Online perfume shopping, unlike cloth shopping or other fashion accessory shopping, is the most difficult thing to achieve because you cannot judge a perfume by its bottle. Clothes, shoes, and other accessories can be bought online based on their physical appearance but for choosing the best perfume, we need to physically experience it – the sense of smell. However, it is not all that bad. People do shop perfume and fragrance online, and they are happy with their choices.

Not all of us wear perfume, but those who do know their scent. Hence, it makes it easier for them to shop online. In this post, we will discuss the tried and tested methods to buy luxury fragrances online.

#1 Research is Important

You can’t just buy a fragrance without researching about it. It is not about the appearance. You need to know your scent, for example; jasmine, amber, sandalwood, etc. Please note that even the mentioned fragrances come in varied scents but it depends on the brand. So research as much as possible, read the reviews of the fragrances that you have shortlisted and see what other users are saying. There are numerous high-authority fragrance websites and blogs where genuine information is provided, make use of that.

#2 Work on your Fragrance Vocab   

The scent’s name is often helpful in determining its nature. Words like mild, strong, dark, warm, etc. all express the intensity and humor of the fragrance. So it will be extremely useful if you try to get to know your fragrance vocab. Brands use these common terms to define their fragrance; hence, it will help you sense the scent without actually physically experiencing it. For example, a perfume like “Boss Bottled Night” is intense and strong and is intended to be worn for the evening. On the other hand, perfume like “Versace Man Eau Fraîche” is fresh and mild; therefore, meant for afternoon wear.

#3 What if I am not a Regular Scent Wearer?

If this is the case, then online perfume shopping becomes even more easy and subtle. The general rule of the thumb states if you are not sure about the fragrance, pick up something that is light and not too complex. Scents like lavender, citrus, etc. define freshness and you can never go wrong with these scents. And if you like to experiment a bit, you can go for something mild like musk, timbered, and oriental.

#4 Seek Advice from People who have Experience   

It is always easy when you know someone with expert perfume knowledge. Many people buy perfumes online and some of them might be from your ‘friend circle.’ Ask them things that confuse you like how to determine the scent, what they look for when online perfume shopping and other things like that. Their input would be really helpful.

#5 Avoid the Price Tag

When it comes to fragrance shopping, people always think that a higher price means better fragrance. But this is not the case. The price will vary according to the brand. There are inexpensive perfumes that smell great as well.

Final Words

Take your time when shopping online for fragrances. Do your research, ask people, and always go with something that suits your personality.

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