If you own a business and want to do business in the United States, you need an experienced Dallas business immigration lawyer to ensure your visa and work authorization applications get fair legal consideration. The best lawyer to work with will keep you informed on the complexities in immigration law and help your employees get visas including those for managers, professionals, essential workers, and executives. 

Before you can do business in the United States, you need to get a U. S. employment visa that offers entry to the country. Your attorney can help you determine the kind of employment visa you must apply for. Although getting a visa does not ensure you can be allowed entry to the United States, it can confirm a predetermination of your eligibility to seek entry based on the purpose your visa has listed. 

Kinds of U. S. Employment Visas

The following are different kinds of employment visas in the U. S. you can apply for. These visas have different requirements you must discuss with your lawyer. 

  • EB. This visa is meant for foreign nationals who have extraordinary abilities in the fields of science, business, education, or athletics. Also, they can be given to professors and researchers, as well as some multinational managers and executives. 
  • EB2. This is for foreign nationals and professionals who have advanced degrees or exceptional field abilities. 
  • EB3.  It is meant for skilled workers, professionals, and other employees. 
  • EB4. You can get this visa for special immigrants such as abused juveniles, religious workers, and retired employees of some international organizations. 
  • EB5. This visa is granted to immigrant investors who want to invest or have invested at least a million dollars in a U. S. company. Also, the business must create a minimum of 10 full-time employment positions. 

Seeking Permanent Residency

Employment immigration can be your ticket to permanent residency in the United States. But, some visa categories require a U. S. Department of Labor certification that shows there are enough American workers available and qualified in your desired area of work and that the foreign worker will not display a qualified American. There are many ways you can get a green card through your U. S. employment and your lawyer can discuss this with you.

The annual green card program in the U. S. offers a chance for possible immigrants to gain permanent residency in the country. Lottery applicants should apply before the date of the lottery. Eligibility for this program is limited to possible immigrants from certain nations. 


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