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Getting a permanent residency status is not an easy task. This status usually depends on several factors of your immigration status. A permanent resident card or most commonly known as Green Card is issued to all residents permanently living in the US. This card authorizes all permanent residents to live and work in the US indefinitely.

The validity period of a Green Card is ten years. It means that you need to renew your Green Card in 10 years by filing the required documents for renewal. There are Green Card Renewal agencies that provide support in filing for the renewal of your Green Card. Registering for renewal is usually done six months before the expiry of the green card. So, always keep that in mind.

What are the Benefits of Having a Green Card?

  • It is the first step to becoming a complete US citizen. It is a mandatory step if you want to become a full-fledged US citizen in the future. Obtaining a Green Card is a great achievement for all immigrants attempting to stay in the US for the long term.
  • You can sponsor relatives to apply for their own Green Card. If you have an immediate relative like spouse, parents, or unmarried children under 21 years old, they are eligible to apply for a green card with you as their sponsor. There are also instances where a Green Card holder can sponsor family members who are not immediate relatives under the Family Preference category.
  • You are entitled to Social Security benefits provided that you have worked in the United States for ten years before retiring.
  • You pay significantly less for tuition fees in universities, colleges, or vocational schools. Green Card holders can claim “in-state” status when they are applying to schools. With this, holders of the card will save a considerable amount of money as tuition in the states is high priced.

Having your Green Card definitely comes with a lot of perks. Renewal fees for the Green Card cost $540, which includes the $455 application fee and $85 as a biometrics fee. Green Card Renewal services are an excellent help for your renewal process to be more convenient at a meager price.

What Happens if You Don’t Renew Your Green Card?

If, by any chance, you forget to renew your green card before expiring, don’t worry. Your status will not expire and will not nullify your underlying condition. Even so, if you fail to renew a green card, it has some of the potentially serious consequences.

Although there are no additional fees and penalties for an expired green card, carrying it will eventually be a massive problem if you plan to travel inside or outside of the United States, getting a new job, renewing of your driver’s license, or other activities requiring proof of your permanent residence.

It is best for you to not delay the renewal of your green card in order for you to get out of unnecessary problems which can be avoided in the first place.

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