There are several YouTube converter software which are quite simple to use. The first thing which a user to see in the software is its simplicity as the user tends to become the center of experience generally. The second thing to understand is the broader base of the video and the formats of the audio, which are primarily supported. Hence, with this, you can convert anything with the help of anything to anything. The third part is the speed of the conversion and the quality, which is guaranteed.

Step 1: First, the user is supposed to open up the media section from the options available at the primary interfaces and click on the ‘Downloader’ module.

Step 2: The next step is to open up YouTube. There will be this video downloader, which will integrate the web browser and direct the user by default to YouTube. Then the user is expected to search the various videos he or she wants to download. If you are a planned person and have already had links to the videos, then you can directly paste them on the search bar.

Step 3: The next step is to download all the videos. As soon as the user opens up the link, there will be a sidebar that will show all the linked videos from where they can be accessed. The user is supposed to click on the downloaded icon, and then the process will start automatically. The user can see the progress through the ‘Downloading Tab.’

Step 4: Once the videos have been downloaded, the next step is to transfer all of the downloaded videos to the software, for example, the ‘Leawo Video Converter.’ Once the download is finished, the user is supposed to click on the ‘Downloaded Tab.’ Then the user is expected to find a YouTube converter downloaded video which the user wants to convert to their ringtone and then click right and select ‘Add to Convert.’ This will then send it to the converter module.

Another alternative way of this is, the user can directly enter the video converter module and then press on ‘Add Video’ to lead to the import of the various downloaded videos.

Step 5: Then, the next step is to actually set the output profile. One will need to click on the “MP4 Video” option and then to click on “Change,” which is shown in the pop-up menu. In terms of profiling, there a number of such pre-made profiles for settings and come in very popular formats. Once done, the user is expected to click on the ‘Format,’ which is then followed by the user to click on ‘Common Audio.’ Then the user is finally expected to click on the AAC or M4R audio, all depending on which type of device is being used.

Step 6: Once the above step is done properly, the user is expected to convert to the desired ringtone. Just simply click on the ‘Convert’ button to start with the process of conversion. At the right, there will be a sidebar which will appear, just click on ‘Convert’ again to start with the process.

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