Those who go out in the street and join the protest know that it takes dedication and hard work to raise a voice. It is so very important to spread awareness in this political climate. We can’t just sit around while the country falls apart. There are lots of causes that need our attention. Everyone should live by some moral ethical codes. If we don’t have any morals then we are no better than animals, or worse, a capitalist. So, be it BLM, feminism, or LGBTQ movement, you need to go out there and join the rally. In a pandemic situation also, there are lots of marches happening all over the country in demand for proper housing and rent control. People are thrown out of their houses for not being able to pay rent. These people have lost their jobs and now they are facing eviction from their landlords. You need to stand by people whenever you see injustice taking place. 

But there should be some protocols that you should follow. Knowing that you’re putting yourselves in a hazardous situation, you should be well prepared for anything that may come your way. 

Lets discuss some basic rules to follow when people join public marches that are against the authority. 

Police Brutality

Police injustice is real and is happening all over the world every single day. In the days of smart phones and online media, we can see police beating up innocent civilians for organising peaceful protests. So, it may very well be that one is arrested while standing up for basic human rights. You should not lose confidence in such times. You must know these things are common and this knowledge will give you confidence. You should know about vista bail bonds and how they can help you get out of jail in no time. Information regarding bail bonds will come in handy once in a tricky situation. So, you should do your research on this subject thoroughly before putting yourself at risk. 

What to Wear

Always wear goggles and masks. Goggles are to guard your eyes. And mask will save you from inhaling tear gases as well as for protection against other deadly viruses. Use heat resistant gloves on your hands. Wear solid colours and if you have tattoos visible on your body, try to cover them. It has been reported that people with tattoos are suspected more than those with no tattoos. Tie your hair in a bun so that in a messy situation, no one can pull you by the hair. 

What to Bring

The first thing is some cash and IDs. The proof of you being a national citizen is important. Bring drinking water in bottles. Do not share water with strangers or drink from them, especially in a pandemic situation like this. Bring a washcloth in your backpack. Bring your own fast aid kit as well as some snacks. You don’t know how long the protest might last or where you might end up in. Those snacks are essential. 

Don’t bring expensive items or pieces of jewellery to the protest as it might get lost or stolen. Have a spirit of solidarity. If the common people unite democracy shall prevail.

Finance tips are as easily sought as opinions on social media. So much so that you might find yourself fielding the advances of those who wish to furnish you with their plans for your money saving/accumulating at the same rate you try to deflect prospecting PPI claims firms. However, when you’re happy to further your interest in your own time, you’ll be relieved to learn that there are a veritable smorgasbord of alternative means by which you might harvest an astute investment. Or at the very least, live better within your financial means.

And the best bit about the advice which follows is, that you don’t need to splash the cash in the short term before you can start saving it in the medium to longer term. Save for the one suggestion that is; namely insulating your home better. But don’t worry about that, as it’ll be worth it in the long run, trust us. Also don’t forget; if your finances are already at stretching point (and by that we mean you’re maxed out on your credit cards, bank of Mum and Dad has refused to lend any more funds and your employer still won’t grant you that pay rise they’ve been promising you for as long as you can remember), how about a payday loan lender? Those guys are there to help when the chips are really down and are well worth speaking to before pushing on with any solutions which require initial expenditure; however large or small.

Back to the business of saving you money though, and below we take a quick look at just 6 ways you can achieve this, as part and parcel of our invaluable finance tips for 2018.

Insulate to Accumulate

Nobody was necessarily thinking about how they were planning to heat their home better a few weeks ago; not when we were basking in record-breaking summer temperatures. However now the evenings are drawing in, thoughts inevitably turn to the winter months which lie ahead. And more over how to reduce the inevitably extortionate heating bills which will quickly follow. By ensuring your home is winter-proofed (courtesy of getting the loft and cavity walls filled with that foam-y stuff which stops the heat from escaping), you won’t end up forking out hand over fist when the next quarterly bill drops through your letter box just before Christmas.

A Change is as Good as a Rest – With banks actively encouraging people to switch account providers, 2018 really is the time to consider swapping one for another. Especially when there’s a cash incentive involved which could bag you up to £200. All the big high street banks are playing their parts in this game of current account musical chairs right now, including the likes of NatWest, HSBC and M&S Bank, together with their solely online rivals, First Direct and Santander. What have you got to lose?

Switch One on, Turn the Other Off – On the subject of mixing things up a little, the same logic applies to many other areas of your life. For instance switching TV, mobile phone and broadband providers means you could reduce your monthly outgoing in a few clicks of a mouse. Shopping around has always proved beneficial when it comes to insurance lines, yet there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t enjoy the same savings when applying the same principle to your most important service providers in 2018.

Look after the Pennies and the Pounds will Look after Themselves – It may sound a bit old school, but sometimes you have to go back to the future. Yes, we’re talking about putting all your spare change in a piggy bank and saving it for a rainy day. Don’t snigger. You’d be surprised at just how much money you can accumulate doing this over the space of a few months. Then, should you have an unforeseen problem with your car or the washing machine decides to pack up without giving you any notice, then voila. Remember, literally, every penny helps.

Try and grow your money – Investing can be a great way to enjoy greater finances further down the road. Forex is one such way, where you trade currencies using strategies – you’ll want to do your research though, since there is plenty of risk at play. Visit ForexTradingExpert for tips and advice. Other areas of investment include stocks, shares, and investment trusts.

Phone Shopping – No, not the dreaded visiting of a phone shop (and warding off praying mantis-like salesfolk), but rather the downloading of any of the increasing number of dedicated supermarket cashback apps. The likes of Shopmium and Checkoutsmart offer a range of useful freebies and enticing cashback offers, plus they’re user-friendly and you can start making savings in minutes. Same rule of thumb applies to refund kings, TopCashback and Quidco ClickSnap; albeit based on you scanning a barcode and snapping (and sending) them a photo of the receipt beforehand.

Smart Saving – Speaking of smartphones, don’t forget to check out specific apps designed so that you can keep tabs on your personal finances on a day-to-day basis, at the swipe of a screen. Take Money Dashboard for example, one of a new breed of phone apps which allows you manage your money whilst on the go. Oh, and did we mention the best bit? That it’s completely free to download and use?? Simply – and safely – sync the app to your bank account, and as soon as any transaction occurs it’s flagged up on your dashboard display.


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With four out of five people falling victim to soreness of their spines at some point in their lives, it’s no wonder prevention of this issue is such a popular topic. This kind of discomfort can take the form of a constant, throbbing ache or even prevent certain movements.

With our spines being one of the most important but least well taken care of parts of the body, medical experts have continually encouraged the adoption of preventive lifestyle adjustments. The way someone carries out their day to day activities will affect how much back pain relief they will eventually require.

The following will go through some of the most effective methods for preventing spinal damage. These simple self-help strategies are surprisingly useful in maintaining excellent spinal health.

Staying Active

Contrary popular belief, limiting physical activity is actually less healthy for the spine than carrying out exercises. Resting is always important when an ache or injury is present, but too much lying down won’t help resolve the discomfort.

Frequent physical activity helps ease inflammation and any muscle tension. If big movements are too painful then people can always start slowly and work their way up.

Staying Thin

While many people might not want to hear it, it’s definitely true that being overweight has a variety of negative health effects. One of these is an increased amount of pressure on the spine.

Since increased weight, especially in the midsection will change someone’s centre of gravity there will be an increased amount of strain on the lower areas of the spine.


Spinal discomfort can sometimes occur and remain because of the way someone is sleeping. People who sleep on their stomachs or harder surfaces will often wake up with aches in their spine.

It is recommended to sleep in a sideways position with knees tucked up towards the chest. Another method is to support the knees and lower back with pillows.

The way people sleep is just as important at the way they work and play when trying to achieve back pain relief.


One of the leading causes of spinal discomfort is the posture which people assume when remaining in one spot for long periods. This usually occurs when people are working at computers for multiple hours a day and put strain on their spine.

Having a chair with a straight backing or that is designed around lower back support is the best way to avoid discomfort. Having the chair isn’t enough; people actually have to sit in it properly, resting their back into the chair.

People should try to keep their knees at waist height while sitting. If they need to stand for long periods then they should keep their heads up and alternate their centre of gravity between feet.

Lifting Technique

A commonly forgotten method of ensuring spinal health, the way people lift heavy objects is really important. People should always bend their knees and carry the wait on their legs rather than bend over unnaturally.

It’s best not to twist the body while lifting and to keep the object as close as possible. It’s also much easier on the spine to push heavy objects rather than pull them.


There are several types of restrictive clothing that are guilty of causing spinal discomfort. High heels and skinny jeans are both clothing items that restrict the way in which people move and force them into certain postures while they move.

Final Thoughts

There are so many things we do in our everyday lives that are not very healthy for our spines. While sometimes they can’t be avoided, there are certainly ways to mitigate the damage they cause.

If the damage is done then it may be necessary to seek out back pain relief from a chiropractor near me, as they can assist in resolving the issue.