mean more noise, which can confuse customers. Meanwhile, trying to communicate to many messages can lead to a text-heavy email. Using a single CTA in emails can increase clicks by 371% and sales 1617%.

The more you populate your email newsletter, the harder it is to guide your customers. You only need a few things in there: a concise copy, an attractive image, a catchy and clickable CTA button, social media buttons, and a pleasing color scheme.

  • Place a visible CTA button

Aside from color, the placement of your CTA button is crucial. Because people read content from left to right, it is highly recommended that a CTA button is placed on the right. This enables customers to consume your messages first before they see your CTA. Placing your CTA on the left would require customers to move their eyes back to the left to perform your desired action, which is an additional effort to them.

  • A/B test your newsletter design

The best way to determine which email newsletter design works and which to forget is through A/B Split Email or A/B Testing. Here, you create two identical emails with slight differences (usually one element like CTA button design, layout, or color scheme). Both email versions must be sent to a significant portion of your recipients to ensure conclusive results.

Your marketing automation software will then analyze the data to send the better performing email to the rest of the contacts on your list.

  • Optimize for mobile

About 68% of email opens were done on a mobile device. If you are not optimizing your email newsletter design for mobile, you are making a big mistake.

Write short subject lines with up to 25 to 30 characters, so that mobile recipients can read your complete message. Since the mobile screen is smaller compared to desktop, be sure that your content is concise. Always test your email on mobile before blasting it to customers so you could correct mistakes if you find any.

You don’t need to be a graphic artist to boost your click rates with the right email newsletter design. A lot of marketing automation software today offer newsletter templates that even email marketers with no background in design can use without hassles. Be sure to choose the one that can provide a list of options to help you experiment, explore and switch templates.