Those who go out in the street and join the protest know that it takes dedication and hard work to raise a voice. It is so very important to spread awareness in this political climate. We can’t just sit around while the country falls apart. There are lots of causes that need our attention. Everyone should live by some moral ethical codes. If we don’t have any morals then we are no better than animals, or worse, a capitalist. So, be it BLM, feminism, or LGBTQ movement, you need to go out there and join the rally. In a pandemic situation also, there are lots of marches happening all over the country in demand for proper housing and rent control. People are thrown out of their houses for not being able to pay rent. These people have lost their jobs and now they are facing eviction from their landlords. You need to stand by people whenever you see injustice taking place. 

But there should be some protocols that you should follow. Knowing that you’re putting yourselves in a hazardous situation, you should be well prepared for anything that may come your way. 

Lets discuss some basic rules to follow when people join public marches that are against the authority. 

Police Brutality

Police injustice is real and is happening all over the world every single day. In the days of smart phones and online media, we can see police beating up innocent civilians for organising peaceful protests. So, it may very well be that one is arrested while standing up for basic human rights. You should not lose confidence in such times. You must know these things are common and this knowledge will give you confidence. You should know about vista bail bonds and how they can help you get out of jail in no time. Information regarding bail bonds will come in handy once in a tricky situation. So, you should do your research on this subject thoroughly before putting yourself at risk. 

What to Wear

Always wear goggles and masks. Goggles are to guard your eyes. And mask will save you from inhaling tear gases as well as for protection against other deadly viruses. Use heat resistant gloves on your hands. Wear solid colours and if you have tattoos visible on your body, try to cover them. It has been reported that people with tattoos are suspected more than those with no tattoos. Tie your hair in a bun so that in a messy situation, no one can pull you by the hair. 

What to Bring

The first thing is some cash and IDs. The proof of you being a national citizen is important. Bring drinking water in bottles. Do not share water with strangers or drink from them, especially in a pandemic situation like this. Bring a washcloth in your backpack. Bring your own fast aid kit as well as some snacks. You don’t know how long the protest might last or where you might end up in. Those snacks are essential. 

Don’t bring expensive items or pieces of jewellery to the protest as it might get lost or stolen. Have a spirit of solidarity. If the common people unite democracy shall prevail.

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